Amazing Fact: 

The Ghost Of Bernie Madoff Is Not Yet Dead (And He’s Bleeding Your Trading Account Dry)!

Here's How to Banish His Scam and Make Consistent Gains in the Process

By Dan Murphy

Newport Beach, California

In the 1999 Classic Comedy “Office Space” a hypnosis enlightened office worker gets fed up with his commute, fed up with his idiotic bosses, and fed up with getting shortchanged in life.

Sound familiar?

So he finally decides to stick it to the man.

His plan is to install a computer program that redirects fractions of pennies into “an account on the side”, and use the money to stop working forever.

“It’s only fractions of pennies. It’s a rounding error. Nobody from corporate accounting will ever notice.”

Fast forward to next Monday, and it turns out those fractions of pennies added up to $305,256.23 in ONE weekend!

“Somebody will definitely notice!” He says.

This is exactly how payment-for-order-flow works, and 99% of retail traders have no idea they are being ripped off in almost the exact same way.

​The list of brokers who ​allow this to happen to you is quite large.

That should make you wonder...

Is Your Broker Ripping You Off?  

​Odds are your broker ​is ​sending your orders to high frequency traders who skim and scalp your ​trades in exchange for millions in "kickbacks."

It’s possible your broker and HFT’s are in cahoots against you, ​siphoning your profits right under your nose.

How do you know if YOUR broker engages in ​payment-for-order-flow?

That’s an important question, because PFOF can cost hundreds of dollars per trade in a fast moving market.


At 100 trades per year, that could be $10,000.

At 500 trades per year, that could be $50,000.

You can buy a lot with $50,000.


You can buy a brand new F-150, or a 6 month stay in Paris.

As you can see, this money really starts to add up.

I wonder if your broker is ripping you off? 

You want the lowest commissions of course, but did you know that ​payment-for-order-flow can cost 6 times the price of commission!?

Here’s the weirdest part. Installing that program in “Office Space” was definitely illegal.

But not only is payment-for-order-flow NOT’s standard practice.

In Office Space it’s a crime, but in trading it’s not?

Why is that?

Who could be responsible for this very questionable practice?

Who has historically thrived in the financial gray area for profit?


It’s none other than Bernie Madoff himself.

Yes, that Bernie Madoff.

His wily schemes are still alive today, and…

 They’re Bleeding Your Bank Account Dry


Designed and implemented in the 1980’s, as financial tech was rapidly changing the game, Bernie Madoff initiated the buying and selling of order fulfillment in exchange for pennies per share.

Basically, thanks to gigantic volume, Bernie Madoff could just skim a little from all the orders, and most people never seem to notice.

It’s a rounding error.

Just like in Office Space, these fractions of pennies accumulated into serious money.

Sums far more serious than $305,256.23.

More like $490 million at just ONE brokerage last year.


I’ll reveal the name of that brokerage in just a minute (After all if it’s YOUR brokerage you will definitely want to know!)

Justification for this practice varies as greatly as the hidden agendas of the pundits spewing it.

If it’s profitable for them, they’ve got a reason to support it. If it’s detrimental to them, they’ve got a reason against it.

Expecting the teacher to patrol the playground?

The SEC only seems to fine brokers who haven’t disclosed ​they accept PFOF properly, but does not fine the practice itself.

Basically, it’s okay as long as they don’t hide it.

But come on...who reads those long user agreements written in fine print?

There is even an argument that it’s not a cost to the trader at all. They say it’s a net benefit.


​Why pay billions in legal "bribes" to brokers every year if there's no benefit?

This is supposedly the trade off of “better fulfillment”, which could be lower price, or faster execution, or greater chance of getting the order filled.

Those that didn't look closely point out that Regulation NMS forces high frequency traders to fulfill your order at National Best Bid Best Offer (NBBO). ​

Regulation NMS actually CAUSED this ​whole fiasco.

The problem is that the NBBO quote system -- what you and I see -- is extremely slow compared to the ​​speed of light data HFTs see.

That means they only have to play by the rules when the "referee" is looking every couple milliseconds (thousandths of a second).

HFTs operate in nanoseconds (billionths of a second).

Robbed By The Flash

Imagine ​playing poker against DC Comic superhero The Flash... he could look at all your cards...the other players cards...and still have time to pick your pockets before anyone realized what was happening.

When your broker sells their order book to HFT firms, and if they see a flood of ​buy orders coming into the market, they can simply pull their ​offers before the ​NBBO gets updated.

Take a look at the red line in the middle of these graphs:

Chart courtesy Nanex

The red line shows a rapid rise in cancelled shares (in less than 1ms) as HFT firms sniff out ​there's an order to buy 20,000 shares of Ford.

The liquidity they offered is just an illusion, and the​ price of Ford rapidly advances, resulting in a horrible fill price for the buyer.

You might be thinking "I'm not trading 20,000 shares of stock."

I get it.

The problem is that you and hundreds of other traders often act in unison even if you don't know you're doing it.

That's why HFTs are paying billions in "​kickbacks" to brokers for their order books.

That's just one example. They ​employ dozens of strategies to ​get a piece of your order.

Typically these trades last from 1-2 milliseconds, which for a computer is ample time to make pennies per share on your order.

That’s best case scenario, but what about worst case scenario?

Worst case scenario is...well… it could add up to 10, 15, or 30 cents per share for every single trade in a fast market.

And let’s face it, when your stop is hit, it’s almost always in a fast market.


Did you know you could be paying these hidden fees?

If you’re trading 100 shares, that could be as high as $30 per trade.

That’s 6 times more than a $4.95 commission!

People seem so worried about getting the best commission, but they’re paying up to $30 in hidden fees per trade!

That’s like stepping over dollars to pick up dimes.


But It Gets Worse

If you traded every market day of the year, that’s almost $7,800!

If you were simply trading twice as many shares, 200 a day for example, that would be $15,600!

$15,600! That’s like sending one of your kids to college for an entire year!

This is just plain wrong. It shouldn’t be allowed.

Who are the culprits?

Well, Citadel is one of the biggest high frequency traders in the game.

That’s right, HFTs. They’re the leeches who are paying the brokers for your order flow.

​Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett's business partner, calls them "rats in a ​granary," and "evil."

​Check out the clip below:

And guess what, they make ​billions every year from this Office Space style thievery.

How else do you think they could have 99.92% winning days?

Just check out this graph from an HFT named Virtu. Out of 1,238 trading days, they only had one single losing day -- and it was due to human error!

The greatest athletes in the world never come close to 99% anything, so how could anyone do that in trading without cheating?

Newsflash! They’re cheating! With YOUR money.

It’s not illegal, but they’ve obviously rigged the game in their favor.

If That’s Not a Scam, 

Then Mother Teresa Was an Atheist!

I for one have had enough.

​Do you think there’s nothing we can do to stop this?

Right now it’s time to name names and rat out these "sneaky, greedy" brokers who accept payment-for-order-flow.

And here they are, for all the world to see:

Source: “Best Brokers For Execution” ​April 1st, 2019

Is your blood not red hot yet?

You might be saying to yourself, “Okay, they sell my order flow. But how bad can it be? Is this really costing me THAT much money?”

Great question.

Take a look at this.


IHS conducted an independent study of Interactive Brokers’ trading prices in the last half of 2018…

​By the way, Interactive Brokers does not accept payment-for-order-flow.

They determined that “Interactive Brokers’ US stock price executions were significantly better than the industry’s during the second half of 2018.”

How much better?


On average 52 cents per 100 shares!

We all trade different amounts, but I encourage you to do the math on how many shares you have traded with your broker recently.

​Here's a recent headline from the Wall Street Journal concerning PFOF and TD Ameritrade:

TD Ameritrade received $490 million in PFOF in 2018 alone.

​That's a whole lot of temptation!

Now is there any doubt that HFT’s and payment-for-order-flow is costing you money?

The good news is, it’s totally preventable.

If you’re not using SpeedTrader, MerrillEdge, Fidelity Investments, Cobra Trading, or Interactive Brokers then…

It’s Time To Switch! 

And while you’re switching, I strongly recommend Interactive Brokers (I'm not affiliated with them in any way).

Here’s why: they do not secretly charge you outrageous sums for ​payment-for-order-flow (see chart above)…

...They also have built in technology that enables you to beat the HFT traders at their own game…

They have ways to help you cloak your trading activity, like a Klingon Starship.

It’s almost like invisible trading. 

It’s a really simple yet effective way we can make sure WE don’t pay those HFT taxes...

But more on that in just a little bit…

So stick around, you’ll definitely want to know how to do that.

Regardless, there is a more important lesson here.

We can, in a much better way, take a page out of their book.

We can use this “Office Space” technique like a machine making piles of cash.

But instead we’ll do it in a perfectly legal AND perfectly ethical manner.

Think about this. All of that wealth materializes because of tiny, but repeated series of microscopic wins right?

There are no home runs, just lots of bunting to first base over and over again.

That means the secret to wealth in the markets isn’t one big bet, it’s many many tiny little bets that add up to huge sums over time.


Doesn’t It Make Sense For You To Do The 

Same Thing In Your Trading Strategy?

If you’re reading this then you’re probably already a Portfolio Boss member.

Heck, you’ve probably already made plenty of profits on your trades with me.

Then you know what I’ve learned about the markets in the last 22 years.

Small steady wins beat home run swings every single time.

In a way, it’s also up to us to use this “Office Space” technique so our trades can add up to millions.

What I’m saying here is, if you can’t beat them, join them.

Replicate the strategy in your own trading.

I don’t mean to do anything unethical.

What I mean is, obviously having tons and tons of tiny but steady transactions is a great way to build up a pile of wealth as tall as Everest.

This sort of strategy works because of how steady the profits are.

There are no huge peaks or deadly troughs.

It’s Just Smooth, Steady, and Reliable.

Here’s the story: You know that, as a top dog in trading tech, I have access to the most sought-after investing data, software, and programmers in the world.


And up until recently, you’ve been able to make use of everything they had to offer.

You’ve already made money with DB transactions, or the Smart Money signals.

But the technology is still growing more powerful, we keep investing and inventing...and your profits could grow with it.

So like all true craftsman, I don’t rest on my laurels.

I’m always looking for the newest edge, the next improvement to stay on top.

That’s the ethos I kept front of mind when deploying my programmers to their next task.

And luckily, it paid off.

Because what we found was truly amazing.

I’m so glad I found it. You will be too, when you find out what it can do for you.

Here’s The Deal:

I could talk your ear off about how amazing this discovery is, and how steadily it can multiply your wealth.

But I know you better than that. I know you want to see the proof, so let’s take a look together.


You see several years ago I figured out something that, as far as I know, no one else could.

And now, by using this discovery, I can identify in seconds, trading opportunities that are so underexposed, underrated, and poised to explode, that buying them is no different than cutting a $20 bill in half and having $40 dollars.

You may want to grab a pen or a notepad. Do whatever you need to do to process this information…

Because right now for the first, and probably last time ever, I’m going to show you what multi-million dollars bets, a supercomputer, and a team of the world’s greatest developers know about how to outperform, outsmart, and outmaneuver the greatest financial minds working today.

When we’re done, you’ll have all the knowledge you’ll ever need to sit back, relax, and trade as cool as an Eskimo in any market.

You’ll Be The Truly Rich and Relaxed Trader.


We’re talking all the way up to millions of dollars, so you know you’re on the right path.

No matter what, you will look back at this moment as a defining point in your life.


I mean it. Imagine never spending a second of your life worrying about money or the markets ever again. Ever.

Consider how powerful you would feel to have a proven winning strategy in every market condition, up, down, or sideways...all profitable.


It’s like having X-ray vision for investing and opening the money flood gates.


This kind of voodoo control over the markets is what I want to give you. So you can experience the absolute calm that comes from it.

So if you want to learn how to do exactly that, never forget what I’m about to tell you.

Doubling your success in trading is all about a new and proven strategy I call Oracle Orders.

It’s so important, I’ll say it again: Doubling your success in trading is all about a new and proven strategy I call Oracle Orders.

Oracle Orders is the art and science of being a short term Warren Buffett.

Warren made billions by simply buying the dips in his favorite stocks.

He had his favorite companies, and all he did was wait for them to “go on sale”.

And that’s exactly what Oracle Orders does too.

It’s just like being Warren Buffett for just a few hours a day.

Oracle Orders sprang from a strategy I began trading successfully in 2007.

Many of the trading rules are identical to what I used over a decade ago with real money, so the rules are very stable.

But I had a new ideas, and a team to help me program them.

After over a year of late nights, hair pulling frustration, and a battery of tests, Oracle Orders finally began trading with REAL MONEY in 2017.

It was an incredible site to see. I had never seen a strategy so consistently profitable.

Oracle Orders really is like turning your laptop into an ATM machine.

In fact, Oracle Orders is the most powerful strategy available inside Portfolio Boss today (it has proven to be as bulletproof as a Kevlar vest).

Let’s take a look at some real life numbers.

Here’s a trade Portfolio Boss found an Oracle Order on RNWK.

Oracle Oracles helped this trade generate a ​16.1% profit in 5 trading days (about a week).


What if you executed this trade with $20,000?

That would have turned your $20,000 into $2​3,220.

That’s $​3,220 on one trade.

But it gets better than that. Without going too deep on the mechanics, Oracle Orders can also buy stocks at a “double discount”.


A double discount is just like hitting the NOS button on your trades, getting an extra profit boost.

It's what happens when the price of a stock falls below the blue "double discount" line:​

This profit boost averages out to 1-5% per trade. This turns your $​3,220 trade into

So adding in the double discount, you get $4,​260 pure profit!

Let’s see another:

Here’s a trade Portfolio Boss found on RPM for $​560.


But add in the double discount and you get a $​717 profit!

Here’s another trade Portfolio Boss found on AAL for $​1301.

Add in the double discount and you get $​1,489.80 profit!

And you can just do this over and over again, day in day out.

Here are two Oracle Orders Portfolio Boss found on ​Netflix recently for $​802 and $1,321.

With a double discount that’s $​965.80 and $1,758.60 in profits in just a few days time!

I’ve got literally thousands of examples like this.

And get this, Oracle Orders doesn’t care if the market is going up, down, or sideways.

In fact, that’s exactly why it’s so powerful, because there’s a strategy for every market!

THIS is one of the great wealth secrets of how to turn ordinary folks like us into millionaires in a years time.


Seem like a stretch?

I used to think so too, until ​I saw the power of Oracle Orders first hand.

Remember, it only takes about 5 minutes to make ​your trades for the day. For folks with real ambition, that’s a piece of cake.

And it’s just like being a short term Warren Buffett.

For just a few hours a day, you do what Warren Buffet does.

You’ve got a list of great stocks, and you simply wait for them to go on sale.

The Secret Behind Oracle Orders

When Oracle Orders says to, you buy the dip. Then, when Oracle Orders says to, you sell the peak.

The secret sauce behind Oracle Orders is that it buys at double-discounts.

Not only does it search, seek out, and identify Wall Street’s favorite stocks trading at a deep short-term discount, it will make an educated guess as to what the next day’s low will be.

That way you can buy at an even better price when sellers flood the market in the morning.

You’ll be taking the other side of their trade.

Often times, you’ll be almost immediately profitable on your trades.

That’s why I call them “Oracle Orders.”

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be standing by your computer, watching the market.

Just place your orders the night before, and go about your business.

As an added benefit, it’s much more difficult for the HFT firms to profit from Oracle Orders.

That’s because you’ll be using special limit orders on your trades. It’s hard to manipulate a limit order.

Warren Buffett became a famous billionaire by buying profitable stocks when they’re on sale.

The difference? Warren Buffet’s time horizon is over a period of 20 to 30 years!

But with Oracle Orders, the average trade lasts a week.

You’ll have hundreds of opportunities a year to make money...about one per trading day.

Imagine the opportunity to make money every trading day.

And that’s all it takes so that you could be sitting on a million bucks in a years time.


Can Oracle Orders really do that?

Well, I’ve just shown you proof.


Consider how rich you’d be if you had Oracle Orders everyday for the last year.

The last 2 years, the last 3 years, the last 5 years?

What if you had been using Oracle Orders for the last 10 years?

How big would your bank account be right now?

Where would you be right now if you had all that money?

And imagine just how instantly that can come true the very moment you make the decision to start using Oracle Orders today.

And if all that money weren’t enough, you won’t be chained to your computer either. 

You can go anywhere in the world, just like I do. 

Simply by clicking a few buttons on the laptop.

Imagine how good it would feel to have even more total freedom, independence, and control over your life even sooner.

No stress, no hassles, just crisp cool cash, anytime you want.

Dinner for two overlooking the french riviera? Paid in cash. 

Sliding open the hangar doors to your Cessna Grand Caravan? Paid in cash.

$417 bottle of Crystal for your anniversary? Paid in cash.

Brand new BMW 750i for your daughter’s graduation? Paid in cash.

But here’s the most important part.

Oracle Orders is consistent.

Oracle Orders is smooth.

Oracle Orders is reliable.

There’s no choppy waters, no whiplash, and no biting your fingernails wondering if you’re exposed to massive losses.

Oracle Orders is ​Smooth and ​Steady 

​Like a ​Cruise ​Ship.

Here’s what I believe: claiming financial freedom, independence, and abundance is your​s for the taking. 

Right now you get to decide how you want to live for the next 10, 15, 20 years and beyond.

You get to decide the quality of life for you, your wife, and your children from now on out.


Let’s take a look at a few more trades.

Some of these paychecks are just layups!

Like the $3,350 profit you could have made on KELYA...

Then there’s the $5,​008 profit you could have made with MRVL...

And then $3,​011 profit from the PFG trade...

Then look $​2,733 profit from WAT...

Plus there’s $​902 profit from ​TWX...

And finally $1,​537 profit from the ​ROK trade...

Remember, all of that is without the double discount. The double discount can add an extra 1-5% per trade profit on average.

Add the double discount in and the trades are even better.

More like...

$3,​78​9 profit from KELYA...

$5,377 profit from MRVL...

$3,383 profit from PFG...

$3,120 profit from WAT...

$1,191 profit from ​TWX...

$1,815 profit from ​ROK...

Can you see how smooth and steady this can be?

See how this starts kind of steady accumulation can really start to add up?

Oracle Orders found all of these profitable trades. And that was only 6 out of the thousands of winning positions.

Again, Oracle Orders has an amazing track record of 68.41% winning positions. It’s like flipping a weighted coin and calling tails every time.

Plus it has NEVER experienced a losing year.  


Are you getting this? This is THE secret.

Oracle Orders is so powerful, It’s like being able to pay three quarters for a dollar.

It’s an insane deal.

I can tell you from personal experience, that nothing is more effective when it comes to making money.

Not momentum investing, not technical investing, not bond trading, not after hours trading, not weekend trading, not short selling, nothing.

It’s Oracle Orders, pure and simple. 


Acting like a short term Warren Buffet is a sure bet to make money in any environment.

Remember, Oracle Orders has never had a losing year.


That’s right, it has ​profited every single year the benchmark​ lost money.

Who else can say that?

Here, take a look:

Back in 2008…the benchmark went negative at -38.486% while Oracle Orders showed a 22.925% profit!

DLTR turns into an Oracle Order that could have earned $2,043 during the worst crisis since 1929.

Next, check out these rapid fire gains in URBN while other stocks were getting hammered to pieces.

A quick $1, extra $1,046...a lightening fast $670...another $710...then finally a small $771 loss. ​

​Remember, there's almost always a bull market in some sector of the market -- even during a whopper of a crisis like 2008.

Most end up holding onto losers as they plummet, but not us.

Don’t forget, whenever returns go negative, it takes more than the loss to just break even.

For example…

A 10% loss needs 11% to break even...

A 20% loss needs 25% to break even...

A 30% loss needs 42% to break even...

A 40% loss needs 66% to break even…

A 50%, requires that you double your money just to break even.

So when the benchmark was down -38.486% that means you’d have needed a positive 64% return the very next year, just to get back to where you started!

Have you ever seen a benchmark return 64% in a single year?

But with Oracle Oracle, you could have already been 22.925% ahead.

Even back in 2009...the benchmark returned only 23.454% while Oracle Orders made 50.829% profit. That’s double.

Back in 2010...the benchmark returned only 12.783% while Oracle Orders made 23.192% profit. That’s double again.

And that’s just the beginning.


Then back in 2013... the benchmark returned only 29.601% while Oracle Orders made a whopping 50.119% profit.

But that’s just what happened recently.

What if we went all the way back to 2000 through 2002 during the tech crash?

In 2000 the benchmark was down -10.139%...

While Oracle Orders could have returned 157.94%!

In 2001 the benchmark was down -13.04%...

While Oracle Orders could have returned 39.17%!

In 2002 benchmark was down -23.36%...

While Oracle Orders could have returned 26.69%!

Which would you rather have?

Let me remind you, these are not options gains.

That’s how real investing is supposed to work. You make a trade, you make money.

By the way, never use these strategies on penny stocks. I know people who have tried and it simply does not work!

Don’t do it! These Oracle Orders just aren’t built for small caps. There’s not enough shares and not enough liquidity.

Risking life and limb on penny stocks is complete and utter bull.

So please remember to stay within the proven lines and everything will be alright, okay?

Also, don’t be tempted to share your newfound discoveries with “professional money managers”.

I know this type well, and believe me, they will definitely NOT get it.

How could they? If YOU have all the power to trade profitably, how would they make any money off all your hard work?

Almost all of these posers are just terrible investors looking to charge you for under-performing the market.


They do this even if it means telling you to execute some insane trade that can rob you blind in minutes.

You lose money but they get paid anyway.

Does that seem like a good deal to you?

With Oracle Orders

You Don’t Have That Problem.

Take for example 2014...the benchmark returned only 11.391% while Oracle Orders made 32.484% profit.

That’s almost TRIPLE what the benchmark returned.

Even back in 2015... the benchmark returned a measly -.727% while Oracle Orders made 19.96% profit.

Think about that! The benchmark lost money while you could have earned 19.96%!

Have you ever seen anything this smooth and steady? I doubt it.

Yet another example of getting rich while the rest are scratching their heads wondering what happened.

Even back in 2017... the benchmark returned only 19.42% while Oracle Orders made an incredible 25.924% profit.

If you did this back in 2017, it would’ve been wise not to brag too much. You don’t want your neighbors getting too jealous!

Even back in 2018... the benchmark went negative at a very sad -6.237% while Oracle Orders made 13.343% profit.

How powerful could this have been if you were using Oracle Orders for this entire 11 years?

Just take a look at this side by side comparison:

This graph proves that investing $200,000 in just the benchmark would have generated a mere $353,032 in 11 years.

But with Oracle Orders you could have had a ​chance at $1,810,156 in that same 11 years!

That’s a $1,457,124 difference!

Owning Oracle Orders could have made you $1,457,124 richer in 11 years!

Put another way, Oracle Orders should be worth at least $1,457,124.

That’s just incredible.

I’m showing you these results, so you can see with 4K clarity...when you use Oracle Orders, winning can become second nature.

While all the blow hards are just making confident guesses, you’re getting proven results from millions of data points and over a decade of testing.

Now you obviously didn’t have access to the full power Oracle Orders back in 2000 or 2008, but it’s not too late.

That’s exactly why we’re here.

I’ve just shown you 11 years of proof with Oracle Orders, so you can finally retire a millionaire.

So you can rest easy knowing that your wealth can multiply faster than a rabbit farm.

So you can finally BYOB. Be your own boss. Forever.

However, there’s something I haven’t told you that I need to get off my chest.

Yes, it’s 100% true. As far as I know, I’m the only individual in this entire industry with a strategy as powerful and lucrative as Oracle Orders. 

But remember, that doesn’t mean you can’t lose.

Trading is never risk free.

If anybody tells you they can win 100% of their trades, run. Run very far. Run very fast.

It’s true, you will definitely have some losing trades, although few and far between.

Most importantly the winning trades can outweigh the losers by a ​country mile. And that’s where the money is made.

Knowing this is half the battle to collecting smooth, consistent, steady wins that add up to huge sums.

Because the proof is in the pudding. ​

And the reason I’ve been so successful…

Is NOT because my clients are becoming millionaires


Is NOT because I’ve tested over ​30 years of data...

Is NOT because I’ve dedicated the last 22 years of my life to mastering the markets...

Is NOT because I hired some of the greatest developers in the world to build out this entire program for you...

It’s Because Oracle Orders 

Simply Works.

You see, it really has nothing to do with me. It has nothing to do with you.

Just like gravity, it simply works.


All we need to do is be willing to benefit from it.

And it’s not a feeling, it’s an evidence based fact. I don’t buy into hyped up opinion, and you shouldn’t either.

I don’t listen to 30 year old MBAs, who think that because they took a class in microeconomics, they know how to trade.

They've never ​had their track record audited like mine was:

And I don’t listen to “financial advisors” who immediately skim 7% right off the top of my money and then never return my calls.

No one can argue with years upon years of proven data. If anyone tells you otherwise, ignore them.

Listen, I’m serious about creating millionaires. Dead serious. It’s my personal mission.

I don’t leave it to guess work, and neither should you.

Just remember, you only get a few chances in life to make big things happen.

In my experience, those windows of opportunity often close as fast as they open.

You might be wondering, how do you get to harness the power of Oracle Orders for yourself?

I’m glad you asked.

It gives me great pleasure to announce the extremely limited offering of this greatest, surest, and…

The Most Lucrative Trading Strategy 

I’ve Ever Produced.

It’s my entire life’s work, all in one place.

My team and I have spent collective decades proving the effectiveness of these trades for you.

And after decades of backtesting, we even started trading ​with real money back in 2017.

Rest assured, Oracle Orders is unlike anything you’ve experienced before.


Remember, I take enormous pride in my success. Which is why I’m extremely picky about where I put my money.

I have to be. My reputation means everything to me. I will never risk anything to lose it.

So I treat every investment like a life-or-death situation.

At this point, nothing could be more harmful to me than you losing money.

So I don’t let that happen.

That’s why I never recommend anything to anybody until putting my own money on the line first, and prove that it works.

That’s why anyone who is smart enough to follow my advice has made a crap ton of money.

That’s real investing. That’s how it’s supposed to work.

Owning Oracle Orders is like getting a masters degree in a new and exciting way of making money, but without enduring some idiot professor. 

It’s like buying a multi-million dollar home, for pennies on the dollar.

Let’s see some more examples.

​There’s  ​NTES for a $​697 profit...


Then there’s ​CELG for a $​​701 profit...  

Then ​LRCX for a $​674 profit….

And ​AMD $​1,387 profit...

Plus ​AMCC $​3,859 profit...

Finally ​EQIX for a quick $​2,231, and $241 two weeks later, then a quick $635.

But again, here are the trades if you add in the double discount:

​NTES for $​781.…

​CELG for $​765…

​LRCX for $​788…

​AMD for $​1,598…

​AMCC for $​4,049…

​EQIX for $​2,432...then $315...and then $703 a ​month later.

As you can see, these profits shot up like Elon Musk chugging 4 espressos onboard a SpaceX Rocket at liftoff!

You can see why this is…

 The Most Powerful Strategy I’ve Ever Created.


This isn’t just a get rich hobby for me. It’s my legacy.

And I want you to know exactly what kind of journey you’re embarking on when you decide to join me.

Look, I’m only willing to help those who have demonstrated they are dedicated.

That’s why you’re reading this, and not just anybody off the street. 

When you decide to upgrade your membership on my team, do not share this information with anyone, not your co-workers, not your friends, not your family members - NO ONE.

These strategies are far too precise and effective for everyone to get in.

After all…

Those who talk, don’t know. And those who know, don’t talk.

So once you’re in, don’t talk.

It’s your sworn duty to protect these strategies for the sake of the tribe. This is deadly serious.

Spilling the secrets would dilute trading profits for myself and all the other members. So this is non-negotiable.


That’s why I’m putting a tight lock, an extremely tight lock, on the number of people who can use Oracle Orders.

I’ve been trading for decades but I’ve never offered these strategies to anyone outside my inner circle.

And I'm not about to tolerate somebody making them available to bottom feeders.

For all those reasons, I’m opening this door slowly. Very slowly. And I will definitely close it once we reach 50 members.


That’s right, today, I’m only letting 50 people in the door. That’s not a typo.

As I’ve been saying, it’s not just a product to me, it is my legacy.

But more importantly, it’s a chance for us to build something.

The chance for us to build something extraordinary.  A tribe of multi-millionaires.

And I have to keep our ranks small. If I let too many people in, the more risk I take in spoiling your opportunity.

So today, it’s open to 50 people only. Membership will be offered on a first come, first serve basis.

That means some of you will get in, but some of you will not.

Now let’s go over everything you’re getting if your application is approved.

Here’s What You’re Gonna Get...

First what you’ll get is exclusive members only access to the Oracle Orders Strategy.

Oracle Orders is solely responsible for all those outrageous profits you just saw. 

It’s one of the most tried and true accumulation strategies available in the world.

It works like a machine, detecting profitable trades perfectly over and over again.

Currently it’s not available anywhere at any price.


Except for clients only, right now.

I do NOT trust just anybody with information this powerful and valuable.

It has cost me literally millions of dollars and years of my life, and years of my team member’s lives to develop these tools.

So you have to prove yourself responsible and dedicated before I make my decision.

You Don’t Have To Trust Me On This

I know you already trust me, but you don’t have to trust me on this.

That’s because of the guarantee you’re getting.


I’m so confident this program will work for you, I’m offering a full 12 month pay-for-itself guarantee. 

When you upgrade to Oracle Orders, I’ll give you a full 12 months to use it. And if for some crazy reason it doesn’t completely pay for itself in twelve months, I will immediately write you a check for half the price.

Simply email me and say it didn’t pay for itself, and I’ll write you a check for half the price.

It really is that easy.

Plus, you can even keep access to Portfolio Boss and all the training totally free for life.

How’s that for fair?

Now, I’ll want to see that you made the effort to trade the strategies, so I’ll ask to see your statements for goodwill’s sake. 

I’m 100% certain you’ll love what we’ve done.

But in the one-in-a-million chance it doesn’t work for you…

...then I’m prepared to standby this unbeatable guarantee.

That’s something I’m very proud of.

However, You Cannot Put This Off.


I’m only accepting 50 members into this new strategy.

That means if you don’t apply right away, you may be left out forever.


You will likely never get this chance again.

The sheer power and size of this wealth multiplier makes me doubt that any smart person would pass this up, so please, do this now, while you’re reading this.

I’ve told my staff to expect your application. It’s a madhouse in the office this time of year- so don’t risk letting this opportunity pass you by.

P.S. One last thing - we’ve added tons of special bonuses to this training that you’ll love.

You’re already getting one of the most powerful wealth secrets known to man, so all these bonuses below are just gravy on top.

​"Big Balls" Bonus #1

As an added incentive for applying today, the first bonus you’re getting is what I jokingly call the “Big Balls” strategy. Just like Oracle Orders, the “Big Balls” strategy has been battle tested for over a decade.

It’s never had a losing year since the beginning of testing in 1988. It tends to be a favorite so you’ll use it a lot.

This strategy used to sell for $30,000, but currently it’s not available anywhere at any price.


Except for clients only, like you, right now.

​"Lift Up My Skirt" Bonus #2

The second bonus you’re getting is access to my full suite of Smart Money strategies.

These can be used to trade exchange traded funds for the S&P 500 or long-term bonds.

I’ve been very secretive about these strategies since inventing them in 2006, and have only "lifted up my skirt ​to sneak a peak" ​to a handful of people.

** The Rules are FULLY Revealed **

These strategies alone are easily the difference between chartering a 3 month family vacation to Paris versus being stuck at the office working overtime. 

Within the Smart Money bundle you’re getting dividend based strategies for getting into lower risk trades when it's time to take your foot off the accelerator.

You also have a monthly trading strategy called Breathing Room. This is a riskier strategy that trades tech stocks, but also has a high rate of return.

​Unite Mega-Bonus #3

The next bonus you’re getting is access to my entire Unite program.

That's where I'll teach you how to combine trading strategies together to form the ultimate in money-getting consistency.

But because we’ve already worked together, I’m giving ALL of these bonuses to you for free.

Sound good?

​Mega-Bonus #4: ​Access to All
Future Trading Strategies

P.P.S. Not done yet. As one final bonus, I’m also giving you lifetime access to all future Portfolio Boss strategies.

Yes, lifetime access to ALL future Portfolio Boss Strategies.

And we only release profitable strategies.


My team and I love testing new ideas and building strategies that beat the market consistently.

Some people do crossword puzzles, we build money making trading strategies.

And you’re going to have them all, even if that’s 5, 10, 20, or 30 years from now.

That’s like buying a Ferrari, and being able to take home any of the future models any time you want.

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Again, all of these future strategies are yours for free.

I’m just feeling extra generous right now.


You Must Apply Now

Don’t be the guy who loses out on making millions or more just because he put it off and forgot.

What a shame that would be.

Don’t let that be you.


Instead, be the guy who checks it out for yourself.

With your 12 month pays-for-itself guarantee, you really have nothing to lose, and millions to gain.

You’re about to re-write your entire financial future.

Implement these strategies and you’ll suddenly have more - a LOT more - financial freedom in your life.

And you can keep this “insider knowledge” you’ll gain simply from watching the training as my gift to you, no matter what.

Go ahead and start your application. 

If you want in, click the link below. It will take you to an exclusive order form.

Complete it and you will have applied to become a member of my team instantly.

Your spot is waiting for you, so don’t let someone else get to it first.

If you wait and become number 51 in line, there’s nothing I can do.

I can’t make exceptions on this.

I fully expect Adam to be flooded with calls, but just hang in there.

He’ll be in contact with you shortly. Just make sure to respond back.

If he can’t get ahold of you after 3 tries, he has to move on to the next person.

Decisions like this mark the beginning of a great story.

As Tony Robbins loves to say,

"It’s In Your Moments of Decision That Your Destiny Is Shaped."

So do yourself a favor, and get in while you can.

Trade smart,

Dan Murphy

Oracle Orders FAQ

Can I trade inside an IRA?

Yes! Brokers like Interactive Brokers allow you to open a margin IRA so you can trade on unsettled funds. Please consult your tax professional.

Is this legal?

Yes, perfectly. While we have an advantage, it’s not an unfair advantage.

How many signals will I receive each day?

If you’re trading a maximum of 10 stocks at once, then you’ll receive 1-2 signals per day on average. You can test different settings inside Portfolio Boss.

What time do I receive trade signals?

Typically after 5PM Pacific/8PM Eastern when quotes are updated. Simply place your orders with your broker for execution the next morning.

How do I receive the trade signals?

You receive the Oracle Orders trade signals inside our trading platform, Portfolio Boss. You can also receive the signals automatically by email.

Government required disclaimer: The results listed herein are based on hypothetical trades. Plainly speaking, these trades were not actually executed. Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain inherent limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, since the trades have not actually been executed, the results may have under (or over) compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors such as lack of liquidity. You may have done better or worse than the results portrayed.

© 2019 Portfolio Boss Inc.

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