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"I QUIT!" 

"I Hit the Start Button, Went for a Hike, and the Damn Thing Built a Better Strategy than I Could after 23 Years in the Trading Business."

Free Masterclass: How a Multi-Million-Dollar "Super AI" Automatically Built Three Bizarre Trading Strategies for Eye Popping Corona-Crash Results...

(oops: The secret is out now)

About The Presenter

Host: Dan Murphy.

Your host for this webinar is Dan Murphy founder of Portfolio Boss the breakthrough software for systematic trading and portfolio management. 

What Dan Will Cover

In this webinar we're going to cover how to make money right now with these 3 strategies: 

  • A long/short “Pair Switching” strategy with a strange interest rate trigger for massive profits.
  • A NASDAQ 100 stock trading strategy that uses the most bizarre non-price stop I’ve ever seen in my life.
  • A high-speed swing trading strategy using what I call “Dropout Stocks.” It’s so deadly simple that I could hardly believe it’s so profitable.