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Akrasia Effect: #1 Money Killer

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Howdy Friend,


If you're near retirement age, the Akrasia Effect has likely cost you millions.


We ALL suffer from it in one way or another.


Victor Hugo is by all accounts one of the most famous French writers.

You might have read or watched Les Miserables.


Instead of hammering away at his new book, he fiddled around and partied all the way to the 1-year deadline.


As you might imagine, the publisher wasn't too please, and gave him an ultimatum: 6 months to complete the book OR ELSE.


What he did next was shocking...


He had his assistant lock up all his clothes into a trunk...minus a large shawl that he would wrap around his body.


That way he would be embarrassed to go outside and hobnob with his buddies.


He put his nose to the grindstone and wrote day and night until...he had completed The Hunchback of Notre Dame with two weeks to spare.


So why did he put things off for an entire year and then resort to such extremes to get it done?

Instant gratification is incorrectly valued more than long-term results.


That's why Victor put off writing a literary masterpiece until the pain of losing his publisher became too great...


...or why we sneak in a cookie or two or three before the pain of being unable to button your pants becomes unbearable (or worse yet...health problems bubble to the surface).


The ancient Greeks had a word for it:


Akrasia: the state of mind in which someone acts against their better judgment through weakness of will.

Clearly we all suffer from it...I know it has personally cost me tens of millions.

So how do we conquer the Akrasia Effect?


It turns out that the hardest thing about completing a project is starting it.


There's a simple shortcut:


Start with a micro-commitment -- something that's incredibly easy to do.


For example, when I'm feeling lazy and I don't want to go to the gym, I'll put on my workout clothes.


Now I'm in a constant state of pain because I'm reminded I need to haul my lazy boo-tay to the swoll farm.


The Real Reason You've Been Missing Out on this
New Revenue Source...


I recently did a subscriber survey where 28% of respondents told me that they had no time to bolt on a new revenue source... even though they could literally start making money in the time it take to watch a show on Netflix.


So why are billionaires actively trading Bitcoin while everyday folks are avoiding it?

We all know that the real reason isn't time: It's akrasia.


And what's our shortcut to get start?


A micro-commitment.


So here's what you could do: Buy one share of GBTC.


Now you have a tiny fraction of the 654,885 Bitcoins owned by Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC). It trades just like a stock or ETF.


Heck, you could even place your order now for Monday morning.


How long does that take? Two minutes?


Now you have skin in the game, AND it's 44% below its recent high, AND it's 22% BELOW asset value.


Now you can get involved with trading Bitcoin as a new revenue source instead of "maybe one day"...

The road of "Some Day" leads to the town of No Where.


After you buy that single share for 30 bucks, you've just made a commitment to yourself to learn how to trade GBTC.


Now your future self has the potential to bolt on this weekly source of revenue...


...and you didn't even have to lock yourself in a room for six months in your underwear.


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Trade smart,

Dan "Prince of Proof" Murphy


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