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Here’s how to trade Apple (AAPL) profitably

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Howdy Friend,


Here's how to trade AAPL stock with a 97% yearly win rate since 1986. Even with the crazy ouster of Steve Jobs in the 90's, and the massive implosion of 2008, this strategy did extremely well.


Without a doubt, it runs circles around buy and hold...and with wayyyy less risk. Take a look:

Let's start by taking a look at a tweet from The Boss yesterday:

Notice there was an exact limit order below the previous day's close (171.96).


That's key. You want to buy at a discount with this strategy. While that wasn't the exact low for the day, it was within throwing distance. If you look at the chart above again, you'll notice two price bands. Between them is your "no go" zone.


You want to buy in the profit zones which occurs when AAPL is trending higher, and when AAPL is falling apart. Notice how this goes completely contrary to what your typical Fibonacci retracement trader would do. They would of course being buying in the no go zone. If you've been reading my work for some time, then this shouldn't surprise you at all.


Notice I said "work." Most never do the work of testing their hypothesis, and is why they lose money in a market that generally goes up over time. Thankfully I don't have to come up with these rules anymore -- The Boss does it automatically.


Now when it comes time to sell, it's a very simple rule. So simple, you probably won't believe me. 


That's why I want to give you this strategy for $0.

It's one of 100 strategies I'm giving away to celebrate our new invention: Meta ML. With Meta ML, the computer takes a look at all 100 strategies...then selects the top 5, 10, 20 or more strategies predicted to go up the most for the month.


Then you just trade those. If you've got a PC and an inbox, you can easily make the trades. It was six long years in the making, but now we're completely dialed in.


Here are the annual returns for all 100 strategies (notice many are in TRIPLE digits):

All 100 strategies are ready and waiting for you when you test-drive Portfolio Boss.


Plus there are a ton of extras I've thrown in.


Normally a 30-day trial is $299, but today it's only $1. I'm sure you could find that under your couch cushions.


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P.S. We currently have the capacity to onboard 75 new trial members, depending on how much The Boss is being used. We are authorized for 3,500 CPUs. Our cloud provider typically takes 30-60 days to do a credit check in order to increase the number of computers we rent for The Boss SuperAi.


We may quickly fill all 75 spots due to this being the first ever trial offer in history with 100 free world-class strategies.

Trade smart,

Dan "Prince of Proof" Murphy


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