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The Only Way to Harness the Power of “SuperAi” to Supercharge your Retirement

The Only Way to Harness the Power of “SuperAi” to Supercharge your Retirement

Raking in annual returns of 30-50%
consistently for decades

“It’s the only way I’ve seen for the average investor to compete with the big banks on Wall Street in over 20 years of trading” - Dan Murphy

Safer, more consistent, and less volatile than standard investing (even at the height of COVID)

In this FREE BOOK discover 3 brand new trading strategies uncovered by Ai so advanced that humans could never have invented them in a million years.

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"The factory is closing. Everybody is losing their job."

Families going hungry, defaulting on their mortgages. Maybe even losing the shirts on their backs.

This nightmare scenario is no far fetched dream.

My girlfriend and I were sitting at our dinner table in sunny Newport Beach, California. The evening news was playing.

The talking heads had just announced that new automation at the local auto plant had just made the business more "efficient".

A bunch of Harvard suits had come in with their bold new ideas and their powerful new artificial intelligence (Ai) backed by a shiny new supercomputer.

The result? All the workers had been declared "redundant". No longer required.

So, they were being turned out into the streets.

Some with decades of loyalty to the company.

Profits come first, right?

Wrong. America comes first.

Dear fellow trader,

My name is Dan Murphy. I’ve been a trader for the last 23 years and have helped more than 132,000 traders and investors around the world.

In that time I’ve seen just about every change the market has to offer.

It's no wonder that so many of us have a bad taste in our mouths when we hear about the latest supercomputer or the newest artificial intelligence (Ai).

In fact, a recent report from economists at Oxford predicts that the rise of supercomputers, Ai, and robots will cost 20 million jobs in the next 10 years.1

Of course, presidents like Donald Trump are doing everything they can to reverse the trend and keep American manufacturing strong.

But what if supercomputers and Ai could actually help the average American generate wealth and financial stability in a way that was enough to guarantee him financial independence…

Pay his bills… maybe even splash out on something fancy, like a new car or a relaxing beach-front vacation.

You'll want to keep reading because I've discovered a new way to combine Ai and supercomputers into something I’m calling SuperAi, or just The Boss for short…

And I’m about to share how this new SuperAi is creating trading strategies that have the ability to deliver 35-50% returns year after year, for decades…

Including three brand new strategies that I’ll reveal in detail further on down the page to my readers.


The Most Powerful Financial Investing
Tool in the World

As any investor knows, there's nothing in this universe more powerful than compound interest.

Year after year, it turns grubstakes into fortunes. It paves the way for your financial freedom. It makes exotic vacations and luxury cars a possibility for millions.

Returns of 50% in a single year are unbelievable. Money managers around the world would kill for them.

But returns of that magnitude, year after year, for decades?

That's a whole other story. That's how fortunes are made. That changes lives.

To give you an example, 50% in one year on an initial investment of $10,000 gives you a respectable return of $5,000.

50% on that same $10,000 in ten years though? That gives you a return of $566,650.38. That’s all profit.

And if your initial investment was $20,000? Then in ten years, you'd have almost $1,200,000 - without ever having added a single extra penny.

That's a pretty good retirement.

Imagine, not having to put aside a single penny for your retirement.

All your neighbors are putting off those vacations with their kids, driving around second-hand minivans, crimping and saving...

All so they have a few extra bucks leftover to throw into their 401k.

Meanwhile, you'd be free to sit there and smile... Knowing that every penny of your income is yours to spend as you please... Because your retirement is already secure.

How? With the power of supercomputer networks and artificial intelligence on your side.

Keep reading, because I’m going to share exactly how you can use Ai to get 35-50% returns per year…

Including the 3 unbelievable strategies my new SuperAi uncovered…

And how you can get everything mailed to you completely free.

Warning: What I’m about to tell you might cause you to tear your hair out in frustration.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve known for a while now that the big banks aren’t exactly on our side.

After all, they make billions of dollars in profit, year after year, and leave not much left behind for the rest of us.

You ever go into the bank or sit down with your financial advisor, and hear him start off with phrases like, “you’ll be lucky if…”

Or worse yet, “we’d better hope that…”

It’s not uncommon for professional money managers to take what they call 2-and-20. That’s 2% of your total portfolio each year, and 20% of the gains.

To put that into perspective, if you’ve got $100,000 saved up for retirement, and it gained 10% last year, your money manager took $4,000 off your hands.

Remember, 10% of $100,000 is $10,000. That means that you’re paying some pencil pusher in a fancy suit $4,000 to make $6,000.

Not exactly a great deal for you.

Or you could go the other way and invest in ETFs. The “buy and hold” strategy. More like “buy and fold.” Because when the market crashes, you’re left holding the bag.

The single biggest reason the little guy can’t get ahead in the market

Everyday Americans are frustrated with the stock market and no wonder – the world is so much faster now, and you're competing with supercomputers accessible only to professional traders.

It was totally impossible for the average guy to keep up because of huge costs of supercomputers – until now…

We’ve all heard about the supercomputer revolution.

After all, it wasn’t so long ago that a computer took up an entire room. The same computers that sent us to the moon were 100,000 times less powerful than the iPhone sitting in your pocket right now.

If you listen to the talking heads on the nightly news (and trust me, you shouldn’t), those guys would have you believe that the advancement of incredibly powerful supercomputers, powered by inhuman artificial intelligence (or Ai) is a bad thing.

It’s going to cost everybody their jobs. It’ll replace us all with robots.

Heck, it’ll marry your wife and move into your house.


What they’re not telling you is that this coming wave of tech has incredible potential for the little guy. For the independent trader, saving for his retirement.


Simple. Only a few years ago, supercomputer networks were so incredibly expensive and complex that only the super-wealthy or the world's largest corporations could afford to harness them.

Remember Watson? IBM's chess-playing, Jeopardy-winning supercomputer? That cost them over $1.8 billion to develop. With a B.

And Microsoft spends over $10 billion a year just to maintain the data centers that power their supercomputer networks.

But for the first time in human history, there’s been a breakthrough.

What I’m calling a “convergence.”

Supercomputer networks are finally dropping to levels that everyday traders can now use powerful SuperAi to help us trade more profitably than ever.

It’s an opportunity for the individual trader that’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing…

Because I fear that the window might be closing. Keep reading, and I’ll explain why – and how you can jump in before that window closes forever.

You’re about to find out about…

  • A startling breakthrough Ai discovery that has earned 37-53% this year alone, including a 53% gain in a single month at the height of the COVID market crash

  • How 2,536 computer cores working together are discovering trading rules that work in ANY market, whether it goes up, down or sideways

  • How a setup that cost millions of dollars and over two years of work by me and my team is now generating profitable trading strategies for small investors all over the world

How you can profit from the $2 million I spent putting together this SuperAi

Now, I know that you’re pretty busy. That’s why I didn’t want to waste any time or space in my free book talking about Ai just to educate you.

Sure, it’s interesting to learn new things…

But I knew that to really make a difference, my book would have to be packed full of immediate, actionable insights. Things you can do right now, to make a real difference in your retirement.

When I put The Boss to work analyzing investing strategies, comparing market returns, and crunching data that no human could possibly go through, I clicked three buttons, and then I left the house. I took a stroll along the beautiful California coast.

I’m not saying this to brag, but I want you to know just how little effort there is when Ai is involved.

Humans really don’t have to do a thing. In fact, we’d be getting in the way. That’s how much better than us supercomputers are at picking stock trading strategies. Which is exactly why all the top institutional and investment bankers use them.

When I got back to the house, The Boss had discovered three incredible new trading strategies.

And these are weird. By weird, I mean, “what the hell?” weird. They’re things that humans couldn’t have thought up in a million years.

Which is pretty standard for how Ai works, actually.

When Ai started playing humans in chess, including the famous May 1997 match between world chess champion Garry Kasparov and IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer, one thing stood out to all the humans watching.

The Ai strategy was weird. It was making moves no human being would have ever made. Our minds simply don’t work that way. We can’t compute millions or billions of permutations in a millisecond.

The computer’s strategy was on a whole other level from ours. So to us it just looked odd.

But you can’t argue with the results. After Deep Blue beat Kasparov that day in May 1997, supercomputers have become unstoppable in the world of chess.

And it’s the exact same thing with investment strategies.

So I had faith that these three strategies, strange as they might seem to my humble human mind, would blow past anything the best human stock traders could come up with

These strategies would generate the type of growth that is colossal.

And I’m going to show them to you, so get ready to:


  • Learn the #1 worst mistake for strategy traders, and how the SuperAi turned it into a strategy with a 70% annual growth rate with a tiny max drawdown

  • The $100,000 portfolio of REAL MONEY I had audited by an independent, 3rd Party CPA, based on these trading strategies 

  • A process called “Rotational Fitness,” a process I’m patented that’s designed to help SuperAi trading systems like The Boss dramatically lower their error rates way below what human traders experience

The Three Trading Strategies Discovered by Ai that are Generating 35-50% a year returns

I promised to reveal the three trading strategies that The Boss has discovered that blew my mind. Like any mere human, I simply couldn’t comprehend how my supercomputer network could be so incredibly innovative.

After all, I can’t process billions of pieces of information in seconds the way that SuperAi can.

In my free book, I’ll reveal to you:

  • How you can be making profits with three clicks of your mouse (pg 18)

  • The secret money-making advantage you’ve been looking for (pg 25) 

  • Why there has never been a more perfect time in history to make amazing stock market profits with supercomputers (pg 34) 

  • Why the advice you get from academics and trading theorists is bad (pg 39) 

  • The #1 worst mistake for strategy traders (pg 58) 

  • 3 Mind-Blow strategies for reliably generating 35-50% returns in the stock market, year-after-year… that are so inventive that I believe they could only have been discovered by supercomputers running my Boss SuperAi (pg 45)

    Strategy #1: Pair Switching

    As any investor knows, the stock market tends to signal what it’s about to do.

    The tricky thing is learning how to read those signals… and then knowing what to do when they happen.

    That’s where the mighty brainpower of The Boss comes in.

    For this trading strategy, The Boss managed to find what is essentially a “tell.” If you’ve ever played poker, you’ll know that this is when the other player does something subconsciously to give the game away.

    They have no idea that they’re even doing it, but if you catch on… boom!

    You can bust the game wide open. You can call every single bluff. Fold every time they have a big hand. They’ll never see it coming.

    But you have to discover their tell, first.

    In my free book, I explain exactly what this tell is, and how you can use it to get potential gains like The Boss foresaw back in March 2020, during the height of the COVID market crash, when the SuperAi found a strategy that would generate 53% gains in a single month…

    When everybody else in the world was panicking, selling everything they had, losing their shirts. Instead, imagine making 53% on your investments, right in the middle of all that chaos.

    And that’s only the first of three strategies I reveal in my free book.

    Strategy #2: Bizarre Non-Price Stops

    Put this strategy down in the “weird” category. And by weird, I mean, only a computer could come up with a strategy this crazy and outside-the-box.

    That’s what computers do so much better than humans ever could. They crunch billions of datapoints while we’re out enjoying our lives.

    And when we’re ready to start trading, our old faithful Boss SuperAi has a strategy ready and waiting to blow our minds.

    A lot of investors use what’s called an “oscillator” to determine when to buy stocks. The idea is to buy when the market is down, and then sell when it rises, or a “mean reversion.”

    This bizarre strategy doesn’t do that at all. Instead, it uses what’s essentially the “canary in the coal mine” to get into and out of the market at exactly the right times.

    It’s something you have to read to believe, but trust me… once you see it, you’ll immediately understand why it’s something only a supercomputer like The Boss could have invented.

    Strategy #3: Dropout Stocks

    In the third big investment strategy I reveal in my free book, I show how The Boss took a common strategy, and totally turned it on its head.

    A lot of investors use various rankings to power their returns. But just like when you’re baking cookies, it’s not the ingredients that matter… it’s how you put them together.

    In just a few hours crunching numbers, The Boss created a totally new strategy that changed the way I thought about rankings.

    During COVID especially, this strategy is paying off HUGELY. It’s up 37.47% in 2020 alone, but that’s not all.

    In 2019, it was up 20.31%, in 2017 it was up 24.73% and in 2016 it was up 26.53%.

    When you get your free book, flip to page 54 to see these incredible numbers.

What other readers are saying about
The Boss SuperAi and its trading strategies

It would be easy for me to sit here and make claims, but they wouldn’t mean anything to you if I couldn’t prove what I was saying.

In fact, there’s a reason why I’m known as the “Prince of Proof.” My team and I have helped more than 132,000 traders and investors around the world.

Using software like The Boss, we’ve created dozens of scientifically proven trading models and strategies just like the three I revealed to you today.

Below are only a few of the things that other readers have to share about their experiences.

What Are People Are Saying?

Lee Greer Portfolio Boss Member Testimonial Video

Dan Carey Portfolio Boss Member Testimonial Video

Gary Hoff Portfolio Boss Member Testimonial Video

You have no idea how grateful I am to you.

I am an original PB member since 2014. You have no idea how grateful I am to you. Very very grateful. So appreciative. I believe that you have invented the best trading strategy or one of the best trading strategies that has ever been created . So simple yet it genius. I was a losing trader before I met you. Now I beat the market every year and have total confidence and I can relax and stop worrying. And the very thing best thing is that you keep giving of yourself to those us who paid a one-time fee 4 years ago. The emails that you send to us with your very accurate and insightful assessment of the Market is invaluable. Especially the SMI signal that you share with us. I, like you, love to give back to others, because humanity certainly needs help right now. You are selflessly giving to us and I will never take it for granted. I hope you will allow us to follow you for the rest of your trading days. Thank you Dan, you are very smart man and a very good person. The best to you always.

Peter S.
Portfolio Boss User

I made over 100% in the last 12 months!
I made over 100% in the last 12 months and I couldn’t have done it without PB so I wanted to say thanks for it. I’m also really looking forward to all the advances you’ve been posting about recently and for project 88. Happy Thanksgiving!

David G.
Portfolio Boss User

“Clear and Easy to understand. This is perfect for 401K trading. 401ks usually have SP500 and US treasuries as options for your money and you can change the percentage. You could do this yourself and not have to pay someone a percentage to do it for you when you retire.” - Portfolio Boss User

“Knowing there is a way to predict downturns and upturns in the market. I feel confident you have a good strategy and it has been well tested. I liked the smart money and dumb money information. I appreciated you telling us who is the smart money and who is the dumb money. This is excellent information.” Portfolio Boss User

“You're a Genius. I never would have thought the [REDACTED] COT Category. You're a generous man sharing this. I read it right through... glued in. Well written. Many millionaire followers to be made. God Bless.” Portfolio Boss User

“Your description of an amateur trader was right on the mark. I read I listen to so called experts to only find myself more confused and I make poor investment decisions.” Portfolio Boss User

“I fall into that category of investor that tries to figure out what the market is going to do by exploring charts and gathering data, unfortunately, I barely keep my head above water and have always wondered why the market goes in a direction that the charts don't clearly indicate which leaves me scrambling to save what I can. You described it perfectly.” Portfolio Boss User

“Easy read. Sound methodology - I really like that you are using a very different source of data from the norm - hence its power.” Portfolio Boss User

“I like hearing your story of your original theory/idea and discovery of the Z point and verification; p. 16-19. It has all the elements of a great story - a quandary, the inspiration, the hard work, the success (ta-da!).” Portfolio Boss User

A free book? Ok, here’s the catch…

I know that the idea of a free book is pretty exciting. Heck, I’m human. When somebody says “free”, most of us say “sign me up,” right?

But there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

It’s costing me a lot of money to print these full-color books. And I’ll explain why I’m doing it in a second.

But before I get to that, I want to make you a deal.

If you’re frustrated with feeling like the big banks and professional stock traders are always one step in front of you

If you feel like you keep missing out on the big opportunities… like you always buy too late and sell too soon… or are worried that all the big gains have already happened…

If you're ready to finally make a change and harness the power of supercomputer-driven Ai…

Then this book is for you. I'll send it to you with my compliments because I know you'll put it to good use.

That’s the only catch here. This book is for investors like you who are sick and tired of spinning their wheels and are ready to take action.

They’re ready to finally uncover the key to the life they’ve always dreamed of. Checking on their stocks for only a few minutes each day, before they hop in their expensive German car and drive down to the beach for another day of relaxing in the sun.

Go ahead, kick the tires. Read the book as many times as you’d like, turn it over in your mind. Pass it on to friends. It’s yours to do with as you please. But be ready to make a change in your life… or you’re wasting my time and yours.


Claim your copy now and get these free bonuses!

When you go to your local bookstore (or, a book on investing might cost you between $10 and $30.

A book with targeted, actionable investing strategies like this might run into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

And it would be well worth it, even at the highest end of that range.

Think about it: if you bought these three trading strategies for $1,000 and then turned around and used all the secrets inside my book to achieve 35-50% gains, year after year, you'd think it was the deal of the year. Deal of the century, maybe.

If you have an investment portfolio of $50,000, you could make $25,000 the first year alone. That's a 25x return on investment.

And by year five, that $1,000 investment would have netted you a windfall of $329,687.50 on your portfolio.

I don’t know about you, but I like to go for the winners. I like to swing for the fences.

So that’s exactly the kind of deal I’d go crazy for.

But that’s not the deal I’m offering you today.

You won’t pay $1,000, or $100, or even $10.

You’ll pay nothing at all. The book I’m sending you is completely free.

All I ask is that you help cover the $4.95 for shipping and handling or $9.95 outside the USA. (And if you’ve shipped anything recently, you’ll know I’m not making a penny on that.)

But wait, because it gets better.

When you order my free book, not only will I ship this full color, printed book right to your door… I’ll also send you three special gifts, just as a thank you.

You’ll get three digital reports with my compliments.

The Relaxed Investor

Free Bonus #1

The Relaxed Investor

How to transform yourself from struggling speculator to
World-Class fund manager starting today
(value: $79)

To regular folks, the way guys like Arnold Palmer or Tiger Woods can sink a hole-in-one from 200 yards might look like magic.

(And Tiger Woods hit an incredible 20 holes-in-one in his career).

It's not magic. It's the skill and access to knowledge that the rest of us can only dream of.

And investing in the stock market is no different.

In this ground-breaking report, I don’t waste any time or space. You won’t find any fluff here. No long-winded, complicated theory.

This is a blow-by-blow walkthrough with one goal only: to show you exactly how to transform yourself into a world-class fund manager.

  • Why you MUST forget the wave charts, the nightly news, and complicated market theory and follow THIS real-world market data instead

  • How to eliminate the noise getting in the way of identifying undervalued companies

  • The incredible strategy that has beaten the market since 1926 – and which bears a striking resemblance to the way the NSA works around the world… which has generated over $11.7 billion of wealth for its inventor and has a 35% a year track record since 1989.

  • This key to successful investing you need to know, discovered by a world-famous economist back in 1987, beginning with an experiment he performed with… jellybeans!

  • The type of fund options you NEED to jump on… and the ones you NEED to avoid

  • How this simple modification to a common fund strategy could have saved
    investors hundreds of millions of dollars in the 2008 bear market, and the secret ingredient you can use to prepare for the next bear market

  • The market proverbs you’ve definitely heard, but didn’t know were completely wrong.. . and what you should believe instead

Free Bonus #2

The Ghost of Bernie Madoff is Not Yet Dead
Here’s how to banish his scam and put more money back in your pocket
(value: $49)

This just might be my most explosive discovery yet… and normally I would charge investors at least $49 to get their hands on it.

(Of course, you’ll get it for free when you let me send you my free book.)

Inside, I blow the lid off the shady practice that brokers are using to cheat investors out of hundreds or even THOUSANDS of dollars a year… without even knowing it.

If you trade 100 times a year, your broker could be using this little trick, costing you $10,000 per year.

That's enough for an all-expenses-paid luxury vacation or a heck of a nice Rolex watch.

It’s money that should be in your pocket, not your broker’s.

I hold nothing back. In this special report, I reveal exactly which brokers are doing this. I name them for all the world to see.

And more importantly, I tell you which brokers aren't. Which ones are the honest guys.

If you trade only a few times a month this report alone could instantly help put a few thousand dollars back into your pocket.

Ultimate Crash Detector

Free Bonus #3

The Ultimate Crash Detector

How a little known report has predicted every stock market crash since 1987
(value: $89)

In my third free bonus, I’ll send you a strategy that can put the average investor on equal footing with the biggest players on Wall Street…

By teaching you how to see the future direction of the stock market with crystal clarity.

After all, it’s one thing to make consistent gains of 35-50% per year in bull years… but to do it in the bear years too?

To sail through stock market crashes without a care in the world

Imagine listening to the evening news, solemnly intone, “the market has crashed today a further 25%, sending investors into a panic.”

And you just smile. You saw the crash coming a mile away.

You won’t lose a penny. In fact, your investments are on track to reach record highs.

Get your hands on the little-known government report that’s free, and easily accessible that shows you exactly what the world’s biggest traders and investors are up to…

And reveals whether they believe the S&P 500 is about to surge upward or crash into the ground.

In fact, it’s such a powerful document that the trade associations that represent those same financial institutions and investment advisors actually went to court… just to try and keep this report out of the hands of regular investors like you and me

They claimed it would give us a competitive advantage over them.

You’re darn right it does.

Lucky for us they lost that court case.

And this little-known government report is always up-to-date… because a new version comes out every single week.

  • Exactly where to find this little-known government report that shows you exactly what big traders expect the market to do

  • The incredible shortcut to help you get ahead of other traders by taking advantage of their hard work and research without lifting a finger yourself

  • The “Z-Point” – a specific pattern that took me tens of thousands of dollars and 5 months of effort to discover that has correctly predicted every major market reversal from 1986 to now

  • How to use cheap and widely available EFTs to put this strategy into use IMMEDIATELY

  • The four flaws of amateur traders… and how to avoid them

The difference gains of 35-50% a year can make

People say “money isn’t everything,” and they’re 100% right.

Your health, the love, and support of your family… these things are essential to a happy life.

But there’s no question that money helps.

After all, with a few million dollars in the bank and more coming in every year, it suddenly becomes easy to afford the latest healthcare treatments, or to spend the time with your family that they deserve.

There’s nothing sadder than seeing your friends working their fingers to the bone.

“Another hard day at the office,” they tell you when you call. “My boss is really driving me hard this year. Maybe I’ll be able to take some time off next year.”

Can you imagine that life?

With money comes comfort, stability… freedom.

It’s the ability to take a month off, just because the weather is beautiful and you’ve got a hankering for travel.

It’s luxury meals, expertly prepared. The finest steaks, the fanciest wine.

The next time you talk to your buddies, maybe it’s at your weekly poker game or out on the golf course…

And they ask you, “how the heck are you so cheerful?” and longingly at your new Mercedes sitting in the parking lot... You just picked it up, and it’s sparkling in the sun.

You can tell them all about The Boss… or you can just smile a knowing smile and let them go on about how much overtime they’ve got to put in this month, just to break even.

It’ll be up to you.

100% "I'll Even Eat the Shipping" Money-Back Guarantee

I’m so confident that my new book will change the way you invest… and that three SuperAi investing strategies will help you generate 35-50% returns a year, year-after-year…

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Question 1: Is this book really completely free?

Yes! I know that what The Boss SuperAi has uncovered is so valuable that it could change the lives of thousands of average Americans.

That’s why I’m rushing this free book to investors right now, while supplies last.

All I ask is that you cover the $4.95 in shipping ($9.95 outside the USA).

Question 2: What is SuperAi?

The Boss is a brand-new kind of artificial intelligence, built on top of millions of dollars worth of supercomputing power.

With it, traders can choose their goals. Maybe you want to gain 50% a year, every year. Or perhaps you want to make no more than 1 trade a month…or swing trade every five days.

You simply tell The Boss SuperAi exactly what you want, and it computes millions of pieces of data, including stock information dating back to 1986.

And while you wait, it effortlessly delivers a completely customized, personal trading strategy that meets your exact requirements. 

Question 3: How does SuperAi revolutionize trading for small investors like me?

Professional investors and stockbrokers all over the world are using Ai programs powered by supercomputers to help them make trades at speeds that are too fast for humans to follow.

Until now, these supercomputers were simply too expensive to afford for the little guy. After all, it cost IBM $1.8 billion dollars to set up their own supercomputer.

But for the first time ever, we’re in the middle of a convergence. Supercomputer networks and the SuperAi that powers investing strategies are finally affordable.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to finally play on a level field… to harness the incredible power of technology to make calculations and discover trading strategies that no human being could possibly imagine.

Question 4: What kind of returns are The Boss SuperAi’s investment strategies getting?

In this free book, I’ll go over all the details of three very specific trading strategies discovered by The Boss.

I don’t hold anything back. I give you all the nitty-gritty details you need to follow these brand new strategies for yourself.

All three strategies are up 37-53% this year alone.

But that’s not just for 2020. How about 54% in 2019, 42% in 2017, 53% in 2014, and an incredible 105% in 2013?

After all, when you have the power of SuperAi, all the old rules about trading and what was possible become meaningless.

The Boss is discovering trading strategies that no human could come up with, because it has access to almost 35 years of data and some of the strangest indicators on the planet. Its giant “brain” knows everything.

Just like Deep Blue became a chess-playing genius that no human could beat, The Boss is rewriting the landscape of investing, in your favor.

Question 5: If this is so profitable, why don’t you keep it to yourself?

I spent the last 23 years of my life trading on the stock market. If there’s one thing I learned, it’s that most strategies don’t work… but the ones that do hit it out of the park.

They make more money than most everyday investors could possibly imagine.

And those amounts of money would be life-changing to most of us.

35-50% annual returns could turn a small investment of $10,000 into over a million dollars in less than a decade.

Just think, we could finally get the government out of our pockets. Let the free market do it what it does best: generate incredible wealth, for real Americans.

I have a huge heart, but I wasn’t always so altruistic. I’m a bit embarrassed to say that, as a trader, for many years, my own fortune was my #1 concern.

But a few years back, I was out for a drive in my Range Rover with my beautiful girlfriend. Not doing anything special, just out shopping. Blasting some 80s music, enjoying the day. It was a clear Sunday in Newport Beach.


In the blink of an eye, a Jeep hit my car door like a heat-seeking missile.
It sounds cheesy to say, but I truly believe that I saw my life flash in front of my eyes.

A moment like that makes a man re-examine his life. Your priorities change. I was lucky to be alive.

It was then that I decided to concentrate my efforts on helping others. Heck, I already had enough money.

But I had the skills and the technology to help tens of thousands of everyday traders make money for themselves and their families. 

Question 6: Is it a lot of work?

Using The Boss SuperAi to uncover new trading strategies is the complete opposite of hard work.

That’s how it’s designed. The computer is there to do the hard work for you! Think of it like printing out a document vs writing it out by hand. The computer is far faster, far neater, and its hand never gets tired.

You wouldn’t try to run a footrace against a car.

That’s just crazy. You let the machine do the work it's designed to do.

That’s exactly how it is with The Boss SuperAi. It does the work, you reap the rewards.

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Government required disclaimer: The results listed herein are based on hypothetical trades. Plainly speaking, these trades were not actually executed. Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain inherent limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, since the trades have not actually been executed, the results may have under (or over) compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors such as lack of liquidity. You may have done better or worse than the results portrayed.

Government required disclaimer: The results listed herein are based on hypothetical trades. Plainly speaking, these trades were not actually executed. Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain inherent limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, since the trades have not actually been executed, the results may have under (or over) compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors such as lack of liquidity. You may have done better or worse than the results portrayed.