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"To celebrate our 10-year anniversary, I've created the PERFECT Meta-strategy upgrade to trade in any market environment. You can have it. Just follow the signals. And with our new BasketTrader plugin, whether you're trading 5, 10, or 20 strategies -- it's a breeze!"


If you've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to get your hands on the new 2024 Inverse Infusion Bundle, it's now or never…

…because we're celebrating our 10-year anniversary and have rolled prices back to 2014 levels.

Not only that, the markets are getting volatile again.

That spells opportunity!

You see, while others are fearful, the 2024 Inverse Infusion bundle has been up every month since September.

That's because it focuses on capturing the bulk of the up moves AND the down moves using inverse ETFs.

No wonder why the average annual gains have been over 100%.

10 years ago, Portfolio Boss 1.0 was mailed to members on a CD. It cost $4000. Even though the software was slow and clunky back then, I had discovered an incredible edge with momentum and anti-momentum — with a specific focus on tech stocks leading the charge (boy was I right about that!)
And since pouring over $5 million of R&D money into machine learning, cloud computing, and alternative data… we've been making discovery after discovery at break-neck speed.
So what's this new discovery about, and how is it going to siphon more money from the markets into your portfolio with less chop, more consistently than ever?
Three New Discoveries to Supercharge Your Portfolio into 2024 and Beyond

Two years ago, the son of one of my “Dirty Dozen” recruits made a shocking discovery: That country ETF mispricing data is highly predictive of just about ANY market, asset, sector, or stock.

It has been mind-blowingly universal. I would dare to say that no one else has figured out this weird sort of “proxy trading.”

Since then, we've heavily refined the approach — to the point where the code for the strategy is often just one or two lines. That way the odds of over-fitting to the past are extremely low.

New Discovery #1: Meta ML to Combine Them

It's funny how things come full circle. Back in 2013, I decided to ditch the off the shelf software I was using because it didn't support ranking a large portfolio of stocks. 

I only wanted to focus on trading the top ranked stocks while cutting out the rest because they were dead weight. I knew I was missing out on a massive edge if I didn't create my own software to do just that.

Fast-forward a decade, and we discovered a MASSIVE edge. Only this time instead of ranking stocks, we would rank trading strategies.

It's like a baseball manager selecting only the best players for the All-star team every month.

Having a large number of trading strategies to choose from had the added benefit of huge win streaks where you wouldn't lose money for months at a time. And if it was a down month, it would typically be very small.

I call this new invention Meta ML, and you may be using it right now to select the best strategies every month.

New Discovery #2: Inverse ETFs for Smooth Returns

Next up, I got together with Josh Jarrett (who I helped completely turn around his trading and is now consistently at the top 20 at Fundseeder, a site that ranks over 18,000 traders).

We formulated a plan where every strategy we would build from now on would have inverse ETFs like SH (inverse S&P 500), DOG (inverse Dow 30), PSQ (inverse NASDAQ 100). Even stock trading strategies would require them.

You see, nearly every stock is correlated to the market averages like the S&P 500. That correlation rises to 90% or more during a bear market. Remember, utility and dividend stocks crashed just like everything else in 2008.

So it made perfect sense to build strategies that can act as a hedge since we're often trading several at a time.

Imagine you're trading 10 strategies, and bad news comes out of left field. But four of the strategies are in inverse ETFs, and two are in cash.

That sure softens the blow, right?

Well, that exact scenario happened just the other day, which is why April is still an up month for my Inverse Infusion Meta ML (which you can have as a bonus)…

New Discovery #3: A NEW Paradigm…TAP + Arms Index!

In 1967, Richard Arms introduced the world to his “Arms Index”… a measure of breadth on the New York Stock Exchange.

I have never found this indicator that useful — until now.

Lean in real quick, I have a secret to tell you…

You see, it turns out that when you combine the country ETF mispricing data (TAP) with the Arms Index…well, it's like peanut butter and chocolate.

I began creating strategies where I found it impossible before.

It was like adding fertile soil and water to a desert to create an oasis.

For example, I had tried off and on to create a strategy on Super Micro Computer (SMCI) for months.


Then I took out my handy list of “weird” indicators and added it to the mix. That way The Boss could build a trading strategy with it.

I pressed Start, and hoped for the best. Pay dirt!

Take a look at the results!…

Making Trading FUN Again!

All these new discoveries are making trading fun. Take for example this new S&P 500 trading strategy.

It switches between SPXL when the S&P 500 is predicted to go up, and SPXS when it's predicted to fall.

Its average annual return is 181% in out of sample testing. And since I got my hands on it 6 months ago, it has returned a whopping 49.6%. See why it's so fun to trade?

At a time when the market finally got a bit choppy, this bad boy has been back and forth between SPXL and SPXS.

It's like watching a tennis match between two titans.

Here it is catching the swings to the upside with SPXL…you can see it's on a buy (for now)..

Then it easily navigates the volatility as everyone started freaking out about Israel and IRan. As I'm writing this letter, it just closed out a 6.2% gain in two days as stocks sank.

Now it's great and all to see these backtests. Last I checked, you can't cash a backtest at your local bank. So what about the real world performance?

Well, in case you haven't opened up one of my emails in a long while, you've probably noticed members have been sending me their actual brokerage statements.

Not all are profitable every month, but the one that was down last month (April) was only down -1.78%.

Here are just a few. I have dozens more.


You have to move fast to get in on this once in a decade opportunity

Now since you are already a Portfolio Boss member, and it's our 10-year anniversary, I want to offer you a killer deal…

The 2024 Inverse Infusion Bundle

Our mission at Portfolio Boss is to provide traders every advantage.

Anything we can do to give you an edge.

So, when Josh Jarrett approached me with a new bundle of his best new strategies, I jumped on the chance to look it over.

After all, his first bundle produced some amazing results. Especially after I finished fine-tuning it.

This bundle was even more special, because of how timely it was.

All of the strategies were based around Inverse Trading Pairs!

Now remember, Josh is no trading slouch.

Far from it …

He’s a verifiable Portfolio Boss master and on Fundseeders audited trading leaderboards, he reigns supreme.

So I was ready to take these strategies very seriously.

I was interested for sure, but I warned Josh that we would have to go through them with a fine-toothed comb.

Looking for any inconsistencies, weaknesses, or drawbacks to the strategies.

I have to admit. I was very impressed.

Josh and I went over these strategies ruthlessly. Eliminating any imperfections, any duplications, and anything with the slightest hint of dead weight.

We’re all about cutting the fat, no matter how good it is.

After all of this, we were left with 28 of the finest strategies I’ve ever seen. Strategies which I believe are the perfect way to maximize your gains and reduce those anxiety-filled days where you struggle to make a trade.

But don’t take my word for it. Let me prove it. You won’t be disappointed.

And by the way, these strategies can be traded all by themselves, or you can use them in addition to the Meta (or Metas) you're trading.

With the new BasketTrader plugin for Interactive Brokers, trading is no longer a tedious daily task. BasketTrader allows you to trade as many strategies as you want with very little manual order entry.

It's just one of many new features inside Portfolio Boss 5.3.

28 Bull Market Champions

These strategies have seen multiple bull markets. Including the second longest bull market run in history… the 2009 to 2020 “Great Recession Recovery.” They all outperformed.


22 Bear Market Heroes

The quality of these strategies (green lines) that makes them so effective is that they don’t stop winning when the markets turn. Just take a look at how they reacted during the “Great Recession” of 2006-2009. Do you see a bear market in any of the green lines? I sure don’t. (6 of the Inverse Infusion Strategies are not old enough to have seen the Great Recession. They were not included below)



Fast Mover Bonus

I’m throwing in one final bonus.

You’ll also get 12 months of free access to my Strategy of the Month Club.

Members of this club get one strategy, made by me, every month. I use this club as a testing ground for new concepts and ideas. So you’ll always be seeing me test the limits of what’s possible with Portfolio Boss, as I’m developing these ideas.

It’s like a real time view into the cutting edge of strategy development.

And make no mistake about it. Just because these strategies use new and experimental techniques, that doesn’t mean they’re risky or untested.

I rigorously run them through the gamut of tests and make sure they are performing well.

I also make sure none of them are overfit to the past. For the more adventurous, this is a great way to see how far Portfolio Boss can be pushed WITHOUT risking doing it yourself and stumbling creating a landmine strategy that could blow your portfolio up.

Whether you’re the adventurous type or not, these are great strategies that you can use to beef up your Portfolio Boss arsenal and fuel your Metas.

Not only that you will get instant access to the back strategies for the Strategy of the Month Club. That’s 5 bonus strategies you’ll get today. In addition to the 12 over the next year.

And because I like to stay ahead of schedule, I have already made strategies through October, 2024. Those are ready for you immediately.

Meta ML using Inverse Infusion and Strategies of the Month

People ask all the time: “Why so many strategies?”

The answer is because having a large number of strategies to choose from increases the odds of picking the perfect strategies to trade.

Every month, our Meta ML technology picks the top 5, 10 (or more) strategies to trade — sort of like how a baseball team manager picks his starters. That's how we're building strategies with backtests with over 100% annual returns with nearly 90% winning months.

So that’s a total of 17 bonus strategies. 13 today, and 4 more over the next year. All for being decisive and making your decision quickly. But remember I can only extend this to those who make the decision to upgrade their strategy bank with these inverse strategies before the timer expires.

So don’t hesitate if you want your shot at 17 free strategies on the cutting edge of what we’re doing here at Portfolio Boss HQ.

For those that act quickly today here’s a recap of what you'll be getting.

The 2024 Inverse Infusion Pack $28,000

28 of the finest strategies we have. Specifically designed to magnify gains in choppy markets. At the same time they aim to cut down on losses when the markets take a dive, with the potential to turn a profit as everyone else is losing out.

Fast Mover Bonus: Strategy of the Month Club $12,000 FREE!

A free cutting edge strategy made by me. Once a month, every month. These strategies use experimental new techniques and ideas I’m developing. As I constantly optimize the strategy creation techniques available to Portfolio Boss users you will be among the first to see these powerful new techniques as they’re created.

Fast Mover Bonus: Strategy of the Month Club Backlog $5,000 FREE!

5 fresh and exciting strategies you can use TODAY to bolster your portfolio boss arsenal. Metas work best with a lot of varied fuel and I can promise you this. I doubt these strategies are like anything you’ve ever seen before. They’re made with a new technique that is sure to give your Metas plenty of new ammo to work with. I’m happy to give these away free to those who take action today.

So what's the one-time investment, Dan?

Like I said at the start of this letter, to celebrate 10 years of Portfolio Boss, you get 45 strategies for the price of one. Back in the day, we sold the “DB Transactions” strategy for $4000 (and that was in 2014 dollars).

So I'm rolling back prices to 2014. You get all 45 strategies for a one-time investment of $4000. All rules are fully revealed. You even receive my kick-ass Inverse Infusion Meta ML that I carefully crafted to work with all the strategies combined (including the bonus strategies). That way all you have to do is follow the signals…

….and with our new BasketTrader plugin for Interactive Brokers, it's a snap!

TOTAL FAST ACTION PRICE TODAY: $45,000 $10,000 $5,000 $4,000

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The clock is literally ticking. At this point, you have a decision to make...
All these strategies make the perfect addition to your arsenal of strategies.
I have gone over each of them with a fine-tooth comb.
They are different from anything we've released in the past, and they often contain new discoveries. Trading dissimilar trading strategies results in smoother gains. It's the only “free lunch” on Wall Street.
You can use them to build your own Meta strategies, or you can use my pre-made 2024 Inverse Infusion + bonuses Meta ML.
The choice is yours.
Many of our members are retired or about to retire. If that's your circumstance, then you owe it to yourself to have all the latest tools for generating money at your disposal.
Are you ready to take the leap and empower yourself with the latest and greatest tools to boost your portfolio at the best deal you'll ever see?
I have one question for you: Are you in or out?
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Trade Smart,

Dan Murphy
CEO Portfolio Boss

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