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The 2024 Inverse Infusion Pack


So you can move into the AI PEARL Wave with confidence.

Because remember, these waves aren’t all about gains. There are inevitable drawbacks as well… sometimes steep ones.

The thing that makes Inverse Strategies so useful is their ability to transform turnarounds and choppy markets into profits.

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By being one of the first 50 people to order you will receive a free years subscription to my Strategy of the Month Club as well as the backlog of strategies I’ve developed for it so far. I want to blow you away with the quality and uniqueness of the strategies so you stay a member for years to come. Cancel any time. I'm not happy unless you're making money with ease.

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My Guarantee To You

In the unlikely event that you aren’t satisfied with these strategies. No big deal.

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Simple as that… no questions asked. You are under zero obligation to continue.

You have nothing to lose, and plenty to gain.

At it’s core, I see it like this…

Inverse strategies are a high speed racing boat with a built in life raft. These strategies have proven in the past their ability to pull ahead.

Most of them have also proven their ability to turn around, and save themselves when the rest of the market is drowning.

As traders we’re always looking for a certain type of tool, one that…

  • Protects you from black swans, market turnarounds, and unexpected drawdowns.
  • Prepares you to make the most of bull runs, rallies, and upswings.
  • Empowers you, giving you the confidence you need to act quickly and decisively when the time is right.

Today I’ve shown you evidence of these strategies doing all this and more.

And it’s like I said. It’s the most decisive of Portfolio Boss users that end up happily sending me their brokerage statements.

It’s the ones who know what if means to move quickly when they spot opportunity AND aren’t afraid to do what they see must be done.

How many success stories have you seen in your life, about fence sitters, indecisiveness, and hesitant action?

My bet is not very many. I know I haven’t… to me it’s as simple as this.

Spotting opportunity and taking it in combination are the surest ways to achieve your goals.

I truly believe the strategies in this bundle are some of the best tools to provide that level of confidence to any trader in the coming times.

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Trade Smart,

Dan Murphy

P.S. Your $5,000 off coupon code is applied below. Cheers to your success!

P.P.S. You can cancel your 12-month trial to Strategy of the Month Club at any time over the next 12 months. I'm confidence you'll love them all. If not, just contact my friendly staff. No hard feelings.

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Inverse Infusion Bundle

Inverse Infusion Bundle 

28 of the finest strategies we have. Specifically designed to magnify gains in choppy markets. At the same time, they aim to cut down on losses when the markets take a dive, with the potential to turn a profit as everyone else is losing out.

Strategy Of The Month Club Annual II Bundle Free Trial

Strategy Of The Month Club

A free, cutting edge strategy made by me. Once a month, every month. These strategies use new techniques and ideas I’m developing. As I constantly optimize the strategy creation techniques available to Portfolio Boss users, you will be among the first to see these powerful new techniques as they’re created.


Strategy Of The Month Club Backlog

5 fresh and exciting strategies you can use TODAY to bolster your portfolio boss arsenal. Metas work best with a lot of varied fuel and I can promise you this. I doubt these strategies are like anything you’ve ever seen before. They’re made with a new technique that is sure to give your Metas plenty of new ammo to work with. I’m happy to give these away free to the first 50 people who take action today.

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Strategy Of The Month Club Annual II Bundle × 1
First year FREE then just $2500/per yr.
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My Guarantee To You

In the unlikely event that you aren’t satisfied with these strategies. No big deal.

Call us up within 30 days and we will refund you completely to your original form of payment.

Simple as that… no questions asked. And Strategy of the Month Club can be cancelled day one or day 364. I'll let you be the judge.

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