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Unleashing Hidden Profits: Outperforming Apple Trades by 64%

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Howdy Friend!

If you own Apple stock, then you have to hear this story. I was doing a deep dive on a strategy created by one of my best students, Josh Jarrett. It's a strategy that trades AAPL, but what I didn't notice before was that it's kind of long-term...as in the average holding period is about two months. That makes it extremely easy to trade.


The numbers are staggering in that time-frame:


  • Profit factor of 4.76
  • Average gain 8.9%
  • Annual return 46% vs 28% (since 1996)
  • Bought the 2023 bottom on the exact date
  • Sold during the Summer rally


So then I took a deeper dive into the code, and I was floored. It's perhaps the coolest four lines of code I've seen The Boss "type" out. It used the "maximum" function to look at the data of one ETF. And if another ETF's mispricing was more extreme, then it's time to get out of Apple.


You didn't hear me talk about what the Fed is doing next, trend lines, MACD, RSI, bonds, recessions, energy prices. Heck, this strategy has been through a lot worse in the past 27 years. Remember how bad 2008 was?


It's really crazy how using non-price data makes things so simple, while everyone else seems to make things so hard.


Since I don't see your name on the list for a 30-day trial to put this strategy to use, interest in The Boss SuperAi, or anything recent, I'm going to assume you like to build your own trading strategies, or are just curious about what I have to say.


Coming up next week, I'll be unveiling an 8-part blueprint to construct your unbeatable trading strategy. As I was crafting it, I couldn't help but notice how many of these insights contradict popular opinion.


Take this for instance: The truth about why high win percentage strategies aren't necessarily your best bet. This fact isn't just theory - it's PROVEN. And trust me, it's going to send your preconceptions into orbit.


Looking forward to connecting next week...


P.S. If you own AAPL stock, then you might want to know if this strategy is on a buy or sell signal. It'll cost you $1. How much peace of mind will that save you? Heck, if you've got shares of AAPL, then it's a no brainer. Start your trial, then look up "Single Stock TAP - AAPL"

Trade smart,

Dan "Prince of Proof" Murphy


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