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Sync Details/Search Results Panel



These panels are hidden by default. They're located at the bottom of the Portfolio Management page, both occupying the same space. So if one panel is shown, the other is hidden.



To open the “Search Results” panel, type anything on the “Search” field (at the top-right corner of this page).

You can type a Portfolio's name to find it quickly, or you can type an instrument's symbol, corporation's name, exchange (market) name, or asset-class, to find instruments that match any of those search terms. The result will be displayed on this “Search Results” panel.



This panel always shows five columns populated, regardless of your search term:


1.  The Portfolio column lists all Portfolios that match your search term. For example, you're searching for a Portfolio called “Cloud Computing”, then that Portfolio will be listed on this column. If you're looking for a specific instrument, like AMZN, this column lists the Portfolios that contain the instrument. Simply click any of the Portfolios listed, and that Portfolio will be selected (on the “Portfolios” panel) with its instruments shown (on the “Portfolio Instruments” panel); this “Search Results” panel then disappears.

2.  The Symbol column shows the symbols (tickers) that match your search term. Click any of the symbols and it will bring you to the Instrument Chart panel for that instrument (you can also click on the little-chart icon  ). The Portfolio in which that symbol resides will also be selected (at the “Portfolios” panel).

3.  The Description column shows the description for that instrument (usually the company name).

4.  The Exchange column shows the market/exchange where the instrument is traded.

5.  The Type column shows the asset-class for that instrument (stocks, ETF, ADR, etc.).


Note, Portfolios only have the “Portfolio” column showing their name (other columns are empty, or described as “Unknown”).



Now, the Sync Details panel: it simply lists the synchronization activities, i.e. instruments' price data being downloaded. To access this panel, click the “Sync Details” button at the top-right corner of this page:



The number on that balloon tells you the amount of instruments that's finished downloading. And you can see such events on this panel:



Usually this panel shows just those download activities that you initiated yourself (by clicking an instrument from the Portfolios Instruments Panel). These are instruments that PB does not download automatically (behind the scene), as they're not part of any strategy.

If there are problems with the historical price data download (or synchronization of Dynamic Portfolios), you may want to check the Portfolio Boss Status Page:






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