Witch of Wall Street

Las Vegas, NV

Howdy Friend!

Hetty Green was an interesting character during the Gilded Age of Wall Street. Her grandfather was a successful businessman and taught her about money. Soon after, that's all she cared about.

When her father bought her an entire wardrobe to attract a would-be suitor, she sold them for government bonds. 

For the rest of her life, she would invest between stocks, bonds, and real estate.

Many liken her to the female Warren Buffett...or perhaps Buffett is the male Green. She ended up with a $2 billion fortune in today's money...not exactly chump change right?

Her shrewdness earned her the moniker of the "Witch of Wall Street." It didn't help that she wore all black for the rest of her life after her husband died. Bare with me, I'm going somewhere with this story.

You see, I'm in Vegas right now, and I think I know where this stimulus money is going...straight into the coffers of large corporations!

Sin city (and its vices) are alive and well. It smells like someone ran over a skunk everywhere I go...and I mean everywhere.

(For those of you that are a bit slow, I'm talking about whacky tabaccie).

What I found interesting is that it was really hard to get a taxi or Uber. The unintended consequence is that the stimi checks make people not want to work.

"I can get paid to sit on my ass, smoke weed, and play video games? Why would I want to drive a cab"?

Pretty soon we'll simply use Johnny Cabs to get around (remember those from Total Recall with Arni?)

While we all need to cut loose a bit instead of pinching every penny like Hetty Green, if you're not taking some of your money and investing or trading, then you'll be in the same spot that you were a decade ago.

Looking around here in Vegas, I think my words would fall on deaf ears...but I have high hopes for you.

More from me soon.

P.S. I've added a big new addition to this report. It's what I'm calling the "nuclear football" trigger, and the time cycle countdown.

This is what predicted the 'rona crash of 2020. And secondly, I didn't account for Good Friday in the time cycle countdown.

There is a GUARANTEED sell signal ON: April XX 2021 (Click here to reveal)

(And by guaranteed, I mean we will see a sell signal on the strategy).

I know ahead of time when these sell signals will occur. Whether it turns into a major sell signal depends on the "nuclear football" trigger.

Thank you for your feedback because it made me realize I need to clarify and articulate the message loud and CLEAR so there is no room for doubt about what I'm saying.

Please read more inside this updated report. The sell signal is coming SOON.


Trade smart,

Dan "Prince of Proof" Murphy


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