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Which stocks are in their “Goldilocks Zones”?

Corona Del Mar, CA


Howdy Friend,


This list may surprise you...These are the stock strategies that are currently in their Goldilocks Zone.


Since these strategies do not trade short, you may want to look for buying opportunities (they are also ranked in order):


  • LUV
  • INTC
  • UNH
  • AAPL
  • AMZN
  • CSCO
  • AVGO
  • GOOG
  • VLO
  • SBUX
  • JNJ
  • AXP
  • PG
  • HD

How was this list created? I put all 100 of Josh's strategies into a 100-strategy Meta ML. Then I told the machine learning to build a profitable strategy of strategies that has extremely low volatility, and wins close to 100% winning months.


Here's a backtest of that Meta ML:

I'm simplifying here, but the discovery we made when it comes to multi-strategy trading is that you don't want to trade strategies that are really weak or really strong.


They need to be in a performance zone. The stocks I listed above are great large cap candidates for trade setups. Notice NVDA is off the list because that strategy has been going bonkers.


Take a look:

Others like AAPL are on a more recent buy signal. 

By the way, something BIG is coming next Tuesday.


Keep your eyes peeled.

Trade smart,

Dan "Prince of Proof" Murphy


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