Portfolio Boss Documentation

Impulse Score Rule



This rule ranks your instruments based on their percentage gain during the past certain period.

For example, if you're looking for instruments that have the highest percentage gain in the past 5 days, then set this rule as the “highest” impulse score in the past “5 days”.



1.  The first parameter, “Lowest/Highest”, defines whether you want to look for instruments that have the lowest or highest impulse score.




2.  The second parameter, “x days (or months)”, defines the period to calculate the impulse score. That is, the percentage gain is calculated from the beginning of this period until today.






  • It is best to employ this rule in different flavors, for example the first rule looks at the lowest impulse score during the past 5 days, while the second rule looks for the highest impulse score during the past 6 months. 



That way, you're essentially looking for instruments that are experiencing a dip during a generally upward trend, so hopefully once you enter that Position (at such a discount) it will rebound to your profit.


  • Regarding the “Offset” and “Weight” parameters, please refer to the guide about Ranking Panel.