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Created by our founder, Dan Murphy, Portfolio Boss 1.0 was released in 2014 as an alternative to mainstream back testing software. Although it was slow and clunky at first, it quickly grew because it offered scientific testing on large baskets of stocks and ETFs, including a ranking engine, and used a simple drag and drop strategy builder. No programming required. Also helping matters was the release of the popular report, The Relaxed Investor, with over 500,000 downloads and counting. Inside its pages laid the foundation for rotational investing, proven since 1926. Portfolio Boss quickly morphed into a multi-strategy trading machine with completely new concepts such as strategy stacking, spigoting, and meta-strategic trading.

After years of development, Portfolio Boss morphed once again into the first automated A.I strategy builder with massive parallel cloud computing available to the public. With over 3,500 computer cores, “The Boss” was born. Not only can it invent trading strategies using human-made indicators, it also programs itself using C code. Currently, The Boss has been running for over 1900 years of compute time. Starting in 2022, The Boss was updated to include uncommon data such as fund flows and True Asset Pricing to improve strategies by a factor of 18x to 36x over indexing. What’s next? Intraday trading and automation for starters. Our goal is to provide hedge fund level tools for everyday kitchen counter traders.