You May be One Trade Away from Walmart Greeter Retirement

Corona Del Mar, CA

Howdy Friend!

In case you haven't noticed, there's a war on between the elites of the world and basically everyone else.

They have over-promised with no intention of paying up. It turns out that paying $300k a year to a lifeguard isn't a good idea (which happened here in Newport Beach).

They don't care about the blood, sweat, and tears you've shed over the years to sock away money while keeping a roof over you and your family's head.

They don't care about the events you've missed because you had to put food on the table.

Nope...if you're retired or retiring, they're moving you from the tax cow asset column to the liability column.

Through a process of baby-steps, they're seizing more and more power and liberty. Out of desperation, we're seeing some traders taking more and more risk in the hopes of striking it rich.

The little guy is so fed up that they're trying to beat system at the game THEY created. Gamestop has been the poster child for this mostly futile effort.

And then there's Bitcoin. I like Bitcoin, but I'm trying to figure out what happens if the new digital dollar (which will be ledger-based) can or can't be used to buy other cryptos.

I bet you CAN'T use it to buy other competing cryptos. That would defeat the ENTIRE purpose of our overlords going to a digital dollar.

Those control freaks want to enable negative interest rates and track every transaction you do.

Not enough inflation? Well, your new universal basic income check will EXPIRE if you don't use it. Kinda like vacation hours at some companies.

There is ONE area that our dear leaders are protecting, and that's stocks.

That's how they get paid after all. Why do you think they did all those stock buy-backs?

Why do you think they're crushing small businesses and sucking up their revenue? Hint: You get fatter earnings multiples on publicly traded companies, which drives up share prices.

If you want revenge on Wall Street, you don't have to go against their system. You can still play by the rules and make a fortune.

If you go "all in" in against the system, you might be one trade away from being a Walmart greeter.

Making F U money isn't a one-time event like a lottery ticket. It's a process.

More from me soon...

Trade smart,

Dan "Prince of Proof" Murphy


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