Bit-coin Premium Crash

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Howdy Friend!

First, some background before I get into using Bitcoin Premium. I've spent the last few months in mouth-watering anticipation of a new plugin for our "SuperAi" automated strategy builder.

Instead of building strategies automatically with trading indicators like [MACD, RSI, EMAs, etc. ], the computer programs itself in C# code. I call it "Cyber Code" because that sounds kind of cool and futuristic.

(This is a highly profitable Bitcoin strategy that trades GBTC):

This has been a total game-changer for discovering even MORE profitable trading strategies. It's not being trapped inside the proverbial box.

In this case, the "box" is the fact that human designed trading indicators aren't turning over all the stones with gold nuggets and diamonds underneath. Despite "Tablula Rasa" being in vogue with the commies these days, it's not true. Humans are very similar to each other, and have lots of built in biases (instincts).

Anyhoo...this tool comes just in time for making extra income from home thanks to our dear leaders forcing people into the unemployment line (what's next, 3 masks)? Let's get back to Bitcoin though since the largest fund, Grayscale/GBTC, went from a high premium over the price of Bitcoin itself to a NEGATIVE premium.

I believe there are some new competitors out there, (specifically a Canadian ETF), but GBTC remains a VERY tradable instrument. It trades like a stock, but you have to be able to trade OTC Robinhood users are out of luck.

As it just so happens, we recently loaded Bit-coin premium data into The Boss "SuperAi" builder (see the chart above).

Here's something I was completely surprised to discover: The premium data rarely ever gets picked.

The way the builder works is, it kills off strategies that under-perform while the good ones are allowed to breed and improve over time. Bit-coin premium data is getting avoided like a leper with 'rona and AIDS.

And when I forced The Boss to use it -- terrible results.

I'd love to tell you that all of my ideas make money, but unless we overlooked something, it's a bust.

So what does work for trading Bit-coin and practically minting money with it?

Trigonometric functions!

I'll go into more detail at a later date, but here's a scientific test with great out of sample confirmation and over 250 trades. Sure makes HOLD look like a tiny blip.

P.S. Trading with multiple strategies has been coming up a lot lately on our group calls -- for good reason. It works at dramatically increasing gains and consistency.

It's the only "free lunch" on Wall Street.

I created a special presentation on Strategy Jacking: How To Automatically Plug Into The Perfect Trading Strategies So You Can Consistently Profit In Up, Down and Even Sideways Markets!

It's available only to The Boss members like yourself for a limited time.

Watch it here now >>

Trade smart,

Dan "Prince of Proof" Murphy


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