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Welcome to the comprehensive user guide for Portfolio Boss!

The user guide walks you through all the functionalities of Portfolio Boss, beginning with the Quickstart Guide so you can get up to speed with the fundamental features. Then, we'll explore each PB functionality in great detail:



In short, Portfolio Boss takes all the heavy lifting for you so you can sleep well at night, and spend time in things that you love. It is a versatile Systematic Trading platform built from the ground up by traders, for traders.

Please note, some features and technical indicators explained in this guide may not be available to you based on your license. If you wish to upgrade your license, please contact our Customer Support at support@portfolioboss.com.

We do not sell higher tier licenses freely, so please reserve your spot early.



This user guide is divided into nine chapters.
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Chapter 1:  Introduction
Chapter 2:  Portfolio Management Page
Chapter 3:  Strategy Management Page
Chapter 4:  Backtest Strategy Page
Chapter 5:  The Divine Engine & The Boss


Chapter 6:  Combine, Stack, and Trade Entire Strategies
Chapter 7:  Filters & Rules
Chapter 8:  Settings Page
Chapter 9:  Help Page
Miscellaneous Functions




Comprehensive User Guide for Portfolio Boss

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User Guide author: Zain Abe


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