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Is predicting lows GOOD or BAD? [Graph Inside]

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While there isn't an average wage listed for "tightrope walker," the average pay for a circus performer is $21/hour. I guess they're not selling as many bags of peanuts as they used to.


However, if you do that same stunt in spectacular fashion -- like crossing the Grand Canyon -- it could make you a cool $500k. That's what stuntman Nik Wallenda makes PER STUNT.


Of course Nik's job is life and death, and he's a 7th generation performer with balls of steel.


Yet his balancing act is certainly important to us traders as well.


As a consistent Part-time Market Maker, you want to want to place an order below where your favorite stock closed.


That way you're trading like a Prime Market Maker (and we all know they make billions doing this tens of thousands of times a day).

Here's the catch:


Not only do you want to maximize profit on the trade, you also want to increase the chance of getting filled.


If I can identify a stock that's over-sold, and I put in a limit order right where the stock closed the day before, maybe I can make let's say $2000/month.

If I put my limit order WAYYYY below the previous day's close, then I'll rarely get filled, and maybe I make 500 bucks a month.


But if I put my limit order in the Balance Zone, now we're making the most amount of fungolas possible in the minimum amount of time.


So you don't want to try to capture the low of the day...you want to walk the tightrope between getting filled on your order and getting in at a low price.


Make sense?


I hope you said yes, because this technique could easily add an extra zero to your trading account post haste.


Ready, set, go!


P.S. Want to plug-n-play our automated Part-time Market Maker technology to your trading account?


...so you can generate retirement income without the headaches of trying to time "The Market"


...and you're not sacrificing hours of your life pouring over useless charts or listening to the talking heads of disinformation on your TV


...while spending only an hour per week on maintaining your part-time Market Making business?


...and it'll only take you 1 hour 45 minutes to learn the ins and outs of being a part-time Market Maker


...and you'll get my help month after month for 1/6th what others have paid.


We're not getting any younger, so join me now.


Here's what the Market Maker Secrets Program is all about:


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Trade smart,

Dan "Prince of Proof" Murphy


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Step 5: Additional Resources

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