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The Only Mindset You Need to Win

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Howdy Friend!

I'm no fan of 99% of all the "mindset" trading books.

Based on teaching thousands of traders, having a trading strategy that works trumps mindset.

If you veer off to Pluto while your strategy keeps truckin' along making money, then it becomes pretty clear that you should be following the strategy and not your gut.

There are very few people that can't follow the rules.

And about half those that become overly emotional in their trading (and fail to follow the signals) can solve that problem by cutting how much they trade in half.

When in doubt, trade half.

What I love about a fully tested trading strategy is that it shows you just how bad things can get.

For example, if a backtest shows a 30% max drawdown, then you can expect that'll happen again sometime in the future.

That way you're not blind-sided when things don't go your way...which will happen. No one strategy is fool-proof at all times. Even Jim Simons and crew got hit a bit by the meme stock craze earlier this year.

Luckily they trade lots of strategies so it was just a blip in their otherwise stellar performance.

Getting back to mindset...

There is ONE mindset technique that helps.

It's this: There's a bunch of your money out there in the markets. It already belongs to you.

You just need to drop the remote control, get off your boo-tay and go get it. The WSJ estimated that 10 million new traders opened brokerage accounts in 2020. Those who know how to trade are making fortunes vacuuming up that new money.

98% of new traders fail not because of mindset...it's because they've been taught things that are completely backwards. They're plugged into the fake news ecosystem with nearly zero probability for success.

Fully tested and vetted systematic trading is the red pill that all my successful students have in common.

P.S. Want to copy and paste a single line of code that produces 90.1% winners? That single line of code has over 4,871 trades over the past 18 years as proof. With this line of code, you could be looking at 9 out of 10 winning trades.

This has nothing to do with trading options, futures, Forex, or leverage of any kind. And this isn’t about candlestick trading, Fibonacci levels, GANN angles, wave counts, or anything else you may have heard about – even if you’ve been trading for decades.

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Trade smart,

Dan "Prince of Proof" Murphy


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Step 5: Additional Resources

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