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Rat Poison Squared

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Howdy Friend!

Warrant Buffett’s right-hand man calls it “Rat poison.” Buffett calls it “rat poison squared.”

Most people call it Bitcoin.

I’ll just remind you dear reader that Warren also didn’t “get it” when it came to the entire tech revolution until recently.

He famously shied away until 2016 when he invested $1 billion into Apple.

So maybe if Buffett can hang on, he can start investing in the crypto-verse in 2035.

As far as I can tell, we’re moving at a fast pace towards The Matrix.

I think that sort of thing should be a choice, but the powers that be sure are pushing it hard with their decades long agendas all coming together now.

I’m sure a lot of those Davos types would love to lock us “cannon fodder” in a virtual reality box connected to the Internet, feed us bug paste, and jab us until we waste away. 

That’s one future possibility. The other future has voluntary use of a highly immersive world where virtual items hold value.

That world could grow immensely and generate lots of profits…which is why I believe we’re seeing a push towards gender fluidity and trans. It gets the youth more accepting of transhumanism.

The history of video games has already shown that virtual things are worth actual dollars to certain people.

Certainly cryptos are worth something because millions of people have bought some. With that said, I agree whole-heatedly with Paul Tudor Jones that crypto should be traded…which leads me to the subject of trading, which is why you are a loyal subscriber.

I’ve been eyeing the new Bitcoin ETF BITO. It’s based on BTC futures instead of actual Bitcoin.

I’m amazed at how well it’s being arbitraged with BTC futures. Its NAV premium is ridiculously stable – never going above 0.15%.

Even GLD has a much higher prem/discount to NAV.

In other words, NAV prem isn’t going to help us predict when to buy and sell. What does have tremendous predictive power is Grayscale’s GBTC fund. GBTC owns nothing but actual Bitcoin, and it’s premium to NAV is all over the map.

Check out how volatile it is:

I unleashed our new and improved machine learning on GBTC premium, and it came up with some crazy formulas for trading GBTC.

When the orange line goes above the yellow line, you buy GBTC. When it goes below the yellow line, you sell.


The above series of trades is up 168% this year (out of sample).

I encourage you to look into trading GBTC and using NAV premium/discount data for signals.

Be ahead of the curve…you’ll likely be rewarded.

Today’s rat poison is tomorrow’s caviar.


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Trade smart,

Dan "Prince of Proof" Murphy


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