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If you're a trader who craves rock-solid consistency and the
sheer ease of buying on green arrows and selling on red, listen up!


New Invention Generates
95%+ Winning Months...

...to Celebrate, I'm Giving You 100 of Our Best Trading Strategies FREE Just for Saying "Maybe" Today.
($25,000 Value)

Too good to be true? You be the judge.

I’m Dan Murphy, and I can’t wait for you to put 100 of our best strategies to work…

…here's the full list:

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Why am I giving away $25,000 worth of trading strategies? To celebrate a new invention that is generating 91% winning months, 95% winning months, and even 100% winning months.

I know that sounds too good to be true, but keep reading and I'll show you proof.

Let's talk about actual trading results, NOT hypothetical. Last I checked, if you tried to cash a backtest, they'd laugh you out of the bank.

Here's a screen capture of David Grigsby's actual brokerage account. He made a cool $428,735 (52%) with this new invention.

You'd have to check your pulse if these kind of gains don't excite you.

Now, I'm not promising you'll make 52% in a month with the 100 strategies I'm giving away. No one can make that promise. I can, however, show you more brokerage account from satisfied users…

What about results?

Traders are absolutely killing it using Portfolio Boss here are some of our users actual account statements...

🔎 Click To Enlarge Statements

John Doe made 3.8%, that's a cool $5,232

John Doe made 3.8%, that's a cool $5,232

John Doe made 3.8%, that's a cool $5,232

John Doe made 3.8%, that's a cool $5,232

John Doe made 3.8%, that's a cool $5,232

John Doe made 3.8%, that's a cool $5,232

John Doe made 3.8%, that's a cool $5,232

John Doe made 3.8%, that's a cool $5,232

John Doe made 3.8%, that's a cool $5,232

John Doe made 3.8%, that's a cool $5,232

John Doe made 3.8%, that's a cool $5,232

John Doe made 3.8%, that's a cool $5,232

John Doe made 3.8%, that's a cool $5,232

John Doe made 3.8%, that's a cool $5,232

John Doe made 3.8%, that's a cool $5,232

John Doe made 3.8%, that's a cool $5,232

🔎 Click To Enlarge Statements

How did they make all that money and make it look so easy?

Thanks to a new invention called Meta ML, and its simple 3-step A.P.E process:

  1. Analyze 100+ strategies automatically
  2. Predict which ones will be the hottest for the month
  3. Email you exact buy/sell signals

Simply punch in a few trades first thing in the morning, and you're free for the rest of the day. Seriously, even if you're pecking at the keys with one finger, you'll be done in just five minutes.

That’s it.

Now you can:

  • ignore the news
  • stop wasting time on unproven indicators
  • never look at a chart again.

Which would you rather have…the chart on the left covered with a bunch of lines that “maybe” works, or the simplicity of the chart on the right?

Subjective. Not repeatable.

Buy on Green Arrow, Sell on Red.

The Secret Behind this Effortless Trading?

I don’t mess around when it comes to beating the markets. It’s my life-long passion and my business since 1997.

I spent over $4 million out of my own pocket building a 3,500 CPU network loaded to the gills with cutting edge machine learning.

Our members used it to automatically build trading strategies on just about any stock and ETF you can shake a stick at.

Everything from Nvidia, oil, S&P 500, natural gas, bonds, gold, Dow 30 stocks, real estate, Apple, banking ETFs, semiconductors, NASDAQ 100, Bitcoin, biotech, VIX, and more.

Long, short, and inverse trades so you can make money as prices rise or fall.

Heck, some of our members built over 300 strategies without knowing how to write a single line of code!

Trading 300 strategies at once is a lot of busy work, so we spent the next year figuring out if the machine learning could predict which strategies would perform the best in the future.

Spoiler alert: It does.

Then all you have to do is trade the top 10 or more strategies. Anyone can do that.

It’s kind of like a baseball scout who weeds through all the players to find the future All Stars. 

Lean in because this is where it gets interesting…

Not only did this new technique more than double the results of strategies, it outperformed the old method 83.6% of months.

83.6% Improvement!

Meta ML beats the old multi-strategy method in 83.6% of months

You’d have to go back to Jordan’s 1995 NBA Bulls basketball team to witness such a lopsided victory (72-10…an 87.8% win percentage). 

Machine learning is known for discovering hidden patterns in data – and oh boy did it ever.

Now our members were showing 147% and higher annual gains with up to 100% winning months in their testing.

Here’s one that Mark built in a matter of minutes. He simply pressed start, and the computer built it for him.

Not to be outdone, Jay created a Meta ML with a 279% annual growth rate, and 97.4% winning months:

David managed to hit the “Holy Grail” of 100% winning months, and 147% annual growth rate with his Meta ML. Now we’re cooking with gas!

With Meta ML, you are told the only three things you need to make a profitable trade:

  1. Which stocks and ETFs to buy
  2. Precisely how many shares
  3. When to sell

Listen, I could sit here all day long and tell you all about the whiz-bang volatility reduction algorithm, the re-balancing, and the Black Swan considerations, and more that went into designing Meta ML…

…yet at the end of the day, that’s all handled for you automatically behind the scenes. 

I don’t care how a 757 jet works, I just want it to get me from point A to point B in one piece.

You just want to simply buy on green arrows, sell on red without all the complex jargon and geek speak, right?

Better yet, a list of buys and sells is sent to you by email every morning, so it’s all in one easy to read summary.

Come on, it's 2023—shouldn't trading be straightforward and hassle-free by now?

Just shoot your orders over to your broker, and you're all set. Here's an example of how easy it is to follow exactly what to do next:

Grab Your 30-Day Trial to
Portfolio Boss

Portfolio Boss

Earlier I told you that I’ve decided to give you 100 of our top performing trading strategies.

Have I lost my mind? Normally I charge $997-$4000 for a single strategy.

Why the heck would I just give away $25,000 worth of strategies that took months and hundreds of thousands of hours of compute time to build?

The plain truth is that in order to take advantage of the new Meta ML technology, and generate up to 95%+ winning months, and achieve the 83.6% explosion in performance…

…the kind of performance traders dream about.

…you need 100 strategies to choose from.

And I know you want to get started right now, and not spend the next 6-months to a year building them from scratch.

That’s why I’m giving you all 100 of our best strategies for saying “maybe” today.

If you’ve ever wanted to test drive Portfolio Boss and our brand-new Meta ML technology, now is your chance to take me up on a 30-day trial for $1.

Yes, a measly buck to completely turn around your trading.

I’m throwing in all 100 of these strategies FREE as part of your trial:

Click the button below to get started…

Money Back Guarantee: Cancel anytime during your 30-day trial without any hassle. Just login and click “cancel” or contact our helpdesk 24/7 for quick, worry-free support.

To help you hit the ground running, I'm also including seven exclusive Meta MLs—previously only accessible to private clients who paid $50,000—with just a single click, you can start using them in minutes!

Now they’re yours to use for $0.

Here’s your easy-to-follow checklist to get started:

  • Pick a Meta ML to trade and press Start
  • Buy on green
  • Sell on red
  • Rinse and repeat.

Here are their performance graphs for each Meta ML:

You also receive:

Meta ML Masterclass

< Product image>

Also included is the 9-episode training on the secrets behind Meta ML so you can master consistency with your trading.

Previously, these were only available to those who paid up to $25,000 for Meta ML. It’s yours for $0 as part of your trial.

If you ever decide to build your own tailor-made Meta ML strategy, this training guides you step by step.

Here's a taste of what is revealed inside:

• Ever wondered what lies beyond typical trading strategies? Uncover the game-changing tool, “Meta ML”, an innovation that revolutionizes the trading world. Its power? Only to be revealed at minute 32. 

• The Goldilocks Zone that can DOUBLE the performance of any strategy. You don’t want to miss this lesson.

• The 5 Deadly Sins of Trading – Seemingly innocent habits that might be leading you towards a financial disaster. Could you be a sinner? Find your answer in Video #8.

• iShares ETFs – an oasis in the desert of stocks, yet missed by many. What’s their secret? A mystery to be unraveled starting at minute 44.

• 11 Undisclosed Triggers that Meta ML employs to skyrocket your profits. Is AI the genie or the demon? Decide for yourself inside.

• The secret language of Market Titans – ever wished to crack their code? It’s your ticket to untold riches. Video #2 will initiate you.

• And many more secrets to uncover inside…

Also included is a 1-page checklist to get going faster than a cheetah on roller skates.

Portfolio Boss Trading Platform

< Product image>

This is the platform that runs the strategies for you. It has been battle-tested and refined over the past decade.

Here’s what’s included for both beginners and experts:

  • Built in drag and drop strategy builder
  • Meta ML machine learning technology for extreme consistency with multiple strategies
  • Evolutionary machine learning to automatically build tailor-made trading strategies
  • Advanced Linear Genetic Programming (LGP) to create non-human-made trading rules
  • Full out-of-sample testing suite to help prevent over-fitting to the past
  • Multi-strategy support for accurate testing
  • Free historical quotes on 13,000+ stocks and ETFs back to 1986
  • Multi-core CPU utilization for fast testing
  • Trade long/short/inverse to profit from any market condition
  • De-listed symbols for historical accuracy
  • Back test up to 3,000 symbols simultaneously
  • Hands-free updating of index symbols such as those in the S&P 500
  • Trade Plan manager to tell you exactly how many shares to buy
  • Automatically execute strategies and email you the signals
  • Compatible with Windows 10+ and Mac running Parallels

Bonus: The Boss SuperAi with 25,000 Compute Hours

< Product image>

Want to build your own tailor-made trading strategies automatically?

For the next 30-days, you can access our 3,500 CPU network nicknamed “The Boss.”

I’ll even throw in 20+ templates so all you need to do is hit the Start button. Then The Boss will whirl to life and start building you custom money-making strategies.

This may have taken weeks in the past, but thanks to our 3,500 CPU network, you can get working strategies in under an hour.


  • 25,000 compute hours…like running a normal computer for almost 3 years straight to get the job done fast! (We charge $2,500 for this on the website)
  • 21 Instant Start templates. Just press Start and build strategies automatically
  • Human-made indicators like RSI, position duration, stop losses, profit targets, Aroon, index correlation, and dozens more
  • Cyber Code: Let the machine program itself in C code. This has led to the biggest breakthroughs in profitability and consistency
  • Run multiple tests simultaneously
  • Up to 1,000x faster than a home PC
  • Our secret weapon that finds edges in just about any stock or ETF: ETF mispricing data is included

The Boss 24-Module Training

< Product image>

If you’re looking to build your own strategies with The Boss, then we’ve got you covered.

This 24-module training guides you by the hand, and takes you on an easy-to-follow journey into the world of trading with machine learning.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • Fitness functions, and how to train The Boss to create maximum profits without nasty drawdowns.
  • How to prevent Black Swans from stealing back your hard-earned profits
  • The secrets behind building the perfect swing trading strategies.
  • Weird indicators no one is talking about, but they could be your ticket to building the strategies of your dreams
  • Why over-fitting is death to a strategy, and how to tell if you’re doing it at a glance
  • Why capacity matters – they sure don’t talk about this in newsletters!
  • And much more…

And since I’m all about quick n easy, let the tools do the work mentality. I’ll give you my 1-page quick-start checklist to get up and running in mere minutes.

Bonus: Strategy of the Month Club ($997 value)
< product image >

Each month, I craft a fresh strategy for you. All you have to do is plug it into your Meta ML with a few clicks. The more strategies you have, the better—because it boosts the odds of hitting that perfect setup multiple times.

Each strategy I design undergoes strict “out-of-sample” testing to minimize the risk of it just fitting past data—a mistake many other strategy builders make and a leading reason why most trading strategies flop.

I'll walk you through the complete strategy rules, detailing every step and explaining the logic behind them, all through crystal-clear video tutorials.

Best of all, the strategy will automatically download into your Portfolio Boss app, making the whole process a breeze.

Join Me for Weekly Live Calls!

If you want to get up and running lickity-split, then join me, the founder of Portfolio Boss for an hour.

I go over the latest discoveries, updates, tips, and tricks to more profitable, more consistent, more RELAXED trading…I’ll even build strategies before your very eyes in under 5 minutes.

Plus, I won’t get off the call until all of your questions are answered. My motto is no one gets left behind.

Whether you’re a beginning trader or an expert fund manager, I can answer your burning questions. I’ve been doing this full-time since 1998. Like an iceberg, I probably only talk about 10% of what I know in public – there’s still 90% hidden due to all the testing me and my team do behind the scenes.

You’re Invited to Join Our 100% Club Community

< product image>

Don’t go it alone when you don’t have to.

Join our exclusive community of active traders with the goal of hitting 100% winning months.

What exactly goes on inside this forum?

Imagine having a lifeline to hundreds of active traders just like you that you can connect with, call on for help, and receive tips and time-saving advice from.

You can ask questions like:

  • What approach did you use for designing your Meta ML
  • What ETF pairs are working now
  • How to build long/short strategies
  • The best ways to hedge against bear markets
  • Which leveraged ETFs are easiest to predict
  • How to avoid over-fitting to the past
  • How to build once per month trading strategies
  • Checklists to get started FAST
  • Excel spreadsheets to see what’s working at a glance
  • Which broker is best
  • What to do if I’m outside the US
  • And pretty much any topic you can think of…

In fact, I love 100% Club so much that I’m there nearly everyday to personally answer questions as well.

The forum is where one of the biggest breakthroughs I’ve ever seen in my life came from, so you bet your bottom dollar this is the place to be.

(The breakthrough was using BlackRock fund mispricing data with The Boss. Many of the 100 strategies I’m giving you use this secret…and now it’s yours FREE…just for saying “maybe” today).

Money Back Guarantee: Cancel anytime during your 30-day trial without any hassle. Just login and click “cancel” or contact our helpdesk 24/7 for quick, worry-free support.

Here’s Everything You Receive with Your 30-Day Trial

The Portfolio Boss 30 Day Trial Includes

30-day trial of Portfolio Boss… Priceless

100 of our best strategies… $25,000 value

Meta ML strategy selector… $5,000 value

Meta ML Masterclass… $1,000 value

7 of Dan’s Private Meta ML’s… $3,500 value

The Boss Strategy Builder with 25,000 compute hours… $2,500 value

The Boss Training… $500 value

Strategy of the Month Club… $997 value

21 Instant Start Templates for The Boss… FREE

Meta ML Instant Start Template… FREE

Weekly group calls… FREE

100% Club Forum… FREE

1-page Meta ML Quick Start Checklist… FREE

1-page Boss FAST Strategy Builder Checklist...FREE

Total Value: $38,497

Get started today for $1


Almost Complete....
Almost Complete....
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Enter your details below and we'll get you signed up

What’s the Catch? Why Are You Giving So Much Away?

Well, first of all, it’s my way of saying “thank you” for giving Portfolio Boss a try.

I know that there is a sea of competitors to Portfolio Boss, so I figured that I would give away 100 of our best strategies along with the key ingredient: Meta ML and all the bonuses… then you’ll make money with it, and you’ll stick around for years to come.

I’m in this for the long haul. I purposely lost money on this project for years while it was being developed.

Like Amazon, I realized that if I invested heavily in machine learning for several years, we could end up dominating traditional business models in the trading niche.

And hey…I know plenty of single strategies and stock picking newsletters being sold for $5,000 per year. So why not go so far over the top with 100 worldclass strategies that no one else can compete? Maybe I played Monopoly one too many times as a kid…in any event, you reap the rewards in this battle of new vs old.

After six long years of R&D, everything is now ready for you.

  • The full package of 100 high-return trading strategies
  • Meta ML that seamlessly integrates them for extremely smooth and consistent gains
  • Pre-made Meta MLs to get started FAST
  • The Boss 3,500 CPU powerhouse for strategy development
  • Plus the training and extra bonuses
  • …all designed for your ultimate convenience

I can’t wait for you to take what we’ve built and start making money with it. It’s a dream come true.

Go ahead and click the button to start your 30-day trial for only $1.

Everything is push-button ready for you. If it’s not everything I say it is – and more – I’ll even refund the dollar.

So, what are you waiting for?

I’ll see you on the 100% Club forum or on our next weekly call.

Trade Smart,

Dan “Prince of Proof” Murphy

P.S. We currently have the capacity to onboard 75 new trial members, depending on how much The Boss is being used. We are authorized for 3,500 CPUs. Our cloud provider typically takes 30-60 days to do a credit check in order to increase the number of computers we rent for The Boss SuperAi.

We may quickly fill all 75 spots due to this being the first ever trial offer in history with 100 free world-class strategies.

Have some Questions?

We have answers. Make an informed decision before you sign up.

A modern PC with at least 4GB of RAM. Portfolio Boss supports multi-core technology. A Mac computer can be used with the Parallels emulator installed (about $80).

Yes! However, the limit is three installs at once. You can also install on a virtual machine in the cloud so it’s always on. That would be perfect for auto-trading.

No, you really need the real estate of a computer monitor to run PB.

Yes! Many members trade multiple accounts, including IRAs.

You can easily set up an automated email to go out every morning. Then just following the instructions. You can also use the built in Trade Plan manager which will tell you exactly how many shares to buy based on your account size. Full auto-trading is coming soon!

None at all. The AI does it for you.

Not yet, but every single one of them has a Meta ML with at least 95% winning months in testing. Past performance doesn’t guarantee future results, but it makes sense that having 100 strategies to choose from is a tremendous advantage. Several users have used The Boss to build over 300 strategies to choose from. The more, the more likely several will be in their Goldilocks Zone for maximum profitability with Meta ML.

I do live Zoom calls nearly every week, so I can show you. You can literally get started within seconds with the pre-built Meta MLs. You can also contact support. We've even trained a ChatGPT 4 bot on our entire User Guide so it can walk you through 24/7/365.

Next, we have Tod’s real-money account showing a $22,000 gain:

Here's Peter with a 14.2% gain for the month:

Here's Dan another member with a 18.15% gain:

And here we can see a smartphone screenshot of a $63,398 gain from David Grigsby:

Not to be outdone by his previous month, David made an insane $428,735 (52%) in January. Dan’s team double-checked with him to verify that number. That takes him to seven figures. Clearly, he’s going’ for it. Operation Warp Speed retirement!

Member Skip Miller didn't skip a beat, and had a fantastic November…

…up $135,420.

Here's a $20,114 gain from long-time member Chris Daniel:

Not everyone is focusing on big gains. We have many retirees that focus on low volatility and high consistency. Here’s a $4,395 gain from Lee:

Here’s a $15,198 gain from Gary’s Schwab account:

Allen is focusing on high gains for his Fidelity account, and was up a whopping $37,432.

Jay is up a solid 8.1%

Richard is up 9% for the month:

Mark another user is up 11.48%…

Let’s Talk Crystal Clear Transparency…

Dan asked me to provide full transparency and disclosure about these gains: He and his team at Portfolio Boss are still trying to determine an average income statistic. Clearly there are several factors at play. 

#1 being the amount you have in your account. I makes sense that the gains are directly related to how much money you’re trading with. That’s why percent gain is a much better statistic to look at than raw dollar amount.

#2 is how much volatility you’re willing to take. Some beta testers like David wanted to crank up the annual gains, so they’re willing to take on full positions in leveraged ETFs like the 3x leverage NASDAQ 100 ETFs. Or the 2x leveraged natural gas ETFs. Volatility is a double-edged sword. 

For me, I like to throttle back these leveraged ETFs and trade them with smaller dollar amounts. I worked very hard to get my trading account into high 6-figures, and I would rather have rock-steady gains than swing for the fences.

I have however created Meta ML strategies with up to 489% annual gains and 100% winning months, but I’m not comfortable with that level of volatility in my trading accounts.

I’m actually excited to make the trades now because it’s the easiest income I’ve ever made.  I’m no Spring chicken. I plan on selling my gyms and trade as I near retirement.

And bear markets? I love 'em because much more money can be made in volatile times. Check out this long-term Meta ML chart. Notice how the profits spiked during bear markets?

Now instead of being a worry wart if the Dow falls more than 5%, I look forward to the next bear market.

There's the old saying “what have you done for me lately”

So here are the latest brokerage statements as I write this letter:

🔎 Click To Enlarge Statements

🔎 Click To Enlarge Statements

Recap of What You’ve Learned so Far:

  • The key to consistent results is to trade a bunch of strategies on a wide variety of markets. That way if a few falter, the others pick up the slack
  • Most traders suffer from Profit Mismatch Syndrome (PMS). There’s a huge gap between what they expect to make, and what they actually make. That’s why they hop from strategy to strategy to strategy
  • The best strategies often use little-known methods. It turns out following the fingerprints of BlackRock country ETF mispricings is highly predictive for hundreds of stocks and ETFs
  • All strategies go through Strategy Cycles. The key is to trade only those in the perfect Goldilocks Zone of profitability. If you have dozens of strategies to choose from, then you can use Meta ML to select which strategies are predicted to make you the most money. In my testing, Meta ML outperformed traditional multi-strategy trading 83.6% of months.

Now that I’ve been using The Boss to build strategies for several years, and I’ve thoroughly vetted Meta ML technology — and have an audited account to back it up — Dan asked me what the ultimate trading package would look like. 

That way a new member would have the highest chance of following in my footsteps and dramatically turn around their trading.

I gave him several pieces of advice from my experience with the program:

  1. Give a trial period so they can check it out for a small fee. I would have taken the plunge sooner if I didn’t have to pay 5-figures
  2. Lower the up-front pricing so more can afford it
  3. Bundle everything into a package so they get the full experience and can start making money right away
  4. Show them exactly what to do step by step so there’s no guess-work on what to do next
  5. Provide members with ready to go Meta ML strategies. That way they can get started fast, and then create custom Metas and strategies as they become more comfortable

I also told him based on my experience who they should NOT let in: 

  • Anyone with less than $50,000 in their trading account ready to go

Meta ML requires that you trade a minimum of 5 strategies at once. Personally, I think 10 is the minimum, and you’d want to put about $5k into each strategy. Trading 10 strategies at once is where I’ve seen the monthly win percentage as high as 100% in my testing. I don’t want a new member to suffer from Profit Mismatch Syndrome (PMS) and quit because they were under-funded.

Dan and his team listened to everything I recommended, and even exceeded my expectations. I give it my full stamp of approval.

That’s why I’m proud to present to you the…

Josh 100 Power Bundle!

Here’s what’s included:

Josh 100 Strategy Pack: You get 100 of my top performing strategies. I trade these every day. The same ones I used to place at the top of Fundseeder. These are not watered-down versions. Dan has sold similar strategies for $1999 each. They trade everything from the NASDAQ 100, natural gas, gold, oil, S&P 500, commodity ETFs, bonds, financial sector, real estate, semiconductors, individual stocks like NVDA, HD, INTC, LUV, AAPL, and more. Here’s the full list:

📈 Josh 100 Complete List

These strategies run on the Portfolio Boss trading platform which is included for free. Daily quote updates and ETF mispricing data are included in the package.

Total value: $25,000

Meta ML: The secret to consistent returns is to trade lots of strategies simultaneously. Better yet, let the AI pick which strategies to trade over the course of a month. My testing showed Meta ML beat the common multi-strategy method in 83.6% of months. I can verify that nothing else like this exists anywhere else for any price. This absolute gamechanger is unique to Portfolio Boss.

You also receive an Instant Start Josh 100 Meta ML template. Just press start and the AI will build you one from scratch. No programming required. Yes, it’s that easy. That way you can build your own custom Meta ML that is unique to your desired yearly gain, volatility, and other specs. Most of my Meta ML’s were created by the computer within 1-3 hours. 

Also included is the 9-episode training with Dan on how to use Meta ML so you can master consistency with your trading.

Here's a taste of what is revealed inside:

• Ever wondered what lies beyond the typical trading strategies? Uncover the game-changing tool, “Meta AI”, an innovation that revolutionizes the trading world. Its power? Only to be revealed at minute 32. 

• The 5 Deadly Sins of Trading – Seemingly innocent habits that might be leading you towards a financial disaster. Could you be a sinner? Find your answer in Video #8.

• Witness the unveiling of the 3 Enigmatic Secrets of Stock Strategy Expansion. Capacity has its limits, but we've found a detour. Curious? Video #2 holds the key.

• Leverage – a double-edged sword that can build or annihilate fortunes. One wrong move and the consequences could be dire, akin to the Flash Crash of 2010. What's the right move? Only minute 38 knows.

• iShares ETFs – an oasis in the desert of stocks, yet missed by many. What's their secret? A mystery to be unraveled starting at minute 44.

• 11 Undisclosed Triggers that Meta AI employs to skyrocket your profits. Is AI the genie or the demon? Decide for yourself inside.

• Unmask the elusive relationship between energy sector premiums and EWO country ETFs – a tantalizing game-changer. Minute 68 beckons the curious minds.

• The secret language of the Market Titans – ever wished to crack their code? It's your ticket to the billion-dollar club. Video #2 will initiate you.

• The Silent Revolutionizer that made Jim Simons change his stance. What's the fuss about AI and machine learning? To understand, you must journey to Video 5.

• The fine line between financial success and failure – are you striding on it? The recipe for avoiding missteps is hidden at minute 91.

• And many more secrets to uncover inside…

Total value: $5,000

Dan’s Meta ML’s: These were built by the founder of PortfolioBoss. He’s also a veteran trader who programmed his first trading strategy in 1997. The collection consists of seven (7) Meta ML’s ranging from 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 strategies traded at once. He also went in and adjusted the volatility up and down to give you a wide variety to choose from.

From Dan: “Before you go off on your own with Meta ML, I want to show you the meat n’ potatoes of Meta ML. There is built in Black Swan protection as well just in case a strategy decides to go haywire. Learn the basics first, then go exploring.”

Here are the stats from all seven Meta ML’s:

🔎 Click To Enlarge Reports

This is how it works.

Something In One Color.

Something In One Color.

Something else here in white some of it bold and something else bold.

Here is some more catchy text with very convincing copy that enforces the way it works easily and can be very profitable.

🔎 Click To Enlarge Reports

Total value: $3,500

100% Club: This is the forum where your fellow Meta ML’ers discuss their latest trading techniques, discoveries, and breakthroughs. Both Dan and I are either lurking or posting there most days. Trading is tough enough even with the latest and greatest tools at your disposal. That’s why it’s so important to have a group of likeminded folks to talk to.

Total value: Priceless

Bonus: 1-on-1 Ignition Session. You receive a 30-minute strategy session with Adam Kaye, Dan’s Director of VIP Client Relations. He’ll ask you a series of questions to help make your goals crystal clear, and show you ready to use Meta ML’s. I’ve talked with him many times, and he’s very helpful. 

Total value: $300

Bonus: Free Traders Tax Guide. Now that you’re making profits in the markets instead of losses, don’t get stuck paying the tax man more than your fair share. This guide will walk you through the options you have for saving on taxes, and setting up a trading business.

Total value: $39

Bonus: 30-minute call with leading traders tax expert. I’ve worked with this company before, and they helped me elect the correct trader tax status. Dan has partnered with this firm exclusively to help members avoid any pitfalls. 

Total value: $299

Bonus: Auto-trading (coming October). Letting the AI trade the signals for you will help free up some time, and make your trading business darn-near passive. It takes me about 15-minutes a day to make the trades. I honestly want to be first in line when Dan and team release this feature. 

From Dan: “We’ve had a full-time employee on this project all year. I can’t wait to show it to you because any tool that makes your life easier is a tool worth using. In fact, my girlfriend asks me constantly when it will be ready. Yes, she trades too.”

Total value: $2000

Super Bonus: The Boss SuperAi. I saved the best bonus for last. You get FULL access to The Boss SuperAi – a monster 3,500-core supercomputer network. I used over 410,000 hours of compute time on this bad mama jama to build hundreds of strategies. Even to this day, I continue to build strategy after strategy. Why? Because the more my Meta ML’s have to choose from, the more likely the strategies I trade will make money. 

You also receive full access to The Boss video training on how to best use The Boss SuperAi, the secrets behind BlackRock global mispricings and their massive predictions. There are four chapters and 24 bite-sized lessons. You can get through the whole training in a few hours.

You also receive access to all 64 (and counting) group calls where Dan broke down how to build strategies with The Boss step by step. These calls were all done live. Make sure you hop on the next Boss group call to learn the ins and outs from the man himself. I’ll likely be there too! It’s included as part of the bundle.

Included: Over 20 Instant Start Templates so you can simply press the start button, and The Boss will start building strategies for you.

Total value: $25,000

Holy cow, now this is a package…

Grand total value: $61,136

If you had a $200,000 account, and DOUBLED your money in a year, would $40,000 be worth it? 

Of course it would.

Heck, I LOST $351,000 before making it back, so I would have gladly paid $40k in hindsight.

And let me ask you this…

How much would it be worth to you to reverse the chances of running out of money in retirement, reclaiming the financial freedom and security of your prime?

How much would it be worth to you to wake up each day fully recharged and confident in your financial decisions, needing less time to analyze the market than ever before, thanks to the AI-powered tools in the Josh 100 Power Bundle?

Just think about that for a second.

How much would those extra hours each week, each month, and each year be worth to you? Extra hours to enjoy life, to spend with family, friends, loved ones, or whomever you please? To live more life on your terms, any way that you want, and doing so with the financial security provided by the Josh 100 Power Bundle. Would it be worth $20,000? $50,000? $100,000?

How much would it be worth to you to have the peace of mind knowing that your retirement is secure, your children's college funds are growing, and your financial future is bright, all thanks to the Josh 100 Power Bundle?

If you could bypass the stress and uncertainty of financial markets, and instead have a reliable, AI-powered strategy that consistently delivers profits, how much would that peace of mind be worth to you?

I paid well over $20,000 to get access to The Boss, Meta ML, tools, and training.

But like I told Dan, it took me months before I pulled the trigger and spent tens of thousands for The Boss.

He asked me what I thought about charging $997 for a fully functioning 30-day trial with all the bonuses.

I said “that’s great! I wish you had that option back then.”

“But can you do better?”

Dan said “yes”.

You’re going to LOVE this.

You receive the full Josh 100 Power Bundle:

  • Josh 100 Strategy Pack: You get 100 of my top performing strategies
  • Meta ML: Let the AI pick which strategies to trade every month. Meta ML templates, and Meta ML training included
  • Dan’s Meta ML’s: The collection consists of seven (7) Meta ML’s ranging from 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 strategies traded at once. 
  • 100% Club: Don’t go it alone. This is where your fellow traders hang out and discuss tips and tricks with the goal of 100% winning months.
  • Bonus: 1-on-1 Ignition Session. You receive a 30-minute strategy session
  • Bonus: Free Traders Tax Guide. These simple tips could save you money
  • Bonus: 30-minute call with leading traders tax expert. Have an expert help you set things up right
  • Bonus: Auto-trading (coming October)
  • Super Bonus: The Boss SuperAi. You get FULL access to The Boss SuperAi – a monster 3,500-core supercomputer network to build your own tailor-made strategies from scratch, and over a dozen Instant Start templates.

And don't forget…all you have to do is choose one of these seven pre-built strategies and you can start trading right away.

Ironclad Triple 100% Money-back Guarantee

  • Profit or Pay Nothing: If you don't pocket a minimum of $299 during your trial, we'll rush you a full refund. With our Meta ML's boasting a staggering 90%+ win rate in multi-year testing, we're confident in your success.

  • Perfect Fit Promise: After your Ignition Session call, if either you or Adam feels it's not the perfect match, we'll instantly return your investment. No questions asked.

  • Dan's ‘No Strings Attached' Pledge: If for any reason you decide to step away, Dan guarantees a swift and full refund. As Dan says, “The $299 is simply there to ensure you're fully invested in giving the trial the attention it deserves.”

USA-Based Support

Need help? Call Monday-Friday 8-5PM. 866-567-4257. Their team members are in California, Arizona, and New York. You can email 24/7. I have spoken directly with Ellen and Adam, and they have been very helpful. Even their engineering team has answered my questions when the topic was more advanced. A+

They also have an advanced ChatBot that has been trained on the entire Portfolio Boss User Guide (over 1 million characters) that is available 24/7/365. It’s actually very good if you need help with the software. 

The 100% Club forum is also up 24/7, if you have questions for me or your other fellow traders. 

Get paid $300 to learn?