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You ever feel like you're living in the Twilight Zone? If Rod Serling was still around, he'd probably say "get me the heck outta here." The markets are a reflection of the insanity. The media doesn't even need to lie about the markets -- folks just quote random statistics as if it predicts anything whatsoever.


Take a look at this collage of junk I found on Twitter:

You've got people quoting a dopey indicator from CNN (completely untested by the way). China and U.S treasuries. Leading stocks leading the pack.  Chart patterns, home buyer traffic, and some gimmick about the VIX.


It's human nature to form an opinion...and then go out and find evidence that confirms your opinion. That's pretty much the opposite of how science works. It's no wonder that many moons ago, I discovered that even technical analysis was completely backwards because no one bothered to test with a computer:

Just the other day, news came out that Pfizer Pfucked everyone and hid the fact they used SV40 promoter without disclosure, which means it's adulterated. Adulteration dissolves their liability shield. Let the lawsuits commence! This isn't me pulling that from my rear. That's from Health Canada. The equivalent of Canada's FDA.


I said the stock would probably go up because of market dynamics (it did). The easy way to put it is "buy on rumor, sell on the news." Or in this case, short on rumor...cover on news. Instead of half-assing it, what if you could quantify these "market dynamics" and make a king-size wad of cash in the process?


Well, that's exactly what we figured out when we started plugging BlackRock global mispricing data into The Boss. These mispricing's are like fingerprints. You just have to be looking for them, then the signals are clear as day: Buy on green arrows, sell on red.


Here's a recent signal from October's Strategy of the Month: A NVO/SH pair strategy. I put a lot 'o love into this strategy. It's incredibly simple, has no parameters to optimize, and had 30% of the data hidden for confirmation. It switches between Novo (NVO...the maker of Ozempic weightloss/diabetes drug) and SH, the inverse S&P 500 ETF.

October is up 15% for this strategy. I'd say that's "knock it out of the park" performance.


There's a new signal for Monday...but you have to be a member of Strategy of the Month Club, and I don't see your name on the list. You can grab the strategy instantly just in time for Monday's session, and at a Charter Member discount to boot. Just use promo code: sotmspecial


Hurry. BOTH the charter discount AND the strategy disappear unless you join by October 31st.


The clock is tickin'.


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Trade smart,

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