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"...but unless we overlooked something, it's a bust." - ME


I have to issue a retraction about Bitcoin immediately because we did discover a bug!

The Boss "SuperAi" strategy builder was simply not picking Bitcoin premium data as an input because it couldn't. Premium was invisible like a ghost, but it's been fixed as of Friday.

That's actually great news because Bitcoin premium data (example below) can absolutely help in timing Bitcoin.

As you know, I'm not a fan boy of "buy and hold" for anything -- and that includes Bitcoin.

But I am a fan of anything that's tradable. We're starting to see some amazing strategies roll in now since we adopted "Cyber Code" as our main tool for strategy discovery (coming in April!).

Here's an example of a well put together Bitcoin strategy that I'm immediately trading with real money. It uses NO TECHNICAL INDICATORS, and was completely machine-built. Computers aren't smarter than humans, but they sure try WAYYYYYY more ideas.

Bitcoin Strategy using 75% in-sample, and 25% out-of-sample (shaded area) for verification.

P.S. By the way, The Boss "SuperAi" builder lifetime members get the new Cyber Code plugin for free even though I spent over a million smackers getting it developed.

As a result, we're currently running a special discount for readers of this newsletter. Also, an applied credit for those that have bought other trading strategies from me.

Out of necessity, prices are rising as soon as "Cyber Code" is released in the next couple weeks.

You can schedule a call here >>

Keep in mind, The Boss "SuperAi" automated strategy builder is not right for everyone. It's also expensive(5 figures). But it's perfect for those looking to elevate their trading. For those that want to create their own custom strategies from scratch. You are the only one using them. It's like having a bespoke suit that only fits you and your personal trading style.

Prices are rising April 1st, so get started now.

Trade smart,

Dan "Prince of Proof" Murphy


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