Portfolio Boss Documentation

Application Log Page



You can access this page by clicking the “Application Logs” button at the bottom left of the interface. All Portfolio Boss activities are logged into this page: what pages you looked at, some parameters you changed, whether PB is downloading price data, etc.



But this log is most useful when you're experiencing problems with Portfolio Boss: the red colored text shows you the possible error in an easy to understand language, so you'll know where the problem lies. Sometimes these problems are caused by Portfolio Boss services experiencing troubles, in which case you can check it from the Portfolio Boss Status Page:



The status page can be divided into six general service-reports:

  1. This is the PB mailing service that sends you the daily email notifications and such things.
  2. The Boss supercomputer cloud service.
  3. Commitment of Traders reports service used by the Smart Money Indicator.
  4. Dynamic Portfolios synchronization service.
  5. Instruments historical data download & processing service.
  6. Market-indicators (TAP and Grayscale) download service, as used by the Cyber Code.

If there are errors in any of the services, the PB Dev team is immediately notified and you can check back later (the status page is refreshed every minute):



Now let's get back to the Application Log: it's divided into two columns: the “Created At” column shows the time when the activity happened, and the “Message” column shows the detail of the activity.



You can also click the button “Open Log Folder” (at the top) to take you to the log folder, containing all the log files since you first installed Portfolio Boss. You can open these files with a text editor such as Notepad.