Portfolio Boss Documentation

Portfolio Management Page Overview



This page allows you to view and manage various Portfolios (baskets of instruments). Open this page by clicking the “Portfolio Management” button  at the sidebar.

Each Portfolio contains financial instruments (stocks, ETFs, etc.) from specific industry sectors, market indexes, countries/regions, or any kind of grouping. The strategy will pick from these baskets those instruments that are potentially profitable as Positions. Most Portfolios bundled in the software are crafted by the Portfolio Boss team; you don't have to research and pick financial instruments tediously one by one. But if you wish so, you can create your own Portfolio in this page.


There are four panels in this page:

1. Portfolios Panel (the list of Portfolios).

2. Instruments Panel (shows instruments within a Portfolio).

3. Instrument Chart Panel (shows instrument's historic price chart).

4. Sync Details/Search Results Panel (hidden by default).


We will explain them in the following pages.