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PB Pattern Score Rule



This rule ranks your instruments based on their “PB Velocity” and/or “PB Pattern” scores.

“PB Velocity” is the instrument's percentage return during a specified period. That is, how much an instrument's price has gained during that period. The higher the gain, the higher the score.



“PB Pattern” is how close to a straight line the instrument's price history curve is (during the specified period). That is, the consistency of its price gain, whether it experienced low dips and high peaks. 



It is similar to the R² metric found on the Metrics Panel, but applied on an instrument instead. The closer to a straight line, the higher the score.



1.  The first parameter defines whether you're looking at the lowest or highest of these scores.




2.  The second parameter defines the period to look for these scores.




3.  The third parameter defines what kind of score you want to look for: PB Velocity only, PB Pattern only, or both the PB Velocity and PB Pattern scores (which means the sum score is affected by both scores at once; for example, if just one score is low, the sum score will become lower). 



Thus, if both the PB Velocity and PB Pattern score highly, the instrument not only gained much, but at a consistent pace as well (not experiencing much price dips).





Regarding the “Offset” and “Weight” parameters, please refer to the guide about Ranking Panel.





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