New A.I App for Costco(R) Members!

Corona Del Mar, CA

Howdy Friend!

It started with a question...

Now that we've build A.I to beat the markets and design trading strategies from scratch, what else can we do with it?

That was the question I asked our design team.

After a lot of thought, we came up with several ideas:
  • An A.I seating generator for weddings. Just give it the floor plan, and tell the machine Aunt Betty and 'ol Cousin Barry can't sit together...bam!...seating is automatically arranged. Everything goes smooth as silk.

  • A custom golf swing guide based on your measurements...everything from wrist diameter to finger length, height, age, BMI, shoulder width, neck size, boxers vs briefs. Using an expensive database, the A.I spits out the swing style you should use, grip type, which stretching exercises to use, and even which color clothes to wear for best slimming effect.

  • What we decided on was a much more universal solution that everyone could use: How to predict the fastest available pump at the Costco gas station!

Here's how it works: You open our Fast Gas app (available in the app store) and take a video of the area (make sure to include the red light/green light system as shown below).

The video is quickly analyzed by our propriety "Fast Gas" algorithm.

Based on over two years of historical camera data from Costco(R), the app can guide you to the next available pump in the shortest amount of time.

Here's what our early Fast Gas beta testers are saying:

"I save at least 4-5 minutes everytime guys! What a lifesaver. Now I have more free time than ever before!" - Eric Chin

"You've done it again! I haven't blasted my horn once in 2 months." - Cranjis McBasketball

Download now from the app store!

P.S. Happy April 1st!

Trade smart,

Dan "Prince of Proof" Murphy


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