Private: Special Announcement for Boss Members ONLY

Why I'd like to buy back your copy of Portfolio Boss

Hey, it’s Dan Murphy and I have a special announcement for Portfolio Boss members only. Please do not share this info outside of our group.


I’m about to share your fellow Portfolio Boss member’s actual brokerage statements.




There have been some BIG changes over the past year. In fact, I’ve never seen such a quantum leap in progress in my 26 years of trading.


That being the new True Asset Pricing (T.A.P) technique.


It has been designing wildly profitable strategies that make money when ETFs go up or down. 


Here are the backtested results from Dirty Dozen member Danny (you’ll see his real-money results in a minute):

More recently, I’ve had a breakthrough where I discovered that TAP data can build strategies on individual stocks. It’s a total game-changer. Notice this multi-strategy makes more in bear markets. See for yourself:

That’s why I’ve come to a major decision about your membership to Portfolio Boss.


In order to best serve you going forward. To make sure you make the most profitable strategies with the highest consistency…


…I’ve decided to “buy back” your copy of Portfolio Boss…


…if you decide to become a member of my “The Dirty Dozen” machine learning group.


…AND I'll get you in near our cost.


Why? Because I'm taking my company in a new direction, and this is how I can best serve you.

First, I want to share with you the real-money results of your fellow ‘Bosses that decided to trust me and my team, and upgrade to The Dirty Dozen:


Here’s Jay Adam’s actual brokerage statement. Notice he was up 32.6% the other month during a pretty crummy trading environment. That resulted in $47,205 in cold hard cash.

Darren checked in with a $2,430.42 in December despite it being a tough month for the stock market. He's seeing first hand that you can actually make more during a bear market.

Next we have Tod’s real-money account showing a $22,000 gain:

And here we can see a smart phone screenshot of a $63,398 gain from David Grigsby:

Member Skip Miller didn't skip a beat, and had a fantastic November…

…up $135,420.

Here's what he wrote me:

“With the recent addition of new TAP data and the improvements with TAP data delivery reliability, my most recent Multi-Strategy metrics are seeing a CAGR over 100%, MDD 15% with winning years 100% and months at 93%. My brokerage statement shows those improved results for the month of November. I am ready to take my investing to the next level. I have been with you for over a decade and a user of PB from the beginning. I am ready to continue being a productive and contributing member to this next step to improving the team and my investing success.”

Here's a $20,114 gain from long-time member Chris Daniel:

Not everyone is focusing on big gains. We have many retirees that focus on low volatility and high consistency. Here’s a $4,395 gain from Lee:

Here’s a $15,198 gain from Gary’s Schwab account:

Allen is focusing on high gains for his Fidelity account, and was up a whopping $37,432.

Josh Jarrett runs a business by day, but I still consider him a power user. He trades over 100 strategies for big-time diversity and consistency. He had a nice $25,005 gain.

Josh might be getting into money management, and he even had his account audited by Fundseeder.

That’s a fund tracking service founded by Jack Schwager. Yes, that Jack Schwager who wrote all the Market Wizards books.

Now I’m not showing you all these real-money statements to brag. It’s to prove to you that what we’re doing works with real money – not just a backtest. 

And like I said, I want to get you into The Dirty Dozen at a substantial discount, including applying what you've already paid as credit, because this is the direction we’re taking going forward…

…because it’s head and shoulders above using price data to build strategies.

OK, so what do you receive as a Dirty Dozen member that you don’t with your current Portfolio Boss membership?

  • Access to The Boss SuperAi automated strategy builder. I spent over $4 million perfecting dedicated machine learning for building trading strategies, plus building a network of over 3,500 computers so that take could be done in minutes instead of days.

  • 19 Instant Start templates. Just press the Start button to automatically build strategies in ETFs pairs like SSO/SDS (S&P 500), BOIL/KOLD (Natural gas), GLD/GLL (gold), and long/short strategies on hundreds of stocks. Here’s the partial list:
  • Access to True Asset Pricing (T.A.P) data. Did you know EVERY ETF is mispriced on a daily basis? By feeding TAP data to the machine learning, it's able to discover highly predictive patterns no human could. It's how dozens of our members are creating clock-work consistent strategies with over 100% average annual gains. A feat I thought wasn't possible…until now.

  • Cyber Code plugin. Not only can The Boss A.I build strategies with traditional indicators like RSI & MACD, it can also program itself in C code for up to 10x the profits and consistency.

  • 24/7 access to our private forum where we share the keys to pre-made strategies, tips, and settings to build winning strategies on a wide variety of strategies. Plus, these Dirty Dozen veterans have already been in your shoes and will gladly help out. I’m on there several times a day.

  • Drag and drop multi-strategy support. Build your unique strategies, then drag and drop them into a multi-strategy for ultra-smooth gains. Trading multiple strategies at once: That's the real “Holy Grail” secret to pulling clock-work consistent profits from the markets.

  • Bonus: You also receive my coveted Country Boy NASDAQ 100 Profit Pair strategy. It's up 51% so far in 2022, and 8% in 2023. It trades between the popular QLD/QID ETFs. QID allows you to profit as the NASDAQ 100 declines. On average, this strategy shows an 84% annual gain. The trading rules are fully revealed. $3,000 Value

Due to the enormous costs for development, an 800% increase in cloud computing fees, and the cost to acquire TAP data, the discounted rate for Portfolio Boss members is normally $15,000 to upgrade.

We’ve had dozens of members gladly pay that price because as you’ve already seen, many made multiples of the investment within a month or even a week in some cases.

But I’ve made a major decision: I’ve decided to take my company in this entirely new direction, and because you’re already a Portfolio Boss buyer, you can upgrade at a tremendous savings AND use what you've already paid as applied credit.

That way you not only have access to the same tools that made Dirty Dozens members so much money (as you saw above).

You also get them at significant savings.

All you need to do next is schedule a call with Adam Kaye, my Director of VIP Client Relations.

When you get on the phone with him, he'll explain the one-time fee based on your membership level.

Upgrading your Portfolio Boss membership is the best way I can serve you going forward, and you will receive the lowest price possible AND use what you've already paid as applied credit.

Or call Adam Kaye directly: 516-220-8221

Schedule a Call With Adam Kaye To Upgrade

$15,000 Advanced Bonus Training

Now since the TAP strategies you create with The Boss are best traded together, I’ve decided to grant you access to my $15,000 advanced training on multi-strategy trading.

It’s called Unite. This video training suite covers:

  • Strategy Stacking so you can combine Profit Pairs in the most efficient money-making way possible.

  • Advanced order types for excellent fills on your orders. This really helps save you tens of thousands of dollars as your account grows.

  • Strategy Spigoting for even higher consistency during volatile times. I can’t even describe more here because it’s something I never talk about outside Unite.

  • Meta-Strategic Trading: A new method that allows the computer to automatically pick which Profit Pairs to trade for even more profits and consistency. I’m doing an update to this section due to machine learning being added to the process (oh man am I looking forward to THIS!)

  • How to save up to 50% on your taxes. Now that you’re making more, the tax man wants a bigger and bigger cut. Here’s how to snip that in half in this two-part video series. This alone could be worth multiples more than the one-time investment for the program.

Vacation Bonus Giveaway

As an added incentive, when you build your first TAP strategy (there are 19 Instant Start templates to do this FAST)…

…I'll cover your accommodations and send you on vacation to Mexico, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Bali, Dubai, or Thailand. A $1500 value.

Just show me a screenshot, and I'll hook you up as a reward.

Schedule a call now because this deal and mega-incentive is about to end.

Just "Press Start" 30-day Guarantee

I guarantee The Boss will build you a strategy within four presses of the Start button. If for some reason it doesn't, just send me a screen capture that you at least tried, and I'll give you a full refund within 30-days.

I'm 100% confident you'll be up and building your first strategy within minutes of upgrading.

Or call Adam Kaye directly: 516-220-8221

This offer is open to you until Tuesday, January 31st.

If you decide not to move forward, that’s OK. However, 99% of future content will be on our weekly calls, email updates, and private forum. It’s my main focus because it is much more profitable and consistent than any other technique I’ve seen in my 26 years of trading.

As a big “thank you” for your long-time participation and loyalty with Portfolio Boss, I’ve lowered the barrier to entry near our cost AND use what you've already paid as applied credit.

Or call Adam Kaye directly: 516-220-8221

Once you fill out the order form, just restart Portfolio Boss, and you’ll have instant access to everything:

  • 19 Instant Start templates

  • 1-page checklist to built your own TAP strategies fast

  • Access to True Asset Pricing (T.A.P) data (the most predictive data I've ever come across)

  • Cyber Code plugin (Strategies written in pure C code)

  • 24/7 access to our private forum

  • Country Boy NASDAQ 100 Profit Pair strategy ($3000 Value)

  • $15,000 advanced training on multi-strategy trading (Unite)

  • Bonus Vacation when you build your first strategy

This “near cost” and applied credit offer is open to you until Tuesday, January 31st. No exceptions.

Or call Adam Kaye directly: 516-220-8221

Trade Smart,


P.S. Want access to the same proven hedge fund level A.I and supercomputing tools that members are so happy with, they're sending me their brokerage statements?

As a big “thank you” for your long-time participation and loyalty with Portfolio Boss, I’ve lowered the barrier to entry near our cost AND use what you've already paid as applied credit.

Hurry, time is running out. Schedule a call now, or call Adam Kaye directly to upgrade.




Government required disclaimer: The results listed herein are based on hypothetical trades. Plainly speaking, these trades were not actually executed. Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain inherent limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, since the trades have not actually been executed, the results may have under (or over) compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors such as lack of liquidity. You may have done better or worse than the results portrayed.