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By Dan Murphy

Hey, Dan here and I have an URGENT message for you.

What if I told you the key to making more money, more consistently in the markets is to dump your trading indicators immediately?

Would you believe me?

Afterall, I’ve been a true-blue rules-based strategy trader for the past 23 years.

You see, there’s a seismic shift occurring right now that is about to make every trading strategy obsolete.

It’s a complete game-changer in the industry. What’s replacing trading indicators?

What I call “Cyber Code.”

The Fatal Flaw in Trading No One is Talking About

You see, there’s a fatal flaw with using trading indicators that no one is talking about.

It’s not that they’re hiding this information from you…they just don’t know what they don’t know.

Think about this…

An indicator is typically built by some sort of “expert” in trading.

For example, the popular Bollinger Bands indicator was created by John Bollinger in the 80’s.

The bands show over-bought and over-sold prices like this:

The Computer Code To Calculate The Bands Looks Like This:

public BollingerBands(string name, int period, decimal k, MovingAverageType movingAverageType = MovingAverageType.Simple)

: base(name)


WarmUpPeriod = period;

MovingAverageType = movingAverageType;

StandardDeviation = new StandardDeviation(name + "_StandardDeviation", period);

MiddleBand = movingAverageType.AsIndicator(name + "_MiddleBand", period);

LowerBand = MiddleBand.Minus(StandardDeviation.Times(k), name + "_LowerBand");

UpperBand = MiddleBand.Plus(StandardDeviation.Times(k), name + "_UpperBand");

var UpperMinusLower = UpperBand.Minus(LowerBand);

BandWidth = UpperMinusLower


.Times(new ConstantIndicator<IndicatorDataPoint>("ct", 100m), name + "_BandWidth");

Price = new Identity(name + "_Close");

PercentB = IndicatorExtensions.Over(



name + "_%B");


35 years ago, the code above was state of the art in systematic trading.

Back then, computers averaged about 8 mega-hertz in speed…and early adopters made billions with that technology.

Heck, after computing power doubled every 18 months according to Moore’s Law, my iPhone has about 8 million times more horsepower than a computer from the 80’s, so you’d figure there’s an even better, more profitable way to trade right?

The Rules Of The Game Have Changed....

Now here’s where the rules of the game have completely changed in 2020, and is why I urgently wanted to get this message to you.

Take a look at this computer code:

void gp(double r[8]) {

r[0] = r[5] + 71;
if(r[1] > 0)
if(r[5] > 2)
r[4] = r[2] * r[1];
r[6] = r[4] * 13;
r[1] = r[3] / 2;
r[7] = r[6] - 2;
(r[1] <= r[6])
r[0] = sin(r[7]);

To you and I, this code looks like nonsense.

However, this code is used to help engineers predict water levels in a river with a high degree of accuracy.

Here’s the kicker: No expert sat as his desk to type in this computer code.

And no, it wasn’t created by a programmer sitting in a cubicle drinking Redbull in Bangladesh.

A computer created the code… all by itself. That’s why I call it “Cyber Code.”

Engineers simply fed a bunch of data into the computer, and it reverse-engineered an equation to predict water levels all by its lonesome.

Heck, if it can predict water levels…

…why not use “Cyber Code” to predict which stocks are set to go up the most? Cha-ching!

Instead of throwing hundreds of indicators built by human traders at the Ai…

…which I’ve been doing with great success…

…why not cut out the middleman and let the computer program brand new, never seen by a human trading rules from scratch?

Are you seeing what a game changer this could be to your retirement income?

Test Confirmed!

To test the theory of “Cyber Code” inside The Boss, I wanted to see if it could build a strategy that trades Bitcoin.

So, I pressed Start, and "The Boss SuperAi" and its brand new "Cyber Code" tool whirled into action.

And then it generated this C# code BY ITSELF:

It worked! Isn’t that incredible?

Just tell the A.I to maximize gains and minimize losses, and it’ll reverse engineer a market beating formula from scratch.

Am I crazy or is that he most amazing thing ever?

Here are the results on the Bitcoin Trust (GBTC, which trades just like a stock from any brokerage account* except for Robinhood).


An Unstoppable Trend

Now let’s back up for a minute so I can discuss how we got here…

I saw a trend that just couldn’t be ignored:

Since just 2006, the amount of moolah spent online has increased 75X to $3 trillion in 2018. 75X!

That number is expected to go to a mind-numbing $100 trillion by 2030. Let me remind you what the top companies from 2000 were:

  1. - General Motors

  2. - Wal-Mart

  3. - Exxon Mobile

  4. - Ford

  5. - GE

Now here are the top companies by market cap in 2020:

  1. - Apple

  2. - Microsoft

  3. - Amazon

  4. - Alphabet

    - Facebook

    The companies that embraced technology -- specifically Ai and machine learning -- vacuumed up investment dollars and became the biggest companies in the world.

  5. So, are you thinking what I’m thinking?

  6. Why not incorporate Ai into your trading?

Homerun or Strikeout?

So, I had my team build an early (and very s-l-o-w) version of The Boss Ai strategy builder. You gotta crawl before you can walk right?

I nervously pressed the Start button….

After what seemed like an eternity of computing, mission accomplished!

We had proof of concept…in fact, that first strategy is up 81% from 2019-2020 since release – the ‘rona crisis was barely even a blip.

A homerun on its first at bat!

After being down 5% in March 2020, the strategy has since returned (before costs):

















After our proof of concept strategy was built with Ai, we immediately had over 100 Portfolio Boss members take a leap of faith and jump onboard WITHOUT A PRODUCT.

Perhaps you were one of those early adopters?

That’s why I invested $2 million of my own money – with ZERO funding outside our group – to make the project a reality.

True to my word, these trailblazers (and perhaps YOU thank you veddy much) were the first to get their hands on The Boss Ai automated strategy builder.

And judging by our weekly meetings, they are VERY happy with the strategies The Boss has been building for them.

The Boss has been building strategies showing annual gains of 58%, 42%, and even 144% in 2020.

It’s easily beating human-made trading systems because it can try more ideas in a matter of hours than most humans could over a lifetime.

And no, it’s not going to suddenly wake up and take over the world like in The Terminator movies.

In short, it’s a tool that makes money for you just as a tractor can harvest more food in a few weeks than a human could in a lifetime by hand.

The New "Manhattan Project"

Now we’re at another crossroad – a new “Manhattan Project” is in the works. You see, “Cyber Code” requires nearly 1000x more computing power.

So much so that we’re switching over from using CPU’s (central processing units you’d find at the heart of desktop computers)…

…to specialized GPU’s (graphics processing units).

Here’s the deal: Graphics chips like those found in the most intense video datacenter rigs offer up to 20,000 specialized computer cores on a single rackmount machine.

And believe me – we need ‘em all to generate mega-profitable “Cyber Code.”

That’s why I’ve instructed my team to immediately switch to using these mega-fast GPU’s to run our income-generating Ai.

My goal is to have over 1 million GPU cores online by January, 2021 (just a couple months away).

That could be up to a 625X boost in speed to discover the ultimate Ai trading strategies.

It’s like hiring EVERY SINGLE PROGRAMMER IN THE UNITED STATES to build a trading strategy for you.

You see, in the Ai Age, whoever has the most data + computing power is the winner.


What's Next?

At this point, our proof of concept has been accomplished just like this time last year with The Boss Ai…

…now it’s time to switch over to GPUs instead of CPUs for much faster number crunching. Breeding “Cyber Code” to forecast prices is actually pretty simple, but it takes either:

  1. A long amount of time.

  2. A large amount of processing power

Since our time on this earth is limited, I decided to go with option #2 – speeding up our supercomputer network…

Everyday Is Black Friday In November (Extended until midnight on December 31st, 2020) Sale!

Now because this process is going to save me money on compute fees with Microsoft, I’d like to pass the savings on to you.

Since you’re already a Boss member, I’d like to offer you lifetime access to our supercomputer network for a massive discount.

That way you never have any pay-as-you-go fees.

One of our members has already gone through $60,000 worth of compute time, but his one-time investment capped his costs.

Since this is Black Friday in November month, and I’m looking to fund the transition to “Cyber Code” on super-fast GPU processors…

…you’re getting a substantial discount when you upgrade to lifetime access to our supercomputer network today.

Normally, the cost is $30,000 but you won’t even pay half that.

Plus, you get these bonuses to sweeten the deal:

Bonus #1: Three (3) SuperAi-built strategies ready to trade immediately. These three strategies have my seal of approval. $12,500 Value

These three strategies were featured in my book – Artificial Intelligence, Real Profits – and they have continued to out-perform since releasing them earlier this year.

One of the strategies was up 53% during the Corona-Crash, which is almost unheard of in trading circles.

Bonus #2: : Brand new “Big Balls” Swing trading strategy. $7500 Value

After months of refining and improving The Boss Ai, I came up with a swing trading strategy (5-day average hold) that showed a 144% gain in 2020 alone.

This strategy was a combined effort between my 23 years of trading experience and The Boss Ai, and it’s included with your upgrade to lifetime “SuperAi” access.

Bonus #3: : One Hour 1-on-1 call with Dan. $2500 Value

I will personally guide you through best practices and little-known tricks and tips to boost profits in the markets using The Boss Ai.

Holy COW! Bonus #4: : Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) long/short trading strategy. $10,000 Value

Perhaps I've saved the best for last. At the first swing of the bat with our new one-of-a-kind "Cyber Code" generator, The Boss built a kick-ass strategy for trading Bitcoin. It discovered a strange relationship between price and volume that I would have never discovered without its help in a million years.


Bitcoin is blasting to the moon so of course traders are worried about getting in at the top...yet this strategy's holding period is about a week. This isn't "holdr" (the MEME for buy-and-holding Bitcoin). Hell, if Bitcoin crashes, even better. This is a long and short strategy after all!

Here are the highlights:

  • Short-term holds (about 4-6 days) so you're not buying the top and holding for a 70% decline like "HODL" does (that's buy-and-hold).

  • - These are not small little gains. The average is 15%. Not a typo.

  • - Goes short so money can be made during one of those nasty declines.

  • - 346% CAGR

  • -Rigorous out-of-sample testing

  • - Indicator-less trading strategy built using "Cyber Code"

  • - Trades the Grayscale Bit-coin Trust which has been averaging 15MM shares a day so it's not a thinly traded market. Plus it trades just like a stock.

  • - Brand new opportunity with fewer quants trading it than stocks

  • - 7.69 MAR ratio (gain to pain ratio is the best Boss-made strategy in history)

Total Value: $62,500 Your investment: $20,000 Schedule a call for special pricing before Dec 31st.

Schedule Now

or call Adam at 516-220-8221

Since you’re already a Portfolio Boss member, you can take what you’ve already paid for the software and apply it towards a lifetime upgrade…

…plus get a substantial more than half off End of 2020 discount.

Schedule Now

or call Adam at 516-220-8221

Call now because the deadline for this deal is November 30th Extended Until Midnight On December 31st, 2020. After that, prices will necessarily DOUBLE.

That’s exactly what happened last year when we pre-sold The Boss at a substantial discount to help fund the move to a supercomputer network.

I expect to make the move to “Cyber Code” trading strategies and blazing fast GPUs by January. Early results show a dramatic increase in strategy performance. Wow!

I’ve already hired a consultant that can port all of our existing code to work on GPUs with only slight changes (which is no small miracle).

In other words, this train is leaving the station fast.

Fortune favors the bold. Are you in or out?

All aboard!

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Trade smart,

Act Now! This Unbelievable Offer Has Been EXTENDED Until Midnight On December 31, 2020! This offer ends in:

P.S. Make sure to grab your $62,500 in bonuses before November 30th Extended Until Midnight December 31, 2020. You’re also locking in more than half-off lifetime End of 2020 discount on the new and improved supercomputer network and the new “Cyber Code” trading method.

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Q: When will the “Cyber Code” generated strategies be available?

A: We’ve already done the heavy lifting. The Ai is already in place. The supercomputer network is already in place. All we need to do is refine the code and put it through several rounds of testing. The faster GPU network will likely be ready in January 2021. The Bitcoin styrategy is ready immediately.

Q: Can a desktop computer generate “Cyber Code”?

A: I estimate that “Cyber Code” will take 500x-1000x longer to generate than indicator-based trading strategies. That’s not going to be in the realm of even an expensive gaming computer.

Q: Can I just buy a GPU to speed up the “Cyber Code” trading strategies?

A: The GPU computers we are using retail for $95,000 each so it isn’t worth it.