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The Most Bizarre Trading Strategy of the Past 25 Years Is Finally Here

Corona Del Mar, CA


Howdy Friend!


After 25 years of trading, I can honestly say that I'm still surprised about what works in the markets.


I was using our machine learning platform, "The Boss" to discover a trading model for the 2x leveraged S&P 500 ETF (SSO).


// Side note: "The Boss" is a network of 3500+ computers linked together that use machine learning to automatically build winning trading strategies by programming itself using "C code." I spent $3 million out of my own pocket to have it built. It's our secret weapon. //


I've coded dozens of strategies on indices over the years, but nothing shocked me more than this one.


The following strategy that handily beats the S&P 500 is just one line of code.

If today's close > open, then sell at limit N (N being slightly above the closing price).

That's it.


By default, the strategy will get into SSO if close <= open. That typically happens on a down day.


The profit factor is 1.58 before trading fees, and the average holding time is 2.5 days.


Where's all the complicated rocket science?


Where are all the wave counts?


Where are the trend lines?


Where are the dozen indicators to signal the coast is clear?


What about the news? The news matters right?

Not one bit.

If this evidence doesn't sink into your head that fully tested strategic trading is the most profitable way forward, then you're hopeless.


Now before you rush to trade this simple strategy, be aware that there are far better ones that The Boss has created...but none so simple that it's bizarre it would work.


Or is it bizarre?


Let's think of the concepts it teaches:


1) Buy on a down day

2) Sell on an up day

3) Use a limit order at a precise price to maximize return


Gee, that sounds like an easy concept to grasp...how come so many traders do the exact opposite?


They buy on "confirmation" like a MACD crossover, then sell into weakness as the market rolls over.

Or they buy on a trendline break to the upside...just as someone like me is selling.

Do you see it yet? The concepts in this simple line of code sure sound like how a Market Maker trades.


That's why I wrote this free guide you can download right now.


So use it and prosper.

PDF GUIDE:  "Part-Time Market Maker Secrets"

A Simple Formula to Quickly Generate Retirement Income in Less than 1-Hour Per Week.


Download now >>


With volatility increasing, now is the perfect time to get started.


I promise that everything in the guide is 100% backed up by scientific PROOF on over 150,000 trades.


Download your free Part-time Market Maker guide now >>

Trade smart,

Dan "Prince of Proof" Murphy


Wondering how to get started?

Step 1Looking for more consistent profits?

Get a free copy of my book: Artificial Intelligence, Real Profits here >>

Step 2Want to build a trading strategy in under 10 minutes?

Watch this free training video >> (Scroll down the page)

Step 3: Want A.I to build tailor-made trading strategies for you?

A.I is beating people at just about anything related to numbers and data. Nearly every billion-$$$ hedge fund now uses A.I to boost profits.

Watch a demo of The Boss "SuperAi" Strategy Builder as we harness the raw power of 3500 computer cores and strong A.I.

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Step 4: Looking to discover new trading ideas to help grow your nest egg?

Online training to vastly improve your trading with A.I.

Watch the podcast >> | Read the blog >>

Step 5: Additional Resources

The Relaxed Investor (The simple strategy proven to work since 1926. Downloaded by over 200,000 readers)

The Ghost of Bernie Madoff is Not Yet Dead (Is your broker on the naughty list? Many traders have no idea they're being sold out)

The Ultimate Crash Detector (The strange weekly report that helps predict crashes. LIVE trading signals since 2006)

Portfolio Boss User Guide (Our flagship strategy building platform User Guide. See what it can do to help you on you quest for F U money)

Trading With Other People's Money - Coming Soon!

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Disclaimer: The results listed herein are based on hypothetical trades. Plainly speaking, these trades were not actually executed. Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain inherent limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, since the trades have not actually been executed, the results may have under (or over) compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors such as lack of liquidity. You may have done better or worse than the results portrayed.

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