Copy and Paste This One Line Of Code For Up to

Winning Trades

Urgent Message from:

Dan Murphy
Newport Beach, CA

Dear Reader,

First the Bad News

The vast majority of traders are making a terrible mistake that’s costing them a fortune.

In fact, according to a recent study, 98% of traders make less than minimum wage with their trading.1

The Good News

I have a way to correct that terrible mistake by copying and pasting a single line of code into your trading strategy.

That single line of code has a 90.1% win rate, with over 4,871 trades over the past 18 years as proof.

Without this line of code, most traders are lucky to win half the time.

With this line of code, you could be looking at 9 out of 10 winning trades.

That’s nearly 100% winners.

This has nothing to do with trading option, futures, Forex, or leverage of any kind.

And this isn’t about candlestick trading, Fibonacci levels, GANN angles, wave counts, or anything else you may have heard about – even if you’ve been trading for decades.

In fact, this single line of code was applied on only the most popular, liquid, and safe exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Despite the lower risk, this strategy can haul in more gains in a month than most do all year.

I know this sounds like a ridiculous claim, but I have hard evidence that would stand up in court, so keep reading.

Here are a series of recent trades this single line of code is responsible for on the popular Dow Industrials ETF (DIA):


 1 -

Or how about a couple trades in the Russell 2000 index (IWM)?

Tens of millions of shares are exchanged everyday on this popular ETF.

It’s easily tradable…especially with a 90% win rate.

And then there’s the high-tech NASDAQ 100 index, which is chock full of name like Apple, Intel, Nvidia, Microsoft, Facebook, and more.

With $181 billion in assets, this one is even more popular.

I’ve been developing trading strategies since 1997 when I was a college kid…

…traded everything from options, to stocks, to futures, ETFs, and Bitcoin.

…traded tick charts, 1-minute bars, daily charts, and more.

My Secret Weapon

But I have to admit, I didn’t come up with this single line of code.

I wish I did.

It was discovered by someone with far less experience, but much faster at math.

My own creation.


All I did was select a few of the safest ETFs…

…told it to make a trading strategy that makes a lot of money with few losses.

Hey, what a concept…that’s pretty much the opposite of reality for most traders.

Next, I pressed start and watched it whirl to life.

Within about an hour, it gave me that simple line of code that I could teach to an 8-year-old.

How did I not see this before?!

Making Superman

It made me think about the story of a farmer that plunked a bunch of money down on a tractor for his farm.

During an interview, he explained how he harvests more in a month than his father did in a lifetime of hard labor.

That story really stuck with me because it’s a great example of how machines can make us into supermen…

…many multiples more productive.

So I don’t feel too bad that my own creation beat me.

It’s just a tool after all.

It’s not like it can go fetch me a beer outta the fridge, right?

It’s just reallllly fast at crunching numbers, and can try more ideas in a matter of hours than I’ve been able to in 24 years of programming in to the wee hours of the morning.

Let’s face it. These days, number crunching is hoovering up billions for hedge funds.

Take a look. 6 out of the top 10 most profitable hedge funds all use A.I.

And those billions of earnings are in Pounds, so double ‘em for U.S dollars.

Unfortunately for us, these hedge funds aren’t letting us play with their multi-million-dollar A.I toys.

And so, there are literally millions of traders convinced that playing connect the dots on a chart will make them rich.

It’s 2021.

I know of exactly zero serious fund managers that draw trend lines on their charts.

You might remember the brouhaha when one of the major banks fired their entire technical analysis team and replaced them with machine learning tools?

Why would they do that?

Because it makes them more money.

Period. End of story.

The legendary Earl Nightingale even gave us a huge hint decades ago when he said:

Thanks Earl!

As I journey through this life, Earl’s words ring truer today than ever.

Until recently, if someone said they had a strategy that won over 90% of the time, I would laugh.

When I was programming day trading strategies by hand, the best I saw was around 60% winners.

With over 4,800 documented trades as proof, I stand corrected.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Dan Murphy. Nice to “meet” you.

I’m originally from the wine country of beautiful Napa Valley, and now living in Newport Beach, CA.

Before writing five books, and helping over 154,000 traders get their head out of the clouds, I could only dream of being right half the time.

I had a dead-end J-O-B, and was instantly attracted to trading because of all the freedom it promised.

But instead of trading providing me freedom, it was a complete time-suck that lost me money while I slept.

I’d pour over charts until my eyes were as blood-shot as a college student cramming before finals.

I blew out three trading accounts before finally figuring out why I wasn’t a successful trader.

Luckily, I was taken under the guide of one of the original Turtle Traders from the 80’s.

He took pity upon me (that and several thousand dollars).

That few grand was like the grain of sand that turns into an oyster.

And if I hadn’t joined, I bet that I would have blown out a 4th trading account and hung up my spurs for good.

Long story short, I became a successful trader and have a great life.

I’ll spare you from the pics of fancy cars and multi-million-dollar houses and all that jazz.

My neighbor is the one with matching Ferraris just in case one breaks down.

The other neighbor is into Gulfstream jets and owns six houses or something.

Sounds like a headache.

I’d rather go fishing.


For years, I had heard these rumors about funds making billions in profits.

They were using some sort of new tool.

Today we know it as machine learning. A.I.

According to Institutional Investor, A.I funds nearly tripled the industry average in profits.

The problem with A.I tools is that they can cost millions in R&D to build from scratch.

Easy enough for a multi-billion-dollar fund…not so much for the little guy.

So I looked around the marketplace to see what was available.

$455,000 for Trade Signals?

JP Morgan offers A.I signals for $10,000 per year.

Barclay’s offers one for $455,000.

Of course these services are available for the super-rich, but the rest of us are treated like lower-class peons.

“Enough is enough,” I thought.

So I put up over $3 million of my own money, hired a team of programmers, and built it from scratch.

To make it extra-fast, we linked together over 3,500 computers.

Then I released it to a small group of 100 traders.

Here’s how Steve Crowther did after becoming a member.

How does 72% sound?

Last Year I Made 72.91% in Trading Thanks To "The Boss"

I came across Dan Murphy while surfing the internet. He made a lot of sense – Test don’t guess. Use the computer to make your decisions. I followed him for months before I bought PortfolioBoss in 2014.

I tried many service before Dan, some were good, but most were worthless, and none of them seem to be worth the money they charged. Portfolio Boss took all the anxiety, worry and guess work out of making trades. Using the computer and backtesting strategies made sense – Tested analysis. Portfolio Boss has allowed me to find the strategies that fits me and my trading style.

I’m retired and only trade as a hobby, but a very profitable hobby. In July 2020, I become a member of ’The Boss’ Supercomputer Trading Group. Last year I made 72.91% in trading thanks to ’The Boss’. My biggest concern with PortfolioBoss are taxes. I’m making too much money. The Government seems to want a large share of it . . . lol.

Steve Crowther

Portfolio Boss Founders Club Member

Well, those results are fine any dandy, but I figured we could do even better.

You see, I had an epiphany.

If computers are beating people at everything, why not let the A.I build its own trading indicators?

At the time, it was combining together indicators like Stoch, MACD, RSI, moving averages, Bollinger Bands, Aroon Oscillator, and dozens more.

Those are the same exact indicators I’ve been reading about in S&C Magazine since the 90’s.

Why not ditch ‘em?

Afterall, human-made indicators like MACD were first programmed in 1975…the year I was born.

Bollinger Bands: 1987.

It’s 2021.

Why not cut out the middle-man and go full A.I?

Well, that’s exactly what we did, and instantly saw more profitable and consistent strategies being built as a result.

Results like 90.1% winners with just a single line of code!

Now before we get to that line of code, let’s see another example from the fourth ETF in the bunch…

…the granddaddy of all ETFs.

SPY. The S&P 500 ETF:

Because this is an intraday strategy using 30-minute bars, it’s able to hit base hit after base hit on a regular basis.

Maximizing by Minimizing?

In the book Moneyball by Daniel Lewis, he tells the story of how the Oakland A’s hired an A.I guy to figure out what the #1 most important thing in the whole game was…

Want to know?

It wasn’t hitting home runs.

Not stolen bases.

It’s getting on base.

That’s the key to winning games, getting those World Series rings, and all the fame glory, and riches.

Heck, high frequency trading firms like Citadel shave off fractions of a penny on your orders…

…and they made $6.7 billion in 2020!

It seems to me that they figured out smaller gains turn into bigger profits.

That’s how this brilliant yet simple 90.1% winning strategy has averaged 4% gains per month without any margin in some of the most conservative and competitive markets in the entire world.

Four percent a month doesn't come out to 48% per year (12 * 4%).

If you're re-investing the profits, it comes out to 60% per year (1.04^12 - 1).

If you're just using the minimum account size of $25,000...that's $237,000 in profits in just five years.

Can you imagine what else it could do on other markets that aren't so conservative?

Well, you don’t have to use your imagination because I already tried it.

I unleashed it on Bitcoin thinking that it wouldn’t find anything…boy was I wrong!

It discovered two weird formulas I had never considered, resulting in a 277% annual growth rate.

Then I unleashed the A.I on all the NASDAQ 100 stocks.

Yup, it discovered weird edges I had never thought of using before.

I've Had a Lot Of Success With Portfolio Boss

I’ve had a lot of success with PB. I use three strategies concurrently. All three beat the NASDAQ last year. My favorite is Stocks Under 5. It was up over 100% last year and doing very well this year! All I can say is that it’s great being a founding member. Thank you for all that you do!!!

Thomas Buckhouse

Portfolio Boss Founders Club Member

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I want to tell you a story of an Australian Guy who has been trying to trade successfully, Profitably for over 21 years. He has blown up most of his money and countless trade accounts in that time, and yet he has never given up on becoming a profitable trader, so as to support himself. He keeps another plaque above his desk that is a quote from Sir Winston Churchill.
“Success is based on countless failures without losing inspiration.” This Guy has been a follower of Dan Murphy since his Facebook Million Dollar challenge, and has always kept in touch with Dan Murphy in some way via social media. This Guy had put down serious money to purchase Dan Murphy's latest “Portfolio Boss” programme back in late 2019. He had saved some more cash left over to trade after working as a truck driver for 35 years. Since his first trades using Portfolio Boss he has for the first time in
his life been profitable. He now has enough money to place his 91 year old Father in a Nursing home, and is only driving 3 days a week. This Guy owes his good fortune for staying with his beliefs, and also for never giving up on his dreams of becoming a successful trader who can support his Family now. That is my story. I Thank You Dan from the bottom of my Heart.

I'm Very Blessed To Be Part Of The Founding Members

Aloha Dan and team! I'm very blessed to be part of the founding members! I'm also thankful to Adam, who worked with me during an acute medical issue, to make sure I was a member. Ironically when I first learned about you, Dan/the relaxed investor, I thought you were too prideful and hesitated to buy any of your programs. But after reading through your free reports, attending seminars, and listening closely to your investing nuances and experience it became clear that we both shared similar things … one of which is PROOF! Honestly I believe it is priceless to have an evidence-based trading system that can also be updated as necessary to verify its algorithm/strategy is still working efficiently. I have purchased a different company's product years ago, and even though it is also algorithm-based and capable of backtests, it is NOT in the same league in regards to customizations, testing and real results … and that's prior to salivating over the 1/2hr data and cyber code coming soon. My desire for truth has led me to improve in many areas of my life and now has led me to you and my financial growth… and my trade account has been growing quickly. I am now cautiously optimistic. Aloha and God bless.

Isaac Kama

Portfolio Boss Founders Club Member

The Biggest Secret of them All

Lean in because I’m going to tell you a secret.

It’s the secret to why I have case study after case study of successful traders in our group.

It’s the key to trading consistently – even more important than knowing that single line of code responsible for a 90.1% win rate.

And I’d like to pass this lesson along to you since you’ve read this far.

That way you can survive and thrive in a world where 98% of traders are making less than minimum wage.

The key to generating the consistency you desire to replace your J-O-B or generate retirement income is to trade multiple trading strategies.

That way when one zigs, the other zags.

Take a look at this animation…notice how the results not only get “smoothed out” over time, but the growth rate ends up at 76%/year.

That could be $7,600 for every $10,000 invested.

There are three ways to smooth your results, while making even more money:

  1. Trade different markets

  2. Trade different time-frames

  3. Trade with different edges

The first is simple…just trade markets besides stocks. It’s easy to do with ETFs. For example, you can trade gold, silver, oil, corn, Bitcoin, foreign markets, bonds, or even market volatility itself. 

Next, you can trade in different time-frames like 30-minute bars with the 90.1% winning strategy does.

Or swing trade over the course of a week…that seems to be the sweet spot for stocks.

Monthly rotational investing is something I’ve proved works since at least 1926.

And finally, you can use weird data to discover new edges and relationships.

For example, put/call ratios, volatility, currencies, bond yields, relationships to different indices, days of the week, month, and more.

Or Let the A.I Do the Heavy Lifting...

Now that might sound complicated…

Here’s the great thing…if you’re creating trading strategies with the A.I we’ve built, it figures it all out for you.

No need to burn the midnight oil and log countless sleepless nights programming your fingers to the bone.

It’s like having 1,000 programmers at your beck and call 24/7/365, slaving away to help fund your retirement.

Who wouldn’t want that?

You Have Taught Me So Much About Investing The Right Way and It Has Paid Off Big

Thank you for the Founder’s plaque. It was my honor to be able to be one of the first on the team. I have been watching you and reading your sound
advice since 2011. I was that investor you show in the progression from
caveman investor to AI. I progressed through each of those steps in my
trader evolution and made all the mistakes along the way. Then I found
“Million Dollar Target” and have been with you ever since. You have taught me so much about investing the right way and it has paid off big with PortfolioBoss and “The Boss”, in particular. This past year I doubled my investment and 401K accounts and have been able to help both my Adult children’s families through this tough economic time. In addition, I have been able to continue my charitable giving and am on a trajectory to
fulfill my plan to retire this year (2021) so I can dedicate more of my
time to my family and volunteer more of my time to my non-profit interests. I look forward to the cyber code and intraday trading enhancements to PortfolioBoss and our continued trading success.

Skip Miller

Portfolio Boss Founders Club Member

The equity curve is certainly looking exponential.


Here are my results as of close today 1.20.21 trading
the Portfolio Boss since August 2014.
Baseline $110,868
Balance 1.20.21 $480,444
+333.3% Return.
The equity curve is certainly looking exponential.

Hi Dan, Happy Groundhog Day From The Snowy Suburbs Of Chicago!

2020 was truly a breakout trading year for me: 72% in a Roth IRA – giving thanks to God for William Roth! Tax-free! I have also been trading an SPY/QQQ multi-strategy using micro e-minis with ever so slight leverage. I have been burned in the past using too much leverage. I'm very curious to see whether the cyber code can find some tradable SPY and/or QQQ strategies. I have started working on a framework for increased charitable giving and very excited about the possibilities. Looking forward to 2021. Thank you for the Founders Club plaque and for a truly tremendous trading tool, Dan and team! Best regards.

Chris Daniel

Portfolio Boss Founders Club Member

How Does it Work?

At this point, you might be curious about how in the world the A.I works.

And since you’ve made it this far, allow me to formally introduce you to “The Boss A.I.”

It was nicknamed “The Boss” by our members, and it stuck.

How did “The Boss” find a 90.1% winning strategy with just a single line of code?

It uses a rare form of machine learning called Linear Genetic Programming, or LGP for short.

I call it Cyber Code because it’s easier to remember, and rolls off the tongue a little easier.

  • First, you select the symbols you want to trade.

  • Then you tell it you want to maximize gains and minimize losses.

  • Then you press the Start button.

The Boss then comes to life and randomly starts making small computer programs…let’s say 100 of the little darlings.

They are “darlings” after all, because these programs make you money.

Except for the bad ones.

That’s why the 50 strategies that are weakest get killed off without mercy…

…if they didn’t make enough money in the simulation, they won’t miraculously make money in the real world where you and I breathe right?

The surviving 50 trading strategies get to “breed” together and produce children.

Keep doing that for 100 generations, and the population gets stronger and stronger.

Survival of the Fittest

That’s the gist of how machine learning works.

Congratulations, you've just built a trading strategy with a few clicks!

Then all you do is follow its buy and sell signals.

That’s it.

If you can follow a recipe to bake cookies, you can follow trade signals.

After all, a trading strategy is basically a recipe to make money.

No higher math degree required.

And let’s face it, when you get those signals, how much easier would it be to trade a strategy that wins 90% of the time?

I Couldn't Be Happier Working With Portfolio Boss

Dear Dan, I couldn't be happier working with Portfolio Boss.  I have been with your team since its inception. I go way back and I can tell you that I have had many subscriptions and many money managers throughout my trading career of over 30 years.  What I learned from all of them combined pales in comparison to what I learn from you.  

I love your core ideas of:

– Relaxed Trading
– Rigorous BackTesting
– AI evaluation
– Portfolio & Strategy Switching (with so many levers to tweak and experiment with.)
– Addition of new Instruments like Crypto Currency & BitCoins
– While continually honing in on efficient trading by minimizing draw-downs and maximizing returns.

I get far better sleep and am even pursuing my PhD in Quantum Integrated Medicine while trading with your fabulous tool and incredible observations that you continue to share with us. Thanks is too small a word – but since I can't come up with much else. So, I'll just say many thanks.  Also, I've attached a copy of my picture with the founder's plaque your team sent me. Warm Regards & Best Wishes to everyone on your team and most of all to you.

Nalini Uhrig

Portfolio Boss Founders Club Member

I made over 100% in the last 12 months!


I made over 100% in the last 12 months and I couldn’t have done it without PB so I wanted to say thanks for it. I’m also really looking forward to all the advances you’ve been posting about recently and for project 88. Happy Thanksgiving!

I Honestly Can't Imagine Not Having Portfolio Boss In My Life

I honestly can’t imagine not having Portfolio Boss in my life—and pray it never goes away—since it has made such an impact on my trading success. I have a robust 29 strategies running that gives me the peace of mind that even in a crazy volatile market, I can count on stable returns for as long as I’m alive. I love that Portfolio Boss continues to evolve and provides the opportunity to continue creating strategies that pull money from the market!

Josh Jarrett

Portfolio Boss Founders Club Member

So Many People Are Using Portfolio Boss To Improve Their Trading!

So Far You’ve Discovered:

  1. That it’s possible to have a 90.1% win rate from a single line of code in some of the most popular and competitive markets in the world.

  2. The way to do that is through A.I because it can come up with more ideas than a person could in a lifetime.

  3. Trading multiple strategies together generates higher returns and smoother results.

Now let’s get to that single line of code.

I’d like to give it to you as a special bonus for becoming a member of Universal Trader.

What I’ve done is put together everything you’ve learned today into a complete package so you can make money consistently...

...without a care in the world as to what the stock market is doing.

Now before we continue, let me tell you who this package is NOT for…

  • If you’re completely computer illiterate, this isn’t for you. There’s no programming required, but if you’re typing with two fingers, you should probably pass.

  • If you’re a pain in the ass, I’d rather you stay away. We’ve assembled a great bunch of people into the program, and would rather not have any disrupters in our group.

  • If you are the type of person that knows everything already and won’t listen, I can’t help you.

With that said…

They say if you give a man a fish, he eats for a day.

If you teach a man how to fish, he eats for a lifetime.

This program is all about how to teach you to trade for a virtually any market.

Here’s what you get inside Universal Trader:

“The Boss” A.I Strategy Builder with Cyber Code ($15,000 Value)

This is the very tool I used to discover new and exciting edges in virtually every market I’ve tried it on. Cyber Code leap frogs over traditional human-made indicators with a simple click of the mouse. Harness the power of your local PC to generate trading strategies while you sleep. Welcome to 2021. 

4-Module Video Training Series (Included)

Beginning with a Quick Start guide, I walk you step by step on how to use The Boss most effectively. By the end of the training, you will be a strategy-creating machine.

12 Instant Start Templates ($1997 Value)

I’ve already setup “instant start” templates in different markets like the NASDAQ 100, Gold/silver, Bitcoin, and more. All you literally have to do is press the Start button and The Boss will start designing trading strategies for you. 

Weekly ‘Boss Group calls ($997 Value)

Every Tuesday, we get together for a Boss group call where I start by showing new features and money-making ideas, then move in to personally answer your questions and concerns. 

Portfolio Boss with Multi-Strategy capability ($1997 Value)

Lifetime license to Portfolio Boss, our flagship trading and testing platform. This is where The Boss A.I resides, and all the magic happens. Also includes:

  • Free quotes on over 10,000 symbols in USA

  • Delisted stocks for accurate testing without survivorship bias

  • Automatically tracks and updates stock indexes and sectors so you don’t have to. Imagine trying to keep up to date on the Russell 2000???

  • Free updates and bug fixes since 2014.

  • Auto-trading with Interactive Brokers and more (coming soon)

Bonus #1: Index Master (90.1% win rate)

I had to give the 90.1% winning strategy a name, so I’ve decided on “Index Master.”

You get the exact line of code that’s behind this never-before-seen strategy created with Cyber Code. In fact, it’s a complete trading strategy from soup to nuts.

It uses intraday 30-minute bars to trade a basket of four of the most popular, liquid, and safe ETFs in the world (SPY, QQQ, IWM, DIA). This strategy alone could sell for what the entire package costs. 

So far, it has averaged 4% gains both in testing, and in trades unseen by the A.I. Imagine what it could do on more volatile ETFs…

At this time, Portfolio Boss is being re-tooled for streaming intraday data and auto-trading with brokers like Interactive Brokers. We’re looking at Q4 of 2021 for release.

$9997 value

Bonus #2 Oracle Orders ($10,000 Value)

By placing limit orders in the perfect “Goldilocks” buy zone, this swing trade strategy offers minimal trading impact on the stocks it trades, high profitability, and persistent profits. It’s our flagship strategy for swing trading, and has previously only been available to member of our $50k Unite group.

Bonus #3 DB Transaction A.I ($1997 Value)

This is the strategy that put Portfolio Boss on the map, only remastered by A.I. When two forces collide, they create a harmony in stocks. Once a month, you buy your fill of ‘DB Transactions’ and hang on for a wild ride. This is one of our most profitable and consistent trading models, and has withstood the test of time.

Bonus #4 Weird index stops stocks ($1997 Value)

Discovered by The Boss, this strategy doesn't use traditional stops. Instead, it uses weird index stops I had never before considered... Resulting in a 60.0% annual growth rate.

Bonus #5 Time Bomb ($997 Value)

There's a strange cycle that occurs like clockwork. During that cycle, there's a specific day to sell tech stocks and even go short. However, if the "nuclear football" triggers, those sell signals can end up as bear markets. This very strange strategy was completely built by A.I.

Bonus #6: Bitcoin Discount Window ($997 Value)

Unlock trading into Grayscale's Bitcoin Trust (GBTC). It trades just like a stock. These strategies have phenomenal gain to pain ratios. Even Paul Tudor Jones has put billions into Bitcoin. Are you ready?

Bonus #7: Bitcoin Code-V ($1997 Value)

This Boss A.I made strategy uses a strange mathematical formula to estimate the true value of Bitcoin. If price is low, then it buys. High, then it sells. So far it has show a 277% annual growth rate.

Total value: $47,973

Now you might be expecting Universal Trader will cost a fortune.

After all, others have paid $15,000 just for access to The Boss.

Slap in the Face!

Just as I was about to celebrate the big launch of Cyber Code A.I, I received a phone call.

Our cloud provider explained that we owe them a giant amount for computing services.

“What? How could it be that much”? I said in dismay.

What happened is that a safe-guard wasn’t turned on, so thousands of computers were still running after they were supposed to shut off.

Let’s just say that it’s costing more than renting a mansion in Beverly Hills.

The bill is due, and so I decided I have two choices:

  1. Pay the bill out of my personal account

  2. Offer YOU a great deal and get the bill paid this week

I’ve opted for the later. So that means you get the best deal you will ever see on the Universal Trader package.

Our Mistake is Your Gain

You won’t be paying $9995 as planned, which is still a great deal considering what you could be making with the A.I. 

You won’t pay $7500.

It’s not even going to cost $5000!

In fact, the pricing is so low I can’t post it here.

All you need to do next is call Adam Kaye for final pricing.

He’s my Director of VIP Client Relations, and he can answer any additional questions you may have.


Or text him with the message: 
"Hi, it's Your Name. Hold my spot"
to hold your spot up to 24 hours

But don’t dilly dally.

This offer is only good for the next 50 48 42 members at this price.

Don’t miss out on this “fire sale” pricing because you won’t see it again.

The price will go up, and the special bonuses will disappear.

Fast action bonus
30 min 1-on-1 call with me
(First 10 people)

I’m also committing to a private 1-on-1 call with yours truly for the first 10 fast movers. My normal fee is $2500/hour, which makes this 30-min call a $1250 value. 

Maybe you’ve heard of the guy with the sharpie at the nuclear power plant? He’s flown out to the power plant because its systems are failing. After a few taps of his hammer, he draws an “X” on several pipes. “Replace those pipes,” he says. That’s what I do. I can usually solve your problem with just a few questions. 

$1250 value

Here’s what Mark had to say about our recent call:

If you see this Fast Action Bonus, it means it’s still valid.

Here's a summary of all that included with the Universal Trader package.

  • “The Boss” A.I Strategy Builder   $15,000 value
  • 4-Module course (teach you how to fish) Included
  • 12 Instant Start Templates (press start, and start building)   $1997 value
  • Weekly Group calls  $997 value
  • Portfolio Boss with Multi-Strategy capability  $1997 value
  • Auto-trading (coming soon) Included
  • Index Master (90.1% win rate)   $9997 value
  • Oracle Orders    $10,000 value
  • DB Transaction A.I    $1997 value
  • Weird stops stocks    $1997 value
  • Time Bomb    $997 value
  • Bitcoin Discount Window    $997 value
  • Bitcoin Code-V    $1997 value
  • Private 30 Minute 1-on-1 call with Dan   $1250 value

Total Value: $49,223

You won't pay $9997  or    $7500   or   even   $5000

Call Adam now for final discount pricing and all the bonuses.


Or text him with the message: 
"Hi, it's Your Name. Hold my spot"
to hold your spot up to 24 hours

Only 50 48 42 at this price. 

Trade smart,

Dan “Prince of Proof” Murphy

P.S. I'm offering you a massive discount due to an unexpected bill from our cloud provider. Make sure you read the entire offer.

P.P.S. I have one final quote from the great Earl Nightingale. He said "All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination." 

I’m giving you the plan, and the road map. Now it’s up to you to find the courage.

Call Adam now for special pricing.


Or text him with the message: 
"Hi, it's Your Name. Hold my spot"
to hold your spot up to 24 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to program anything?

Nope! The A.I is like hiring 1000 programmers that work for you 24/7. No programming experience is necessary. You can simply use the templates and press start. It's that easy to get started.

2. What kind of computer do I need?

A modern PC running Windows or a Mac running Parallels. An average desktop computer around $1000 can run a The Boss A.I test. A typical test will take 5-6 hours on your local machine. This offer does not include access to the 3500-core network (which retails for $25k).

3. What is “The Boss”?

The Boss is the multi-million-dollar A.I that created many of the strategies offered. 

It’s what builds trading strategies that give you the “buy” and “sell” signals. And it’s what is making our members incredibly happy and very, very wealthy.

4. Does this include the supercomputer access?

This offer is for local The Boss A.I only. In other words, it runs on your computer. We suggest a minimum of 4 computer cores and 8GB of RAM. Typical of what you could find at your local Costco or Best Buy. Faster = quicker tests.

5. What if I’m not happy with the Universal Trader?

Due to the special nature of this offer, which includes 1-on-1 time with Dan, we do not offer a money-back guarantee.

6. What is the minimum account size?

The minimum account size for intraday trading is $25,000. 

Government required disclaimer: The results listed herein are based on hypothetical trades. Plainly speaking, these trades were not actually executed. Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain inherent limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, since the trades have not actually been executed, the results may have under (or over) compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors such as lack of liquidity. You may have done better or worse than the results portrayed.

Government required disclaimer: The results listed herein are based on hypothetical trades. Plainly speaking, these trades were not actually executed. Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain inherent limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, since the trades have not actually been executed, the results may have under (or over) compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors such as lack of liquidity. You may have done better or worse than the results portrayed.