Portfolio Boss Christmas Giveaway Download

Step 1: Click the “download” button above to download to your computer (it's named “5 bonus strategies.ebts“). If you already have Portfolio Boss installed, simply open the file and Portfolio Boss will automatically install them. All five strategies are set to be traded simultaneously. Just follow the trade signals. Enjoy!

Step 2: If you DO NOT have Portfolio Boss, I have arranged for a special 30-day trial for $1, with a modest monthly fee to cover our operating expenses. Here’s what’s included:

– Daily price quotes, including ETF mispricing data to run the strategies.
– Historical data back to 1986, including de-listed for accuracy
– Simple drag n drop strategy builder and backtester
– Automated daily emails for trade signals
– Auto-trading (coming soon)
– Multi-strategy support to take advantage of higher returns and consistency
– Frequent updates, new features, and bug fixes
– Even more bonus strategies!


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Merry Christmas!

From Dan and the entire Portfolio Boss Team