By Dan Murphy

Dear Fellow Trader,

Imagine what it would be like to become an expert trader in virtually any market you choose... be able to command 53%, 62%, and even 144% annual gains. be able to make Swiss-watch-consistent profits whenever you choose. just about any time-frame from days, to weeks, to months. go from wet behind the ears rookie to master virtually overnight.

A few years ago if you asked me these questions, I'd think you're talking about brain implants from science fiction movies like The Matrix.

But now science fiction has become science fact.

Due to a convergence of technologies, even beginning traders are outpacing so called "expert" traders with "Code Cracking AI."

Why are traders flocking to "Code Cracking AI" in droves?

Because this new technology is automatically cracking the hidden code in the markets...

...building the most profitable, consistent trading strategies practically anyone has ever seen.

It's like hiring 1000 programmers that slave away for you 24/7 to build the most profitable strategies.

  • One strategy was up a whopping 53% in March 2020 during the depths of the Covid Crisis. That's $5,300 in profits for every $10,000 invested.

  • Another Ai engineered strategy has risen a mind-numbing 109% since 2019. A $100,000 account can quickly turn into $209,000 with the right strategy.

  • And just in case you think it's a fluke, here's another once a week strategy that's never had a losing year while showing these kind of consistent historical gains:

What's this New Invention Taking the
Trading World by Storm?

You see, everyone knows that the best performing fund managers in the world use Ai to beat the stock market.

But the little guy is hopelessly outmatched because the Ai and the supercomputer networks they run on cost upwards of tens of millions of dollars to build.

Everyday traders typically bounce from opportunity to opportunity.

They watch CNBC in the hopes of getting a hot stock tip.

Or they spend hours crawling over news articles in search of the next glimmer of where money is going to shift.

Maybe those new augmented reality glasses are going to make Apple pop?

Or Tesla’s new truck is going to send the stock soaring?

Or some biotech company just got featured with the latest “cure” for C-19…

And as you’re on the website, you click on an ad for a newsletter that features the latest and greatest company set to “soar 50,000%” but it’s like riding a bucking bronco and eventually you sell right at the bottom.

"John Smith Bought Again...Time to Sell!"

Does it sometimes feel like every time you buy a stock, a big red light turns on at the Goldman Sachs trading desk and they say “John Smith bought again…time to sell!”

Who’s ring do you have to kiss to become part of the club so you can generate consistent wealth (what I call F U money)?

As it turns out, these Wall Street fat cats bought before you did, and they know when to start selling to everyday traders like you and me.

They have a secret weapon – artificial intelligence – that has already analyzed the markets up down and sideways to figure out exactly how it ticks.

They have a roadmap as to how just about any stock will behave in any scenario.

The rich keep getting richer.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have that roadmap too?

We’ve all heard about the supercomputer revolution.

After all, it wasn’t so long ago that a computer took up an entire room.

The same computers that sent us to the moon were 100,000 times less powerful than the iPhone sitting in your pocket right now.

If you listen to the talking heads on the nightly news (and trust me, you shouldn’t), those guys would have you believe that the advancement of incredibly powerful supercomputers, powered by inhuman artificial intelligence (or Ai) is a bad thing.

It’s going to cost everybody their jobs. It’ll replace us all with robots.


What they’re not telling you is that this coming wave of tech has incredible potential for the little guy. For the independent trader saving for his retirement.



The Convergence is Finally Here...

Only a few years ago, supercomputer networks were so incredibly expensive and complex that only the super-wealthy or the world's largest corporations could afford to harness them.

Remember Watson? IBM's chess-playing, Jeopardy-winning supercomputer? That cost them over $1.8 billion to develop. With a B.

And Microsoft spends over $10 billion a year just to maintain the data centers that power their supercomputer networks.

But for the first time in human history, there’s been a breakthrough.

What I’m calling a “convergence.”

Supercomputer networks are finally dropping to levels that everyday traders can now use powerful “Code Cracking Ai” to help us trade more profitably than ever.

It’s an opportunity for the individual trader that’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing… 

With a press of the button, you can begin building recipes for making money in the markets.

In the past, you would have to hire a programmer or *gulp* learn how to code in order to even attempt to make a profitable trading system.

The biggest platforms with hundreds of thousands of subscribers use this type of outdated technology.

It was a big deal in the 80’s, but this is 2020.

"Three Clicks of My Mouse Then I Played Golf"

I’m not saying this to brag, but when I wanted to discover a strategy to consistently haul money out of the stocks in the S&P 500, all I had to do is make three clicks with my mouse.

My software then fires up a massive 2,560-core supercomputer network, which I simply call The Boss.

The Boss then begins creating trading strategies for me all by itself...strategies I'd never dream up in a million years.

Then I played a bit of golf in my backyard for about an hour.

When I checked the computer, it had discovered two unique strategies for trading all the stocks in the S&P 500.

Just like that...all by itself.

Normally I would have to spend days, weeks, and even months trying out different indicators to see which would work and which were duds.

Which Rules Work? Argh!

Should I buy when the RSI is below 20, beta relative to QQQ is greater than 1.5, MACD is on a buy, ROC(6 months) > 20, and the S&P 500 is above its 200-day moving average?

And what are the rules for selling?

There are literally hundreds of technical indicators to choose from, which is why 95% of traders fail to beat the markets.

That means there are literally trillions of combinations that you could try by hand. 

It's like trying to crack a safe with a nail file...

...when you could be using an automated safe cracker:

Automated Safe Cracker

It took me years and thousands of hours to even explore a fraction of what’s possible...

...and The Boss made even better strategies in a matter of days.

Strategies like these which were completely built by The Boss "Code Cracking Ai" from scratch:

  • A simple QQQ trading strategy could turn $100k into $1.6 million in 12 years.

  • A simple swing trading strategy (with a shocking discovery linking gold with US stocks) shows a 144% gain in 2020 (out of sample).

How it Works...the Short Version

But now with “Code Cracking Ai” on my side, I can tell The Boss (that’s what I call the Code Cracking Ai) “Hey Boss, I want to make 50% returns per year trading the S&P 500.”

Then you press Start.

Press Start

Next, The Boss summons up to 2,560 computer cores to do your bidding.

It uses the latest in genetic programming techniques to build strategies from scratch.

Here's the condensed version of what the Ai does in 3 steps:

  1. A population of let's say 100 trading strategies are just randomly created. All the buy/sell/ranking rules are completely thrown together. It's a big mess in the beginning.

  2. The trading strategies "fight" each other to see which will make the most money, and the losers are killed off and replaced by the "children" of the winners.

    Those that make the most money survive and pass on their genes. In this case, the genes are trading indicators like volatility, rate of change, beta, Aroon oscillator, RSI, index spread, and on and on (there's a lot of 'em)

  3. The strategies keep killing off the losers for let's say 100 generations. Over time, you see better and better and better strategies. It's an extremely powerful technique and is responsible for billions in profits every year.

Strategies Improving Over Time

Yes, the computer writes a program that cracks the stock market with a press of a button.

Amazing right?

Now you have a strategy that’s unique to YOU in whatever market you want to trade.

This isn’t a newsletter where thousands of readers get the exact same list of stocks to buy.

It's like hiring a team of programmers to do your bidding for a tiny fraction of what it would normally cost...

...because I've already spent over $2 million to create it.

Now you have a recipe for making money on demand in the stock market.

You know exactly which stocks to buy and sell and most importantly -- when.

After all, timing is...well it's everything now isn't it?

Rinse and repeat.

It’s that easy.

The Worst Trader in Existence?

Allow me to introduce myself.

I'm Dan Murphy.

Before I wrote a #1 best seller on trading, worked with a who’s who list of business leaders, was part of an Original Turtle Traders' Group, and helped over 158,000 of your fellow traders worldwide, I was arguably the worst trader in existence.

It came as a shock to me because I’d always been successful at nearly everything else I did.

I had read a couple of books on the subject, and they (of course) made it seem as easy as taking candy from a baby.

In just a few months, I blew out my first account trading options on news events.

Money I couldn’t afford to lose.

I thought I was more sophisticated than the markets with my whiz-bang text pager that would alerts me to news events like mergers and stock splits.

I didn’t realize until years later that even in the 90’s, computers were already front running those trades at the speed of light.

The crooked Bernie Madoff (yes that Bernie) pioneered ripping people off electronically in addition to his gigantic Ponzi scheme.

Lock 100 of 'em in a Room and You'll
Get 100 Different Answers

Then I got into Elliott Wave and drawing lines on charts.

Price patterns seemed to have merit…

But if you locked 100 ‘Wavers in a room and forced them all to tell you where the market was headed next, they’d have 100 different answers.

Yup, I lost more money.

Then I subscribed to newsletter after newsletter only to discover that what they did was just as subjective as they E-waver people.

Maybe you can relate?

But luckily, science is in my DNA, and I finally thought “hey dummy, you’re a computer guy, why don’t you program rules into a computer and see if they work”?

Those Old Wall Street Adages are WRONG

Very quickly, I learned that almost all the old adages on Wall Street are completely backwards.

  • Yes, you CAN go broke taking a profit (if it’s too early).

  • You’re better off buying your sell signals, and selling your buy signals with an indicator like MACD.

  • “Sell in May and go away” is way too simplistic. I spent $20k on the oldest historical quotes available and discovered there are ZERO months in the year that show negative returns on average (going back to 1800).

  • I used a supercomputer network that tested every conceivable price pattern possible in over 18,000 stocks to see which are the most profitable. There weren’t enough to make it worthwhile. Elliott Wave can’t possibly be true!

  • And another tip for you: For the love of all that's holy, make sure you set aside some data that the computer never sees. That's a big mistake I see would-be system traders make.

Clearly the trading industry is chalk full of quackery. Some do it on purpose...some by mistake.

If I can’t test something by computer, I absolutely refuse to make a trade.

That would be like skydiving without a parachute.

As soon as I took that mentality, then I started making money for the first time.

I even shared that initial quest for $1 million in a popular blog many years ago before “blog” was even a buzz word.

Finally, trading was not only easy, but enjoyable.

My hand would no longer quiver above the keyboard before placing an order with my broker.

Once you figure out how to make money trading, a slew of new doors open for you.

I know, I know… it’s nice to buy a fishing boat or go on exotic vacations… or place a lot extra in the donation box at your church… or help the kids through school…

… but nothing can buy peace of mind like the ability to make money on demand from anywhere in the world.

And it Only Got Better with My $2 Million
Secret Weapon in Place...

When the ‘rona crisis hit in early 2020, many people who thought they were secure in their jobs suddenly got their walking papers.

But those in the know had the special ability to make up for that lost income (and then some).

In some cases making over 50% in one month...which is the exception, not the norm.

Agonizing Moment Leads to Breakthrough

In 2017, what happens to millions of Americans happened to me.

No, it wasn't a divorce.

I was in a great relationship, trading was going great, I had moved into my dream home, had all the cars and shiny bobbles...

...but my lower back went out in an instant of agony. And having the big house and big estate takes a back seat real quick when you don't have your health.

Perhaps you can relate to your back being in excruciating pain all the time?

I crashed and burned like the Hindenburg.

I was literally on and off the couch for a month at a time.

People didn't understand because I looked fine. But it's not obvious like a broken arm right?

Of course I went to the doctor, and he prescribed me those evil pain pills.

But years earlier my dad got really sick from those fentanyl pain patches so I told him "NO WAY"!

You probably know someone either got hooked on those things or went to the big house in the sky.


To occupy my time during those lovely stents on the couch, I went through hundreds of videos and a dozen books on Ai and machine learning.

I had heard about Ai generating 66% per year on average for a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund.

That got my competitive juices flowing like Niagara.

If they could make 66% a year, then 100% or more was clearly possible for smaller funds right?

"I Nervously Pressed Start"

Three years and $2 million later, my hand shook like a car on bad gas as I nervously pressed the Start button.

The first version of our Ai strategy builder fired up and started crunching numbers.

I told it I wanted it to create a strategy that makes 50% per year with smooth results.

Here's what it came up with (and this was created back in October 2019):

Sure enough, it made a strategy that has showed an average of 53% per year!

If you started right after Y2K, at that rate you'd have made 4,941X your money.

That's $10,000 into a mind-numbing $49 million.

Imagine just getting a fraction of that?

And I don't know about you, but that graph above looks like it has the consistency of a Swiss watch.

To put icing on the cake with a giant cherry on top, the strategies are only generating better returns AND my back is doing much better to boot thank you!

The Ai is leaving me in the dust and lapping me twice before I can honk my horn and tell it to slow down.

It's been finding edges I'd never even consider using.

In fact, many are downright weird.

But hey, if your best performing salesman makes 10x what the others make, would you care if he wore two different colored shoes and a pink polka dot bow tie?

Check out the next strategy The Boss Ai built:

Massively profitable -- totally weird rules.

The Covid crisis was barely a blip and then it blasted off like a rocket!

OK, two strategies in a row with amazing results.

Could lightning strike three times in a row?

I started off with a blank slate -- no trading rules.

Normally you'd see trading rules here, but The Boss fills them in automatically for you:

And here are the results after a few hours of running The Boss Ai:


This one was even weirder than the other three...

...with smoother profits...

...and nearly 60% annual historical gains.

Here's what some of the weird trading rules look like:

Maybe I was just lucky -- so I released The Boss to a handful of select members that had been with me for years.

Talk about an instant hit!

Here’s what they are saying:

You have no idea how grateful I am to you.

Peter s. - Portfolio Boss User

I am an original PB member since 2014. You have no idea how grateful I am to you. Very very grateful. So appreciative. I believe that you have invented the best trading strategy or one of the best trading strategies that has ever been created . So simple yet it genius. I was a losing trader before I met you. Now I beat the market every year and have total confidence and I can relax and stop worrying. And the very thing best thing is that you keep giving of yourself to those us who paid a one-time fee 4 years ago. The emails that you send to us with your very accurate and insightful assessment of the Market is invaluable. Especially the SMI signal that you share with us. I, like you, love to give back to others, because humanity certainly needs help right now. You are selflessly giving to us and I will never take it for granted. I hope you will allow us to follow you for the rest of your trading days. Thank you Dan, you are very smart man and a very good person. The best to you always.

I made over 100% in the last 12 months!

David G. - Portfolio Boss User

I made over 100% in the last 12 months and I couldn’t have done it without PB so I wanted to say thanks for it. I’m also really looking forward to all the advances you’ve been posting about recently and for project 88. Happy Thanksgiving!

Clear and Easy to understand.

Portfolio Boss User

Clear and Easy to understand. This is perfect for 401K trading. 401ks usually have SP500 and US treasuries as options for your money and you can change the percentage. You could do this yourself and not have to pay someone a percentage to do it for you when you retire.

Knowing there is a way to predict downturns and upturns in the market.

Portfolio Boss User

Knowing there is a way to predict downturns and upturns in the market. I feel confident you have a good strategy and it has been well tested. I liked the smart money and dumb money information. I appreciated you telling us who is the smart money and who is the dumb money. This is excellent information.

You're a Genius.

Portfolio Boss User

You're a Genius. I never would have thought the [REDACTED] COT Category. You're a generous man sharing this. I read it right through... glued in. Well written. Many millionaire followers to be made. God Bless.

Your description of an amateur trader was right on the mark. 

Portfolio Boss User

Your description of an amateur trader was right on the mark. I read I listen to so called experts to only find myself more confused and I make poor investment decisions.

You described it perfectly.

Portfolio Boss User

I fall into that category of investor that tries to figure out what the market is going to do by exploring charts and gathering data, unfortunately, I barely keep my head above water and have always wondered why the market goes in a direction that the charts don't clearly indicate which leaves me scrambling to save what I can. You described it perfectly.

Best Offer in History…

In a minute, I’m going to give you the best offer in the history of my company.

I want you to generate consistent profits using our “Code Cracking Ai” network and generate lots of buzz.

Then you’ll see why others are making the switch from old school trading software to state of the art 2020 Ai technology.

An average test would take about 60 hours on a normal computer you buy at Fry's or Best Buy.

In order to reduce that time, every time you tell The Boss to create a trading strategy for you, we can summon up to 2560 computers in parallel in massive 100,000 square foot data centers across the United States.

That means the average test in the real world where you and I both live comes in just under an hour.

Now we’re cookin’ with gas!

Imagine it’s Friday night, and you decide to take one of my many pre-made templates for a spin.

“Hmmm…I wonder what a profitable strategy for trading gold is”?

After all, you can trade gold just as easily as a stock (ticker symbol: GLD).

Then you press Start.

“And I wonder what a great looking strategy for trading the NASDAQ 100 long and short would look like”?

You press Start.

It cooks up a popular QQQ (long NASDAQ 100) and PSQ (short NASDAQ 100) ETF trading strategy.

That way you can profit from both up moves and down moves.

Now you have a chance to rake in profits in both directions.

Or: “Oooo….I’ve always wanted to swing trade stocks for a week or so. Heard that makes really smooth profits.”

So you press Start.

In the background, the Portfolio Boss software tells The Boss to slave away and build the strategies from scratch using dozens of technical indicators – many of which aren’t in any books.

In about an hour, you sit back down in front of your computer to discover what The Boss has cooked up for you.

The rules are fully revealed to you.

This is not some neural network Ai black box where you have no idea what it’s doing.

This isn’t some newsletter recommendation that thousands of others are getting.

These strategies are custom made to your specifications.

You want a strategy that trades about once a week, makes about 60% on average per year, and has 100% winning years?

Just tell The Boss what you want with a few clicks.

Get the picture?

In a few hours, you’ll have a trading strategy ready to pull profits from whichever markets you choose to trade.

The Portfolio Boss software will run every day and tell you exactly what to do the next morning.

Then you place those orders with your broker.

The Most Powerful Financial Investing
Tool in the World

As any investor knows, there's nothing in this universe more powerful than compound interest.

Year after year, it turns grubstakes into fortunes. It paves the way for your financial freedom. It makes exotic vacations and luxury cars a possibility for millions.

Returns of 50% in a single year are unbelievable. Money managers around the world would kill for them.

But returns of that magnitude, year after year, for decades?

That's a whole other story. That's how fortunes are made. That changes lives.

To give you an example, 50% in one year on an initial investment of $10,000 gives you a respectable return of $5,000.

50% on that same $10,000 in ten years though? That gives you a return of $566,650.38. That’s all profit.

And if your initial investment was $20,000? Then in ten years, you'd have almost $1,200,000 - without ever having added a single extra penny.

That's a pretty good retirement.

Imagine, not having to put aside a single penny for your retirement.

All your neighbors are putting off those vacations with their kids, driving around second-hand minivans, crimping and saving...

All so they have a few extra bucks leftover to throw into their 401k.

Meanwhile, you'd be free to sit there and smile... Knowing that every penny of your income is yours to spend as you please... Because your retirement is already secure.

How? With the power of supercomputer networks and artificial intelligence on your side. 

Instead of your wife complaining that “you’re gambling away your retirement,” she’ll come to trust the strategies you build with The Boss.

Your trades are now a welcome guest instead of an annoying pest.

One of my long-time clients, Dan C from North Carolina got his wife into trading.

Now they’re looking to retire early and buy a motor home with their profits so they can travel all over the US.

Instead of dreading whether or not their next trade will make money, they sleep in confidence knowing that the rationale for each and every trade is purely scientific and based on edges people simply can’t find.

The Ai doesn’t have any biases, so it tries very weird combinations of indicators and strange indices.

Sometimes I look at a Boss created strategy and think “I would have never tried that in a million years.”

You hear all the time in the business world that you “need to think outside the box.”

Well in the world of Ai, there is no box.

And we’re constantly adding more and more weird indicators and strange data sets to The Boss because the status quo and ordinary simply don’t make as much money as they used to.

Since I’ve already built six and counting strategy templates for trading everything from gold to the wildly popular S&P 500 ETF to high tech stocks, all I have to do is literally press the Start button and play a round of golf or go on a hike.

The trading strategies are automatically built at the push of a button.

It doesn't get any easier than that right?

Actually, it does get even easier...

New Breakthrough!

"The Boss" Ai Strategy Builder is now available as a lifetime license for your home PC!

The Boss can take advantage of your modern multi-core computer and build strategies automatically in the background.

A $5,000 value.

For a limited time, I'm also throwing in this mega-bonus...

Bonus #1: 4,000 Computer Hours of access to our supercomputer network. $4,000 Value

That's the equivalent of a normal computer running 24/7 for 208 days straight!

That way you can build strategies within about an hour.

I want to give you every opportunity to completely turn around your trading and get you on the path to riches in the shortest amount of time possible.

That is my commitment to you.

I've done it for others, and I know I can do it for you...if you're willing to learn.

Keep in mind that I pay for this massive computing network by the hour so I won't be able to give away this bonus much longer.

Bonus #2. Seven (and counting) power templates for easy strategy design. $3,000 Value

While you can customize The Boss to your heart’s content, having success building working strategies out of the gate is very important.

Success breeds success.

That’s why I built six and counting Power Temples to get you started in literally a few clicks.

  • There’s a “Pair Switching” example for trading gold ETFs both long and short so you can make money during periods of inflation (which I believe is coming due to the large debts of developed nations)

  • A once a month template for trading high tech stocks

  • A swing trading template for large cap S&P 500 and NASDAQ 100 stocks

  • A template for trading the always popular S&P 500 ETF (SPY) both long and short with a multi-strategy

  • A “Pair Switching” template for trading the NASDAQ 100 long and short (QQQ/PSQ)

  • The "Big Balls" template for quick and consistent stock trading. Throw out all that you know about "candlestick" trading because this works multiples better right outta the box. You'll have a highly tradable strategy in about an hour.

  • And many more to come!

Bonus #3. Video training modules for The Boss. $1,500 value

There’s video training for every aspect of using The Boss. Plus you’ll receive my personal insights on trading many different markets over the past 20+ years. 

Bonus #4. Group coaching calls (with Dan). $997 value

Join me live once a week where I’ll provide new lessons and you can ask me any question you want. Our members have found these calls to be extremely informative.

I’ll be there with one goal: Help you make more money more consistently than you ever have before!

These calls are why I have raving fans that have been recommending The Boss “Code Cracking Ai” to friends, family, and coworkers.

I get a big rush out of turning our member’s trading around because I know it will completely change their life. 

Even if you’re just a fly on the wall at first, you are entering a whole new world on these calls.

My job is to upload my experience into your brain in the shortest amount of time possible – like Neo in the Matrix. 

Bonus #5. Priority VIP Support. $500 value

Ugh! I hate typical software support! Most software companies make picking up the phone and calling or scheduling a Zoom call impossible. 

Heck, some companies even hide their email address…

…and when you do reach someone, they send you some canned response.

As the founder and CEO, whenever I think of any aspect of the business, I think “well, what would I want”?

And when I spend a lot of money, I expect great service.

Since I expect the red-carpet treatment, you’re getting it too. When you call, you will get a human.

I don’t even feel like this is groundbreaking…it’s common decency if you ask me.

Mega-Bonus #6. Portfolio Boss platform lifetime access. $1997 value

We are literally giving away for FREE what others base their entire business model on.

You can use our software to build and back test trading strategies and experiment to your heart’s content.

We’ve spent the last six years building a platform to leap over the old guard software platforms.

When you take me up on this “Critical Mass” offer for The Boss, you’re getting our trading platform, Portfolio Boss, for free for life.

  • No fees for stock and ETF quotes. 

  • No fees for software maintenance. 

  • No fees for maintaining portfolios (oh yeah, did I mention we keep track of additions and subtractions to indices like the S&P 500 and about 100 others?)

  • No fees for new indicators

  • No fees for Interactive Brokers auto-trading plugin and day trading capabilities (coming soon)

Total Value: $16,997.00

The Boss Super Ai

The Boss "Code Cracking Ai"

Few know this, but Shark Tank's Kevin O’Leary is knee-deep in artificial Intelligence (Ai).

He even has an Ai-focused O’Shares Exchange Traded Fund (see what he did there?) that invests in Ai companies.

Here's what he said to me:

“I want to do a big shout out to Dan and the whole team for reaching a milestone with the Portfolio Boss software. They just hit 1000 subscribers, how cool is that?…so look. Think about it this way. Dan, you did a fantastic job but you can’t rest on your laurels. And I expect this time next year, forget about this 1000 subscriber. How about 10,000?! That’s what I’m talking about baby!”

- Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary (aka Mr. Wonderful)

The reason we’re so excited is that we’ve created a software platform that uses Ai to leapfrog over the competition.

Since just 2006, the amount of moolah spent online has increased 75x to $3 trillion in 2018.

That number is expected to go to a mind-numbing $100 trillion by 2030.

Here are the top companies from 2000:

  1. General Motors
  2. Wal-Mart
  3. Exxon Mobile
  4. Ford
  5. GE

Now here are the top companies by market cap in 2020:

  1. Apple
  2. Microsoft
  3. Amazon
  4. Alphabet
  5. Facebook

The companies that embraced technology -- specifically Ai and machine learning -- vacuumed up investment dollars and became the biggest companies in the world.

So why not incorporate Ai and machine learning into your trading?

Not only can you ride current and future tech companies on their way up, but you can get a synergistic effect by timing your trades to maximize gains.

That's what Ai does -- it maximizes your gains.

But remember, Mr. Wonderful said we need to get to 10,000 subscribers right?

To achieve critical mass in a market just begging to get taken over by even better technology, I have to sacrifice profits for growth.

So I'm pledging a $1 million commitment to Kevin right here, right now...

You’re not going to invest $16,997.00 today.

It’s not even going to cost you the $15,000 that others have already ponied up.

Today, you'll receive a lifetime license to use The Boss Ai strategy builder... 4,000 computer hours for mega-FAST strategy creation... the seven Power Templates so you can just press Start and have strategies automatically built for you in about an hour... the other four bonuses...

For a one-time discounted investment of $4997.

But hold on a second…

…didn’t I say that I made a $1 million commitment to Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary?

That way we could hit critical mass?

Instead of investing the $4,997 for a lifetime license, I'm offering a fantastic EVERYDAY is FRIDAY in NOVEMBER deal to celebrate the market hitting post-Covid new highs!

You invest just $4,997 $1997.

Now you’ll be oozing with confidence.

People will wonder why you’re calm as a cucumber during the next market crash.

You get all this as a member:

  • Unlimited access to The Boss Ai Automated Strategy Builder on your PC.

  • Bonus #1: 4,000 Computer Hours of access to our supercomputer network for FAST strategy builds. $4,000 Value

  • Bonus #2. Seven (and counting) power templates for easy push button strategy design. $3000 Value

  • Bonus #3. Video training modules for “Matrix-style into your brain” use of The Boss. $1500 Value

  • Bonus #4. Group coaching calls (with Dan). $997 Value

  • Bonus #5. Priority VIP Support. $497 Value

  • Bonus #6. Portfolio Boss platform lifetime access. $1997 Value

I’ve only scratched the surface as to what Portfolio Boss and “The Boss Code Cracking Ai” are capable of.

The Boss Super Ai

The Boss "Code Cracking Ai"

Please Call my Director of VIP Client Relations, Adam Kaye to Get Started:


I want you to see with your own eyes why our members are converting in droves from “old school 1980’s style” trading platforms to Portfolio Boss and “The Boss Code Cracking Ai” strategy builder.

And since I want this switch-over to be as painless as possible, you get lifetime access to "The Boss" Ai strategy Builder, our back-testing platform, and historical quotes for FREE.

No other fees for updates.

The trading strategies are what end up making you F U money year after year so you're beholden to no one.

Last I checked, we’re about the size of Industrial Light and Magic’s network for animating Star Wars.

Yee Haw!

But that’s where the celebration ends.

The discount and the 4,000 hours of bonus access to our supercomputer network will expire November 30th at midnight. 

100% Risk-Free “I’ll Even Buy Back Your Hours” Guarantee

Using The Boss is as easy as using one of the seven (and counting) Power Temples and press Start.

I’m so confident that within about an hour, you’ll be seeing the best strategies of your life with The Boss Ai Strategy Designer.

If you’re not seeing the most amazing trading strategies, I’ll give you a full refund within the 14-day period. Cancel anytime. No questions asked.

Please DO NOT order if...

  • If you believe that you can make instant riches overnight in your underwear while eating Cheetos.

  • If a few thousand dollars is going make you skip paying your electric bill and you're desperate, then this is not for you.

  • If you've got a fiery temper and like to point fingers, then I don't want you on our group calls.

With that said...

If you want to be part of history…part of my commitment to Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary, then go ahead and click the Order Button below to get started.

Never before have I offered such an amazing deal to access the world’s first “SuperAi” network for creating trading strategies from scratch.

Now is your chance to create winning strategies with a push of a button.

And you’ll never have any software update fees for our platform – EVER.

Welcome to the revolution.

Now, ask yourself this question:  What if you could start RIGHT NOW using The Boss "Code Cracking Ai" to tell you exactly what to stock buy, exactly how long to hold it, and exactly when to sell?

How much would that be worth to you?

What if with only a few minutes of training, you could be generating the same consistent returns you saw here?

How much would that be worth to you?

What if a The Boss "Code Cracking Ai" saved you from just one bad trade and got you into and out of a stock at exactly the right time?

How much would that be worth to you?

Go ahead and click on the order button below to get started now.

In about an hour, you could have your first winning strategy ready to trade tomorrow.

Trade smart,

Dan Murphy

Dan Murphy

P.S. This is the best offer you will ever see and prices WILL GO UP after November 30th.

P.P.S. The discount and the mega-bonus 4,000 computer hours of access to our Supercomputer network for FAST strategy builds expires November 30th at midnight.

The Boss Super Ai

The Boss "Code Cracking Ai"

Please Call my Director of VIP Client Relations, Adam Kaye to Get Started:

Question #1: What is “Code Cracking Ai”?

The Boss is a brand-new kind of artificial intelligence, built on top of millions of dollars worth of supercomputing power.

With it, traders can choose their goals. Maybe you want to gain 50% a year, every year. Or perhaps you want to make no more than 1 trade a month…or swing trade every five days.

You simply tell The Boss "Code Cracking Ai" exactly what you want, and it computes millions of pieces of data, including stock information dating back to 1986.

And while you wait, it effortlessly delivers a completely customized, personal trading strategy that meets your exact requirements. 

Question #2: What kind of hardware do I need? Is this for Mac or PC?

Portfolio Boss (our trading platform that communicates with The Boss) is made natively for Windows 10. 

You can also run it on Mac using Parallels®. I’ve installed it within a couple minutes on my Macbook Air. 

A modern PC with at least 8GB of RAM and 4 or more CPU cores is recommended. More cores = faster strategy builds.

When you use The Boss supercomputer network, almost all of the processing is handled in the cloud for a massive speed boost.

Question #3: How big of an account do I need to get started?

The minimum suggested is $10,000. $25,000 or more is needed with day trading. 

Question #4: How does "Code Cracking Ai" revolutionize trading for small investors like me?

Professional investors and stockbrokers all over the world are using Ai programs powered by supercomputers to help them make trades at speeds that are too fast for humans to follow.

Until now, these supercomputers were simply too expensive to afford for the little guy. After all, it cost IBM $1.8 billion dollars to set up their own supercomputer.

But for the first time ever, we’re in the middle of a convergence. Supercomputer networks and the "Code Cracking Ai" that powers investing strategies are finally affordable.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to finally play on a level field… to harness the incredible power of technology to make calculations and discover trading strategies that no human being could possibly imagine.

Question #5: If this is so profitable, why don’t you keep it to yourself?

I spent the last 23 years of my life trading on the stock market. If there’s one thing I learned, it’s that most strategies don’t work… but the ones that do hit it out of the park.

They make more money than most everyday investors could possibly imagine.

And those amounts of money would be life-changing to most of us. 

35-50% annual returns could turn a small investment of $10,000 into over a million dollars in less than a decade. 

Just think, we could finally get the government out of our pockets. Let the free market do it what it does best: generate incredible wealth, for real Americans. 

I have a huge heart, but I wasn’t always so altruistic. I’m a bit embarrassed to say that, as a trader, for many years, my own fortune was my #1 concern.

But a few years back, I was out for a drive in my Range Rover with my beautiful girlfriend. Not doing anything special, just out shopping. Blasting some 80s music, enjoying the day. It was a clear Sunday in Newport Beach.


In the blink of an eye, a Jeep hit my car door like a heat-seeking missile.

It sounds cheesy to say, but I truly believe that I saw my life flash in front of my eyes.

A moment like that makes a man re-examine his life. Your priorities change. I was lucky to be alive.

It was then that I decided to concentrate my efforts on helping others. Heck, I already had enough money.

But I had the skills and the technology to help tens of thousands of everyday traders make money for themselves and their families. 

Question #6: Is it a lot of work?

Using The Boss "Code Cracking Ai" to uncover new trading strategies is the complete opposite of hard work.

That’s how it’s designed. The computer is there to do the hard work for you! Think of it like printing out a document vs writing it out by hand. The computer is far faster, far neater, and its hand never gets tired.

You wouldn’t try to run a footrace against a car. 

That’s just crazy. You let the machine do the work it's designed to do.

That’s exactly how it is with The Boss "Code Cracking Ai". It does the work… you reap the rewards.

Question #7: What is a core hour (or computer hour)?

A core hour is one hour on a normal computer. That's how our cloud service provider charges us.

Now because we can link thousands of computer cores together, we can significantly speed up "The Boss" strategy builder.

So if we link together 100 computer cores for an hour, that's 100 core hours. Makes sense right?

The average Boss run takes about 60 core hours. But in the real world where you and I live, when connected to the supercomputer network, it will typically finish in less than an hour.

Question #8: Can I use Boss built strategies on other trading platforms?

Many of the indicators and datasets built inside Portfolio Boss are unique to Portfolio Boss and can not be easily replicated in other software platforms.

Question #9: Are the trading rules fully revealed?

Yes, you get full use of the platform. All trading rules are revealed.

Question #10: Does this work with real money?

Yes. I've personally had my track record audited and verified by a 3rd party CPA.

Many of our members use Portfolio Boss and The Boss "Code Cracking Ai" to generate income for retirement.

I didn't mention it much in the text above, but there's an extreme focus on what's called "out of sample" testing which I cover in the video training modules.

That's the reason why so many of our members are so successful after literally years of losses.

More than one member has confided to me that they lost money trading for over 20 years before I helped turn them around and get on the path to success.

The Boss Super Ai

The Boss "Code Cracking Ai"

Please Call my Director of VIP Client Relations, Adam Kaye to Get Started:

Act Now... This Offer Expires Soon!

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Government required disclaimer: The results listed herein are based on hypothetical trades. Plainly speaking, these trades were not actually executed. Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain inherent limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, since the trades have not actually been executed, the results may have under (or over) compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors such as lack of liquidity. You may have done better or worse than the results portrayed.