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“You are full of s**t, a snake oil salesman” and other fun comments

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Awww The Internet.

The good thing about the Internet is that you're connected to everyone around the globe 24/7.

The bad thing about the Internet is that you're connected to everyone around the globe 24/7.

Earlier, I created a survey and asked subscribers of this newsletter if they had questions about The Boss "SuperAi" strategy builder.

The answers ranged from very thankful to downright hostile.

But it did make me realize I had better answer the questions -- good and bad -- if I'm going to help you retire faster with some F U money to spare.

The best way I know of is to follow a recipe for making money...in other words, a strategy with exact trading rules that tell you exactly what to buy, when to buy it, and when to sell. No grey areas. No weasel statements.

Questions and Comments...Good, Bad, and Ugly

Q: How do you define a core-hour? I have difficulties to understand how long are 4000 core hours and what happens afterwards.

A: A core is like a single computer chip you'd find in your standard desktop computer. So 4000 hours is the equivalent of a regular computer running 24/7 for almost 6 months. A typical test takes 50-60 core hours, but can be finished in about an hour since our network has 2560 cores (soon to be 3584 this week). Boss users typically run 4-8 tests simultaneously which would normally take 2-3 weeks on a normal desktop computer!

Comment: It seems like the strategies will be mostly useful for longer term investments, I am more interested in shorter time frame trading with options.

A: To the contrary, you can tell The Boss how often you want your trades to last. For example 5 trading days. You'll often see VERY smooth steady Eddie results if you're willing to trade more often.

Comment: You are full of shit, an snake oil salesman. If you were really trading you would not have to sell this worthless shit. I just watch you for entertainment.

A: Clearly this person has been burned before. I can relate. I'm VERY skeptical of everything financial related too. Been burned by a dozen newsletters and unproven "strategies." To the point where I'm often over-cynical. I even wrote a report exposing the Tom Foolery about "commission free" trading.

I have to at least see a back test of a strategy or I won't go any further. I'm very honored that much of the burden of creating The Boss (Over $2MM) was shouldered by pre-selling it to existing members -- those who had been with me since starting Portfolio Boss in 2014. You gain a lot of trust with people when your strategies actually work.

Comment: Algorithms are programmed by people, so they are flawed. the market is in uncharted waters, don't trust it.

A: This probably isn't for you.

Comment: Unsure of how much good the whole system will be, Software is never any better than who writes it and who inputs the data..

A: Many of our users use strategies to fund their retirement. After 6 years, I'm pretty sure we have the basics right 🙂 Take a listen to Lee's experience being retired and trading >>

Comment: I already have a lifetime license for the boss. I'd like an upgrade option.

A: We've always given away the Portfolio Boss platform for free and charged for the trading strategies. The Boss is a completely new tool that uses Ai to discover new trading strategies automatically. The offer is at a tremendous discount considering my development fees and crazy cloud computing costs.

Q: During the video, it stated the 4000 hours would be good for about 65 strategies. If I work on 2 - 3 strategies per week, this will run out of hours in about 6 months then I would have to purchase again, right?.

A: Yikes! I must have confused you somewhere. All you need to do is create one or two strategies to trade. Then you just trade its signals. A strategy is the recipe to make money. I think maybe you confused "trades" with "strategies." 4000 core-hours is a HUGE amount of access time to The Boss. That's nearly 6 months of a regular computer running. What I'm doing is trading all new strategies every 6 months or so (you have to adapt fast these days because the big funds are using Ai too).

Comment: No money for now

A: No worries. Take care of you and your family's needs first. You have to have money in your trading accounts to make this worth your while.

Q: If your product were the world beater you are claiming it is, WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU BE SELLING IT? You would just use it yourself and just make all the money and never need to bother with any clowns like myself.

A: I was talking with Gary H. about this the other day. He retired at 50 and got really bored. I've retired twice now. Once in my 30's, then again in 2017 in my 40's. After about a year I got bored. I think we need to have a purpose in life. Happiness is often found overcoming challenges. Sitting on the beach sipping a Mai Tai all day will turn you into a beach bum alcoholic. Certainly running PortfolioBoss and creating the first Ai + supercomputer network for kitchen counter traders was no small feat. I can look back and say "wow, we actually did it." You should try aiming high. You're probably not a clown. Give yourself some credit.

Comment: The boss has always scare me and I am too old to invent a trading system

A: What I ended up doing, is creating a bunch of Power Templates (6 so far) so all you have to do is click start and The Boss will fire up in the cloud and start creating trading strategies. No two runs are the same. It's that easy. I'm going to have my 7-year-old nephew on camera soon doing it.

Comment: I believe it's worth it, but I just can't spend that much without causing a serious rift in my marriage. I dearly wish I could be a part of it.

A: Yup, you don't want to be stranded on the couch. I'm organizing a massive amount of case studies from Boss members. In the near future I'll have an entire page dedicated to those people so you can have her listen to their stories. Dan C and his wife actually trade together and are buying a motor home soon. Watch here >> (The pic in the video isn't Dan C. due to a mix up)

Comment: Hello Dan, I did not take advantage of your offer because I’m not sure how to design a system. I know you stated that the boss designs it for you, but I’m hesitant. I don’t have a lot of experience & have lost money in the market before. But I enjoyed your presentation!

A: We have templates for those that are hesitant. I blew out three trading accounts back in the 90's before getting my act together. Pretty sure I was the worst trader ever.

Comment: At this point in time I do not have time to be working on more strategies. Since Covid, I have not had much free time due to work, but it is getting better. So I have to defer until the future. I do like the idea and would have pursued if I had more strategy creation time on hand. I do love the Portfolio Boss product and have recommended it to anyone that wants to talk investing.

A: Thanks for the recommendation. Glad to hear you're busy with work when some folks have been forced to stay closed. Keep in mind that you can use my templates, hit the start button, go back to work, then check out the results while you're relaxing. The Boss does all the heavy lifting and statistical drudge work.

And there you have it..warts and all.

If you'd like to see The Boss "SuperAi" in action, you can watch a special training set up on demand.

I had the training put behind a password protected page since we're getting a few basement dwellers sneaking onto the list.

Free Training: Become a "Superhuman" Trader by Solving "Darwin's Dilemma"

Watch here >>


Password: superhuman2020

Make sure to download the handout PDF during the training.

Trade smart,

Dan "Prince of Proof" Murphy


Disclaimer: The results listed herein are based on hypothetical trades. Plainly speaking, these trades were not actually executed. Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain inherent limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, since the trades have not actually been executed, the results may have under (or over) compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors such as lack of liquidity. You may have done better or worse than the results portrayed.

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