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Step 1: Download your 5 bonus strategies by clicking the button below. Then open the file for automatic installation. Merry Christmas from all of us at team Portfolio Boss!

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On This Page You Will Discover: The Exact Tools and Techniques Dan Created That Let Him Compete With Top hedge Funds.

Including Giants Like The Medallion Fund Who Outperform Their Peers, Crush Most Main Street Traders, and Pull in Profit Like Clockwork …

All from behind his desktop computer.

You’ll also receive the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have Dan look over every aspect of your portfolio and strategies from top to bottom.

While his team adapts these new techniques to YOUR unique situation. Applying both little tweaks and major overhauls, any one of which could see your profits increase by 42%.

All without paying a fraction of what others have happily paid to receive the same custom-made “One-man hedge fund” battle plan.

Ho-ho-howdy Top Trader, Dan Murphy here …

I hope you’ve been enjoying our twelve days of Christmas celebration.

We’ve been offering free strategies to our users … Sharing the secrets I’ve learned as I start my own “one-man hedge fund” … and now we’re prepared to offer something even better to a select group of our users.

If you’ve ever wanted to:

  • Let go of the stress of trading (but keep the fun and the profits).

  • Have the security of knowing you can trust your strategies and system. Without relying on lines on a chart, “funnymental” analysis, and never having to worry about your emotions getting the better of you.

  • Open the floodgates to long-term wealth with unique and advanced trading tools — while simultaneously simplifying your system for better, more consistent results

  • Spend more time with your family and less time reading trading news, staring at charts, or double-guessing your strategies and systems.

  • Get all this and more just by pushing a single button …

You’re in luck. This page is meant for you. Unlike the other parts of this 12 Days of Christmas celebration, this isn’t going to everyone on our list.

We don’t want to waste anyone's time (including our own) this offer is only going to the select few we think it will be worthwhile for.

So even though this is a limited offer, don’t worry, there’s no need to panic.

There’s no pressure …

There isn’t a ticking timer …

There’s no need to take frantic notes or rush to the bottom to click a link before anyone else.

If you can see this page, you’ve been chosen. You’re in… it’s yours if you want it.

So I want you to relax, take a minute to read this message, and see if it sounds right for you.

It was never my plan to offer this service, and it’s unlikely I ever will again.

Call it a Christmas Miracle, being “too” nice, or whatever you want …

But the truth is, I didn’t plan to offer a service like this.

It’s a lot of work for my team and me. It isn’t the kind of thing I can just train someone quickly to do. I need to be personally involved and go over every aspect.

Whatever you want to call it, now is the time to take advantage if you’re interested.

I won’t promise I’m never going to offer this again.

But I can promise I won’t be giving anyone this opportunity for a while, if ever … and if I do, it will cost much more than you’ll pay today.

In fact, this is the first (and possibly only) time I’ve ever properly offered this service at all.

A few weeks ago, I made a mistake.

I mentioned some cool ideas I came across in my journey to start a “one-man hedge fund.” Applying just one of these little tweaks saw my profits increase by 42%!

People seemed interested, so I decided to give 5 lucky Portfolio Boss users the opportunity to have me apply these same ideas to their portfolios.

But here’s the thing of it … this wasn’t even the main offer. It was a free bonus I threw onto a $40,000 private coaching offer.

Not only did those who took me up on it say the free “bonus” was as valuable as the coaching they paid for …

Ever since, I’ve had people who missed their chance at the main deal contacting me.

Asking if they could skip the one-on-one coaching altogether and just have me do everything for them.

I’ve gotta say, I see the appeal.

It took me months to work all this out. Days of work sitting at a computer, hours of mind-numbing research and math, plus a whole lot of good luck to stumble on this process. Trying to reach it on your own would be almost impossible.

Why not have an expert team put it into action for you?

That’s what I would have done if I could have.

There’s only one problem …

This process takes a LONG time.

Nowhere near the months that it took me to figure everything out. But even after making a system for it … it takes over a day’s worth of man-hours to give one portfolio the “one-man hedge fund” makeover.

There’s no way I would be able to provide it to everyone who has expressed interest.

Even if I only wanted to reward current Portfolio Boss users and never give it to anyone who wasn’t using the software today …

I’d be hard at work, seven days a week, for almost a decade!

And then who would run the company?!

That’s why I decided if I was going to offer this service at all, it would have to be to a qualified group of the best traders in Portfolio Boss.

People who would really see the most benefit …

If I’m already giving away my “one-man hedge fund” training for free, why should you pay my team to do it for you?

Aha, you’ve figured me out! You shouldn’t!

Go, use the free training I’m providing as a starting point. Figure all of this out yourself.

That’s why I put them up, after all.

You’ll be saving me and the team a whole lot of hassle.

For the people who just wanted to see more about the cool techniques I’ve found, I think those free trainings are 100% enough.

They’re also enough for people who are more interested in forging their own path the hard way. They’ll get a good head start.

Who knows, maybe I’ll learn something from them down the line.

I was hoping that would cover the bulk of people who were asking me to help them set up their own “one-man hedge funds.” But …

It turns out a lot of people just want to make as much money as they can … as consistently as they can … as quickly and easily as they can.

Without risking messing something up and having to wipe out 20% of their strategies … (like happened to me)

Or wasting time chasing ineffective methods … (like happened to me)

Or losing everything to a Black Swan Event … (like could happen to anyone … but which I found a clever way to almost completely eliminate the risk of.)

So if you fall into the last camp, I reluctantly suggest you keep reading.

(I’m kidding. As difficult and time-consuming as this will be … I’m happy to give back to the Portfolio Boss community.)

Because …

It’s the perfect time to get in before others catch on to these techniques.

I developed all of these techniques myself (with my handy AI research assistant, who I’ll tell you about in just a second.)

That means NOBODY else in the world has access to these techniques.

It is just me, the handful of people who were able to get in on my private coaching deal before we closed it …

And maybe you.

As always, the early bird gets the worm.

Traders who establish themselves using these techniques will have a massive advantage. Essentially it’s the opportunity to have a leg up on every other trader on the field.

That’s another reason we’re keeping this offer small and only inviting certain people.

That’s the “why” behind this offer. But what about “how” I stumbled upon this exclusive opportunity?

The $80 Billion Beta Test: A Groundbreaking AI Opportunity

Few know this, but I was selected to become a beta tester for OpenAi’s ChatGPT.

They are currently valued at $80 billion, but they didn’t let that go to their head – they requested my feedback.

I believe I was selected because I was an early power user. They gave me access to their “Advanced Data Analysis” tool months before it became public.

Chat-data basically turned me into a super-human researcher. I was able to test dozens of ideas in my quest to produce the most consistent profits of my career.

All without having to hire an expert data engineer to program these ideas into Excel and create custom Python machine-learning scripts. The AI did it for me, which is just bonkers if you think about it.

I even hijacked a SuperPrompt written by NASA to help me come up with out-of-the-box ideas…

…weird stuff like Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) that is used in speech recognition.

Dynamic Time Warping finds hidden correlations between events that happen at different points in time. Like price movements, trading volumes, and more.

Using this headstart, I was able to get way ahead of the pack.

The Complete Done-for-you “One-man hedge fund” package.

Let's face it: this is no ‘one size fits all' magic bullet …

So I can’t just teach you a cookie-cutter method that barely scratches the surface.

Why? Because the devil is in the details – the subtle variations and nuances that can make or break your success.

Here's my exclusive offer to you and a select few other Portfolio Boss members: My team and I are rolling up our sleeves and getting ready to dive into your strategies.

Here’s what we'll do for you …

  • Start with a one-on-one call where we actually LISTEN and learn all about your goals, what you want from your portfolio as well as your life, and what your risk tolerances and trading style are…
  • Do the “boring stuff” like upload your info to Chat-GPT, sort through the data, literally do the math …
  • Apply the state-of-the-art Meta X process to your strategies and Meta MLs. The same process that I discovered on my journey to start a “one-man hedge fund.”
  • Set everything up in Portfolio Boss so you can just hit start and take over from there …

Yes, you heard it right. We will meticulously put each of your strategies through the rigorous, cutting-edge Meta X process. This isn't just about tweaking — it's about transforming your trading strategies into hedge fund level powerhouses of profit.

All I need from you is to go inside Portfolio Boss, and press the Export in-depth History button.

Then we work our magic …

Step 1:

We use an algorithm to divide all your strategies into several Meta strategies. This is the key to maximizing the cash in your trading account, smoothing out your returns, and making sure you’re not piling your money into a single class of strategies.

Step 2:

Your strategies are put through “the Gauntlet.” A series of tests, including ‘X’ marks the spot dual matrix process. This crucial step must be performed on each group of strategies from step 1.

Step 3:

We use a bootstrap method to determine which strategies to keep, and which should be cut. We’re merciless in getting rid of any outliers. If a strategy isn’t helping, it’s hurting. This step is key to worry-free high-consistency trading with low drawdowns.

Step 4:

We build a custom-fit group of Meta strategies.  So instead of using one Meta strategy, you will be trading a few at once. That doesn’t mean you will be trading more strategies. You will be trading a much more assorted set of strategies that work together in harmony instead of a state of conflict.

Step 5:

Based on your goals, each Meta is given a custom weight. Want to crank up the gains? No problem. Want a tiny drawdown and clock-work consistent income? Not a problem.

Step 6:

I personally go through every aspect of the system we’ve built for you. From top to bottom, to make sure every last cog in the machine is working with engineered precision. If you’ve ever wanted me to personally give my advice on your custom strategies this is your chance.

Step 7:

As the final step, I hand you a video review of what we did and why. Giving you an in-depth understanding of our battle-plan. That way, if you develop new strategies you want to try out, you don’t need to start the whole process from scratch. You’ll be able to see exactly where to put them for maximum effect.

Essentially, my team and I hand you the horse, stable, and jockey to compete on the same track as the top hedge funds in the world.

Without hiring a team of analysts, spending every hour glued to the screen, or learning complex coding.

Portfolio Boss does all the work for you, and my team and I do all the work of setting it up.

All you have to do is click a single button.

But wait… there’s more!

It wouldn’t be much of a Christmas celebration without some sort of gift. To help give your “one-man hedge fund” the best fighting chance in every type of market …

The 2024 Inverse Infusion Bundle

The theme of the new year for us is hedging. We want to offer the ultimate protection against volatility, bear markets, and Black Swan Events.

This is where Josh Jarrett’s groundbreaking 2024 Inverse Infusion Bundle comes into play — and remember, Josh isn’t just any trader… he’s a top gun, still reigning supreme at the top of Fundseeder.

When Josh originally showed me The 2024 Inverse Infusion Bundle, it was a massive pack. Boasting 50 brilliant strategies. A big theme along my journey to start a “one-man hedge fund” has been to kill your darlings. We’re all about cutting the fat, no matter how good it is.

Bearing that in mind, Josh and I went over these strategies ruthlessly. Eliminating any imperfections, any duplications, and anything with the slightest hint of dead weight.

That left us with 28 of the finest strategies I’ve seen.

You might even recognize a few. These are the same top-tier strategies we’ve been drawing from for our 12 days of Christmas giveaway.

Anyone who takes us up on this offer today will receive not just the 5 strategies we’ve shown you already but the full pack of 28 cutting-edge strategies. Each laser-focused on inverse funds.

Why are inverse funds the name of the game in 2024?

Because they’re your golden ticket to soaring profits in bear markets and ironclad consistency through strategic hedging.

But that’s not all. I’ll be meticulously weaving these strategies into your existing arsenal, seamlessly patching any vulnerabilities. The result? You bolt out of the starting blocks with a “one-man hedge fund” that’s not just robust, but flawless – a masterstroke ready to conquer the markets.

What you’ll receive

Done-for-you “One-man hedge fund” transformation and battle plan ($40,000 real value)

Christmas Gift: 2024 Inverse Infusion Bundle ($15,000 real value)

Total value: $55,000

As part of this once-in-a-lifetime Christmas deal, you won’t be paying $55,000.

You won’t even pay close to my day rate of $25,000

Despite the fact that each account will take more than a full day's man hours.

The simple truth is we’re not offering you this service to make money.

We’re only charging enough to pay the team for their time and continue our operations.

What to do Next

At this point, you really have two options.

You can continue as you always have, getting the occasional “lucky blow” against the hedge funds.

Worrying about drawdowns, under-utilizing your cash, and wondering if the house of cards is going to get pulled out from under you at any moment.

Spending so much time on your trading that you sometimes wonder if it’s even worth it.

I don’t just mean time spent actively in your accounts. I’m talking about the real-time we spend trading. Double guessing ourselves and our strategies, waking up in the night wondering if we made the right call, worrying about which way the market will turn.

Wracked with anxiety about what you’ll hear if things turn south.

“How much money did you lose this time?”

“Maybe you're just not cut out for this trading business.”

Or, my favorite …

“Have you thought about getting a real job?”

Alternatively … you can feel secure knowing you could never hear these words again.

You can prove the “doubters” wrong …

And see what it’s like to be in on the ground floor of the “new big thing” (it’s great).

You can bet on yourself, and the confidence you need to live without fear.

Of bear markets … drawdowns amidst volatility … or even black swan events.

Because for the “one-man hedge fund” all these things just represent another opportunity to beat the market.

Ultimately the choice is yours … you know what I chose for myself.

(And I put a heck of a lot more time, effort, and money into getting here than you’ll have to)

Remember, this is a limited-time Holiday offer. Once it’s gone, it’s likely that the ship will have sailed. The chance to get your spot as one of the early ones will have passed.

If you have any more questions, take one more look over this short letter to see if we answered them anywhere on the page.

If we didn’t, or if you’re interested in finding out more about if this is the right deal for you, call or text Adam at …

One thing of note. To get the most out of your “one-man hedge fund” you’ll need at least 100 strategies, the 2024 Inverse Bundle should help you get close if you aren’t there already. If you still don’t have at least 100 strategies, don’t worry.

Adam can create a custom holiday package for you where we pick the perfect strategies to complement the kind of “one-man hedge fund” you want to run.

The deadline for this deal is Friday, December 29th. Between running Portfolio Boss and starting a hedge fund, I just don’t have the time to offer this in the long term.

Warning: This may be your final opportunity to get the “one-man hedge fund” transformation from me and my team.

Call or text Adam:

Call now. Expiring soon!

Trade Smart,

Dan Murphy
CEO Portfolio Boss

P.S. No summary in the P.S. this time. This offer is a lot of work for me and the team and it’s a labor of love.

If you’re interested in hearing how we can help you get the returns that used to only be seen in top hedge funds — scroll back up to the top and read the whole letter.

It isn’t long.

Q: Who is this for?

A: Portfolio Boss members with 6-figure and higher accounts…ready to take trading to a whole new level of mathematical certainty.

Q: What the heck is Meta X or a “One-man hedge fund” for that matter?

A: Here's the Meta X summary for busy people:

Earlier this year, we released Meta ML…it allows you to trade the top strategies from a basket of dozens or even hundreds.

Instead of putting all the strategies into one basket, you divided them into a handful of baskets. When done correctly, the strategies work together in harmony, boosting profits, skyrocketing consistency, and near-perfect hedging so you're nice and calm while other traders are freaking out.

This results in what we’re calling the “one-man hedge fund” effect. Where your strategies are so flawless, precise, and engineered that you can trust them completely. Letting you take “market-maker” positions and fulfill the same role a hedge fund would. Not to mention make the same kind of profits.

This does not require additional work from you.

Call or text Adam: