Portfolio Boss Member Uses “Backwards” Strategies to Crush S&P 500 Six Times Over in Early 2024

Discover how these “backwards” strategies work, and why they are the key to riding the unfolding P.E.A.R.L Wave being generated by Artificial Intelligence as it carries the markets to new heights


My name is Dan Murphy, Founder of Portfolio Boss …

Early this year a Portfolio Boss user stumbled across something extraordinary.

He shared his findings with the Portfolio Boss inner circle on the 100% club forum.

This was a meta-strategy with a stunning 3,258,666,836,178% gain over the last 30 years.

Now, I’m a bit hesitant to put these numbers in everyone’s face. I don’t think they’re sustainable over the long term.

But the fact of the matter is this is a well-crafted meta strategy (or Meta for short).

Tested back over a quarter of a century …

And following the most cutting-edge principles at our disposal.
More than that …

This Meta has the ultimate proof.

It’s working right now.

In fact, on the day our member showed it to us this Meta was up 18.3% for the month.

Outperforming the S&P 500 by a factor of 6.

Or about what Warren Buffett averages in a year.

When a user posts a Meta that’s getting a full year of “the World’s Greatest Investor’s” gains — in one month — I have to look at it closely.

I was expecting to find something that blew my mind. I thought there had to be some sort of hidden genius behind a Meta-Strategy like this. 

What I found was even more astonishing.

This Meta-Strategy was dead simple.

All it did was follow the “Best Practices” any Portfolio Boss user has access to. Then the program did all the work to generate this cash machine of a Meta.

In fact, I found only one thing that looked special at all.

The Meta made use of a specific type of strategy that seemed to act like jet fuel. Turbocharging the Meta and giving this Portfolio Boss user amazing gains.

This was too good of an educational opportunity to pass up. I had to put together this presentation. Over the course of the next 15 minutes I’m going to show you exactly how this Portfolio Boss member turbocharged his Meta …

Setting him up to take full advantage of 2024 and the “PEARL Wave” of AI revenue that top economists including staff at Goldman Sachs believe is about to flood the market.

I’ll tell you all about this PEARL wave in a minute, and explain how and why I believe this user is set up to take better advantage of it than most.

More importantly …

I’m going to show you how any Portfolio Boss user can do the same.

But first, let me introduce myself a bit more fully.

My name is Dan Murphy, and those of you who have been with me for a while know that Portfolio Boss is my life’s work.

I’ve put over 5 million dollars into this company …

As well as thousands of man-hours …

Hundreds of thousands of compute hours and 10 years of my life.

All to turn Portfolio Boss into the most powerful trading tool on the market.

As well as cultivating a community of intelligent, driven, self-directed traders who know how to use it.

People who know to never stop exploring and looking for a new opportunity.

People who care about investing in proven effective strategies instead of looking for a quick buck or get-rich-quick scheme.

Most importantly, it’s a community of action-takers who seize the moment. Striking while the anvil is hot.

In short, we’re a community of people with exactly what it takes to make it as a trader.

That’s why I’m never surprised when I see stories like the one above.

No matter how hard to believe they look on the surface.
Stories like this are nothing special or rare for Portfolio Boss users.

In fact, we get them all the time.

Like Greg Shende, who wrote in to tell us he’d …

“Been doing very well following The Boss… averaging 18-20%. As we know the DB strategies, Ping Pong, and others are killing it, with returns over 40%. On a personal note, I retired in 2020, after successfully hitting my number. Thanks to Portfolio Boss.”

Or Russ Lang, who told us that Portfolio Boss helped him to have his best 7 digit year!

And of course the amazing story of Josh Jarrett, who has used Portfolio Boss to stay consistently at the top of the pack in Fundseeder’s audited trading leaderboards.

I consider the fact that I have so many success stories to talk about one of my greatest achievements in life.

The truth is, all of them have something in common. Beyond using Portfolio Boss …

They are curious, intelligent people. When they saw an opportunity, they took it.

And they profited handsomely for it.

This latest Portfolio Boss success arrived at the perfect time.

Because I believe there is a rare opportunity in front of us today.
I’m going to show you how any Portfolio Boss user has the chance to get in on this opportunity.

So long as they take action and stay the course.

All this user did was follow best practices, run them through the program, and add in a little “jet fuel.”

And because of that, as well as the timing. He is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the massive wave of AI wealth that I believe will be generated starting this year.

The fastest, safest, and easiest way to boost your earnings in choppy markets.

If you’re reading this, you’re a Portfolio Boss user.

I don’t need to explain to you how powerful a tool we have at our disposal.

You’ve seen the success stories.
You’re likely well on your way to becoming one yourself.

Especially if you follow in the footsteps of the user whose story I shared at the beginning of this presentation.

He’s taken the powerful tool we all share and applied my latest trainings.

He’s also supercharged it with a specific type of strategy that’s like jet fuel for your Metas.

Most importantly, he’s done it at the perfect time.

Because of that he has a real shot at rocketing past the days of worrying about drawdowns or volatility.

More than that, I firmly believe that ANY Portfolio Boss user who did the same would have just as good a chance.

As long as they act quick enough to make the most out of the current market circumstances.

There’s a reason I’ve been pushing one type of strategy so hard for 2024.

It’s something I’m calling a “Wealth Runway”

Put as simply as possible…

A wealth runway is a period of time when stock market returns are very likely to be positive.

Based on past results and recent performance of the markets we can infer certain things.

“WAIT!” you might say “Dan, I thought you didn’t care for drawing lines on charts. You said trying to guess the top or bottom of the market was as useful as astrology.”

You’re right, I did say that, and I stand by every word of it.

I don’t believe in the way most people practice technical analysis, it tends to be subjective.

People’s emotions and preconceived ideas have a lot of influence over what they predict.

But I do believe in tested analysis. That means looking at hard data, cycles, and trends.

In fact, looking for these same kinds of cycles and trends is exactly what we’ve been working on at Portfolio Boss HQ. With the Meta X process, Dynamic Time Warping, and a team of engineers helping us make the most out of the data we have on hand.

It’s been turning out very well for us and for portfolio boss users.


So when I see the data plainly pointing at a cyclic phenomenon I will not ignore it.
The data is very clear on this.

At Portfolio Boss HQ we’re always poring through data.

Looking for patterns, cycles, etc.
Anything that will give our users an edge in the marketplace.

Normally, we focus on swing trades. That means we need to see cycles that recur on a weekly or monthly basis.

But occasionally something on a much bigger scale pops out.
That’s exactly how I stumbled upon this “Wealth Runway.”

On a whim, I pulled the S&P 500 returns for the last 90 years. This index tends to be a good indicator of the health of the market as a whole.

Over the last 90 years there have been 25 times we’ve seen the S&P 500 rise by 20% or more.

The following year was a positive return in 18 of the 25 cases.

That means, historically, there’s about a 3 in 4 chance of the year after a large return also producing a large return.

In short, if the market is going up… it tends to keep going up.

Savvy traders can take advantage of this to give their portfolio a reliable boost.

But what I want to show you today is a lot more powerful than that…

When combined with these jet fuel strategies that “reliable boost” can turn into a full on rocket launch.

These strategies minimize losses while magnifying gains.

I’m going to explain exactly how these strategies work. I’ll also show how you can use them to amplify your own Portfolio Boss Metas.

And it doesn’t stop there, thanks to the rapidly developing state of AI and information technology…

I I’m going to explain why this “Wealth Runway” could lead to the largest wealth creation event in history.

First, you should know why it’s critical to act fast on the information I’m giving you today.

You have to move fast to get in on this opportunity.

Because the data we’re looking at to spot this cycle is measured in years.

That means there is no way of telling what will happen within any individual year.

All the gains could happen at once, or they could be evenly distributed.

There is simply no way to know.

Just look at last year.

In this chart it’s plain to see the bulk of gains happened in a two month span. Between the end of October and the end of December.

But when you boil the year down to a number you just see the 24% gain.

The “Wealth Runway” pictured below told almost the opposite story.

The vast majority of this year’s (1956) 14.6% gains happened before May. Though there were options for savvy traders to see even greater gains by selling before year end (and an even more clever way to see even bigger gains which I’ll tell you about in a minute).

Or let’s look at 1976 a “Wealth Runway” year that was up 23.8% by year’s end.

As you can see, over half of the gains for the year were in by the end of the first quarter. Mostly in the first month.

If someone tried to jump on this runway even halfway through the year they would have barely seen any benefit.

The earlier someone acts in a “Wealth Runway” the better chance they have of getting a real uplift.

But that doesn’t mean the best thing to do with your money is just throw it in the market and wait.

Not only are these “Wealth Runways” inconsistent in when the gains are made. They’re almost always super choppy years.

Luckily, we traders have a powerful and underutilized tool at our disposal to make the most out of a choppy market.

How these “Backwards” Strategies Accelerate a Wealth Runway

This is how that user managed to create a Meta that could have doubled your money every three years for the past THIRTY…

In just a moment I’m going to show you the secret ingredient to making your own wealth generating Metas… so you can turn a wealth runway year that looks like this…

Most of the gains this ETF saw in 1997’s Wealth Runway were wiped out by the end of December.

Into one that looks like this…

The green line is the strategy. Notice how it split off from the ETF near the end of the year? Not only did it not fall as far as the ETF, it ended up gaining some.

Or this one trading Lululemon… in 2010 the stock shot up almost 240%.

2010 was a choppy but exceptional year for LULU.

But look at how this “Backwards” strategy nearly doubled the results…

The strategy (green line) stayed locked with LULU for a few months. But as LULU started trading in a choppy sideways pattern the strategy rocketed ahead.

If you want more recent proof here’s one from 2020…

This ETF spiked like crazy early in this Wealth Runway before falling back to Earth… hard.

This commodity asset saw extraordinary gains when COVID hit. But quickly crashed to the ground as the reality of lockdowns set in.

This “backwards” strategy trading the same asset ended the year up almost 40X

This strategy went up with the underlying asset. But it never came back down, it just kept soaring, higher and higher.

The real beauty of these strategies is that they increase your gains in choppy markets, whether they’re going up OR down.

Remember how I said that about three out of every four “Wealth Runways” took off?

Well the type of strategy I’m about to share with you has the potential to turn ANY “Wealth Runway” into a winner.

Take a glance at how this special type of strategy completely transformed these “Wealth Runway” years that never took off.

The 2022 was the last “Wealth Runway” with a failure to launch. The S&P crashed hard down -19.44% for the year.

But these “backwards” strategies would have kept you from losing out.

2022 was not a good year for AAPL…

AAPL started the year poorly, and tried to bounce back several times to no avail…

This “backwards” strategy scored wins even as the rest of the market crashed.

But this “backwards” strategy that trades it not only resisted the losses. It ended up 30% by new years.

Or check out how this year treated Adobe’s stock.

Adobe lost nearly half its value in this failed “Wealth Window.”

The creative tech giant crashed nearly 40%…

But those trading the “backwards” strategy on the same asset saw gains over 30%.

One last example before I move on and show you why I think now could be the biggest Wealth Runway of them all.

AMD was massacred in the failed “Wealth Window” of 2022.

AMD crashed hard in 2022. The failed “Wealth Window” knocked out the majority of its value.

But if you had invested in this “backwards” strategy… not only would you have saved yourself from losing the majority of your investment.

You would even have been up close to 20%, while the rest of the market was sitting in the gutters.

That’s right, the strategies I’m about to show you turned these losing years into winners…

Imagine if your Meta ML had a go to strategy it could count on turning a profit when the markets turn sour.

There’s one more reason I’m so adamant about charging up your Metas with these strategies for 2024…

And I believe this wealth runway could be the beginning of one of the largest (and potentially least predictable) stock market runs in history.

A massive AI stock market surge.

Let’s look at this chart again.

Do you notice the streak of wealth runways in the 90s?

This was when the internet was starting to affect the economy in a big way. A new information technology created a massive wave that lifted the economy to new heights.

This created a chain of consecutive “Wealth Runway” years. 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 (2000 just barely missed the cut).

During this five year internet boom the S&P 500 more than tripled its value. Growing by 325%.

Does this sound familiar? I believe the mass adoption of AI is going to spark a similar wave of explosive growth. Very, very soon.

Experts believe that the upcoming wave of AI growth will be even more explosive.

Yahoo finance has reported they expect this massive revenue wave to start hitting this year.

This AI Wave could easily have an economic impact many times larger than the internet.

There is a sequence that is repeated to these technology cycles. They move in a wave of economic impact.

Goldman Sachs refers to the sequence as P.E.A.R.L. An acronym which stands for Pioneers, Enablers, Adapters, Reformers, and Laggards.

  • Pioneers are the innovators. They launch the wave of economic growth. For the internet boom, this was Netscape. The company provided easy access to the internet to America with a free, user-friendly web browser. Claiming 80% market share as it did so.

  • Enablers are the “Picks and Shovels.” Companies that support the infrastructure of a new technology. This sets the stage for mass adoption and the true wave to hit.

  • Adapters, these are companies in other industries that adapt the new technology. This is when the huge economic wave starts to hit.

  • Reformers are the new companies built on the premise of the new technology. Online retailers, rideshare apps, online banks.

  • Laggards this is the last phase. Large dominant companies that are slow to react are overtaken and new players rise up to take their place. Think blockbuster falling to Netflix.

As this sequence unfurls it creates a wave that expands throughout the economy.

At first, it is slow, then like a wave at the beach it grows larger and larger, before gently dispersing…

Or as you’ll see in just a moment… coming down with a crash.

So where are we in this PEARL framework?

One of Goldman Sach’s chief analysts has stated that we’re in the early stages of this new technology cycle…

If he’s right that means we are just beginning to see the affect of AI on the markets.

Let’s go through it. If the Pioneer of the internet boom was Netscape. Its easy-to-use web-browser allowed millions of people to surf the web effortlessly.

Today, the clearest parallel is OpenAI with its Massively popular ChatGPT.

OpenAI brought the idea of AI from the realm of science fiction and computer nerds into water cooler chit chat.

It did this by making it easy and accessible for the average person to use.
That means we’ve moved on to at least the second stage.

Enablers are currently making their fortune. At this stage, there are huge gains to be had, but they’re in relatively concentrated places. Look at Nvidia’s meteoric rise.

Nvidia’s meteoric rise is a sure sign of moving through the Enabler’s stage.

This “Picks and Shovels” GPU manufacturer rose an astonishing 263% in just the last year! This is a sure sign of the enabler stage.

The markets are primed for the Adapters phase.

This is a special stage… where the wave begins to swell, rising the markets with it.

The Adapters phase is where the utility of a new information technology seeps into every industry.

Already, we can see this beginning to take shape.

Let me explain…

In the Pioneer stage OpenAI brought ChatGPT and artificial intelligence to the masses.

Now, they are showing us the first hints of entering the Adapter stage by creating a marketplace for individuals to develop tools using the technology. Similar to Apple’s “App Store.”

They call this the GPT Store.

You may not have heard of it… that isn’t surprising. But just like Apple’s “App Store,” which started with just 500 Apps in 2008, this marketplace has the potential to blossom into a huge industry of its own.

In fact, it’s already well on its way. Reaching more than 3 million apps shortly after release.
I’m not saying I’m certain the GPT Store will be as huge as the App Store. But what I am saying is that it’s a sure sign we’re entering the Enabler stage of this AI wave…

And that means the lions share of AI revenue growth is about to hit the market as a whole.

Up until now companies have just been “laying the railroad.” Now we’re about to see what this technology can really do.

And while the dot-com boom took everyone by surprise tripling the S&P in just five years. I think it will be relatively tiny and predictable compared to this new AI boom. You see…

In the past, the adapter phase has been spread over many years.

It’s the nature of Pioneers to come suddenly and unexpectedly.

Then Enablers rush in behind them to profit off the new idea.
Historically these phases happen in quick bursts, while the Adapters phase is a slow unfurling over years.

As productivity rises from the mass adoption of new technologies.

As the country embraced electricity in the early 19th century the adapter phase stretched for 30 years before reaching peak impact.

The same pattern unfolded when the home computer was introduced. Two quick bursts of Pioneers and Enablers followed by a long unfurling of the Adapter phase before reaching its peak.

The major difference between the Adapter phase of home computers and electricity?

Computers reached peak impact about 10 years faster than electricity.

And as for the internet boom?

When Pioneer Netscape hit the scene it only took five years for the S&P 500 to TRIPLE as the PEARL wave unfolded.

With this latest AI Wave, the impact could be much more sudden and much much larger.

The adoption of new technologies is accelerating

As we become more and more connected new technologies are being adopted at faster rates.

Now companies like OpenAI are setting records for adoption rates. That means the value of these networks is skyrocketing, fast.

In fact, when ChatGPT launched a year ago it was the fastest growing consumer app in history.

Now it has over 180 million active users. That’s a massive network.

It’s more like 1995 than 1999

The massive 5 year dot-com bull run was driven by a principle known as Metcalfe’s Law.

The value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users or devices in the network.

Let’s say each phone represents a user and a single user is worth $10…

That means the above network of two users is worth $20 squared. So $400 dollars total, or $200 per person. That’s not bad… but it’s not going to drive 5 years of stock market growth. Let’s call a few friends to join our network and see what we get.

Now, with 5 of our friends on the network our value has suddenly gone up to is suddenly worth $2500, or $500 per person. If we call a couple more friends to join our network and increase the number to 12…

All of a sudden each user in the network is providing $1200 worth of value! $14,400 total.

It goes on an on.

As the network gains in value its effects ripple out into the economy as a whole. That’s what happened with the internet as it moved through the cycles of the PEARL system. And it’s what is happening as AI reaches a similar level of use.

Remember Google’s CEO is claiming this will be bigger than the internet.

And investment research company Investor Place is dubbing this the Dot-Com Boom 2.0

Right now, there’s no way to tell if this AI boom will be a sustained 5 year rally like the dot-com boom.

Or if everything will rocket up all at once in the blink of an eye.

Only 2 things are sure. One, AI is going to have a massive impact on the economy… and two, that impact is already underway.

And with how fast we’re moving through the PEARL framework the time to act is NOW.

Because once the Adapter stage starts in earnest, there’s no stopping it and there’s no telling how it’s going to go.

Analysts are predicting GDP growth of 30-50% could be possible.

That means the amount of wealth in the world could potentially double every two years. And the process has already begun.

That’s why, if you want to make the most of it it’s important to be ready NOW!

But I don’t mean you should just go invest in the stock market and count on your money doubling every two years.

The PEARL Wave could come crashing down as fast as it rose up.

There is another aspect of the PEARL Wave I haven’t mentioned back.

I call it the “PEARL Pullback.”

It’s a marked decrease in productivity that happens on either side of the peak of the Adapters phase.

There’s no way to know for sure when this will happen. It could be before the peak… it could be after.

In the case of electrification the PEARL Pullback happened right before the end of the peak of the Adapters phase.

Then, immediately after the peak came it crashed back down again.
This double pullback doesn’t happen every time, but I don’t like to take chances.

Because when you do get caught in a crash things are going to slam down just as fast and just as hard as they went up.

These crashes always have a way of landing so that the big guy ends up on top…

And the normal trader trying to make a living ends up crushed.
When it comes to my money I want a smooth even ride up.
I don’t want to worry about chasing the highs and dodging the crashes.

Trying to time the market just doesn’t work out.

But what you can do, is make a plan.

A plan that keeps you and your money safe, no matter what way the markets go in this PEARL Wave.

The “Backwards” Strategies That Take The Anxiety Out Of Trading

Whatever happens next in the markets, it’s certainly not going to be “normal.” Big changes are happening in the world, and with the election coming up things are only likely to get stranger.

Which means it isn’t the time for a normal strategy…

In a normal strategy, we would enter a trade when it seemed likely to profit. When it seemed likely to lose money we would hold cash.

But Josh Jarett (professional trader, Portfolio Boss power user, and top gun at Fundseeder) and I had a crazy idea.

What if — instead of holding our money in cash when we thought a trade would head south — we put that cash into an inverse ETF.

When it comes to turbocharging your strategies and Metas, inverse-ETFs are the jet fuel you've been waiting for.

You see, inverse-ETFs are like the secret weapon of savvy traders. They work in reverse aiming to profit when the underlying asset takes a nosedive.

So, when everyone else is panicking and seeing red, you're the opposite. Sitting in a field of green.

Here's the kicker: these inverse-ETFs amplify your gains when the markets get rocky.

And, as I’ll show you in a moment, they can even turn sudden downturns in the market into opportunities for pure profit.

That’s why today I’d like to show you some of the most powerful Inverse Strategies I’ve seen, and how they’ve performed in the past.

The 2024 Inverse Infusion Bundle

Our mission at Portfolio Boss is to provide traders every advantage.

Anything we can do to give you an edge.

So, when Josh Jarett approached me with a new bundle of his best strategies I jumped on the chance to look it over.

After all, his first bundle produced some amazing results. Especially after I finished fine-tuning it.

This bundle was even more special, because of how timely it was.

All of the strategies were based around Inverse Trading Pairs!
Now remember, Josh is no trading slouch.

Far from it …

He’s a verifiable Portfolio Boss master and on Fundseeders audited trading leaderboards, he reigns supreme.

So I was ready to take these strategies very seriously.

I was interested for sure, but I warned Josh that we would have to go through them with a fine-toothed comb.

Looking for any inconsistencies, weaknesses, or drawbacks to the strategies.

I have to admit. I was very impressed.

Josh and I went over these strategies ruthlessly. Eliminating any imperfections, any duplications, and anything with the slightest hint of dead weight.

We’re all about cutting the fat, no matter how good it is.

After all of this, we were left with 28 of the finest strategies I’ve ever seen. Strategies which I believe are the perfect way to maximize your gains in the coming wave of AI wealth.

And live free from fear of the inevitable PEARL pullbacks that come with a revolutionary new technology.

But don’t take my word for it. Let me prove it. You won’t be disappointed.

28 Bull Market Champions

These strategies have seen multiple bull markets. Including the second longest bull market run in history… the 2009 to 2020 “Great Recession Recovery.” They all outperformed.


22 Bear Market Heroes

The quality of these strategies (green lines) that makes them so effective is that they don’t stop winning when the markets turn. Just take a look at how they reacted during the “Great Recession” of 2006-2009. Do you see a bear market in any of the green lines? I sure don’t. (6 of the Inverse Infusion Strategies are not old enough to have seen the Great Recession. They were not included below)


You may have seen these strategies before.

It was around Christmas when we finished making this bundle.

So I gave 5 of these 28 strategies to Portfolio Boss users as a present.

Considering everything you’ve just seen I think you understand this was a pretty valuable gift.

Each one is conservatively valued at $1,000… so it ended up being a pretty expensive present.

But it was worth it!

I was happy to have the chance to give back to the community.

A few community members have already put this “demo” to good use.

Let’s take a look at how their brokerage statements from February and see how they did.


And of course, the user I told you about at the very start of all this.
The man who did more than just the 5-pack Christmas gift.

He made the decision to reach out to our head of VIP customer relations and ask for the full pack.

Then put all 28 of these strategies into a Meta, after that, Portfolio Boss did the rest.

He just sat back and watched as it turbocharged his gains.

If you’re one of the ones who has tried out these new strategies AND followed my best practices for 2024, I’m sure you know how powerful they are.

They’re the perfect tool to turbocharge your strategies.
And since you already have 5 of the strategies there’s no way I could charge you the full $28,000 this bundle is worth in good conscience.

In fact, my goal is that as many Portfolio Boss members as possible get as much out of this AI revenue wave as possible.

So I’m offering it at the steepest discount ever.

You won’t be paying $23,000 or even half that.

In addition, I would like to offer a guarantee so that there is absolutely no risk involved.

Again, this isn’t about making money, it’s about providing these tools to Portfolio Boss members in a timely manner.

So I don’t want anyone feeling like it’s too expensive, or worrying if it will be “worth it.”

To that end, I’m giving the following guarantee with this bundle.

Anyone who contacts me, and doesn’t feel that these strategies are helping their performance can contact me. Ask for a refund, and get it. No questions asked.

This offer is being sent to my best customers. You know me, I know you. There’s no point in giving you anything other than my unconditional guarantee that these strategies will improve your performance in the coming AI boom.

Fast Mover Bonus

For the first 50 people who take action today, I’m throwing in one final bonus.

You’ll get 12 months of free access to my Strategy of the Month Club.

Members of this club get one free strategy, made by me, every month. I use this club as a testing ground for new concepts and ideas. So you’ll always be seeing me test the limits of what’s possible with Portfolio Boss, as I’m developing these ideas.

It’s like a real time view into the cutting edge of strategy development.

And make no mistake about it. Just because these strategies use new and experimental techniques, that doesn’t mean they’re risky or untested.

I rigorously run them through the gamut of tests and make sure they are performing well.

I also make sure none of them are overfit to the past. For the more adventurous, this is a great way to see how far Portfolio Boss can be pushed WITHOUT risking doing it yourself and stumbling creating a landmine strategy that could blow your portfolio up.

Whether you’re the adventurous type or not, these are great strategies that you can use to beef up your Portfolio Boss arsenal and fuel your Metas.

Not only that you will get instant access to the back strategies for the Strategy of the Month Club. That’s 5 bonus strategies you’ll get today. In addition to the 12 over the next year.

And because I like to stay ahead of schedule, I have already made strategies through October, 2024. Those are ready for you immediately.

Meta ML using Inverse Infusion and Strategies of the Month

People ask all the time: “Why so many strategies?”

The answer is because having a large number of strategies to choose from increases the odds of picking the perfect strategies to trade.

Every month, our Meta ML technology picks the top 10 strategies to trade — sort of like how a baseball team manager picks his starters. That's how we're building strategies with backtests with over 100% annual returns with nearly 90% winning months.

So that’s a total of 17 bonus strategies. 13 today, and 4 more over the next year. All for being decisive and making your decision quickly. But remember I can only extend this to the first 50 people who make the decision to upgrade their strategy bank with these inverse strategies today.

So don’t hesitate if you want your shot at 17 free strategies on the cutting edge of what we’re doing here at Portfolio Boss HQ.

For those that act quickly today here’s a recap of what you'll be getting.

The 2024 Inverse Infusion Pack $28,000 $5,000

28 of the finest strategies we have. Specifically designed to magnify gains in choppy markets. At the same time they aim to cut down on losses when the markets take a dive, with the potential to turn a profit as everyone else is losing out.

Fast Mover Bonus: Strategy of the Month Club $12,000 FREE!

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At this point, you have a decision to make.

Worrying about drawdowns, underutilizing your cash, and wondering if the house of cards is going to get pulled out from under you at any moment.

Spending so much time on your trading that you wonder if it’s worth it.

I don’t just mean time spent actively in your accounts. I’m talking about the real-time we spend trading. Double guessing ourselves and our strategies, waking up in the night wondering if we made the right call, worrying about which way the market will turn.

Wracked with anxiety about what you’ll hear if things turn south.

“How much money did you lose this time?”

“Maybe you're just not cut out for this trading business.”

Or, my favorite …

“Have you thought about getting a real job?”

Alternatively … you can feel secure knowing you could never hear these words again.

You can prove the “doubters” wrong …

You can bet on yourself, and the confidence you need to live without fear.

Of bear markets … drawdowns amidst volatility … or even black swan events.

You can decide that you’re the type of person who takes what they deserve.

And come out on top of the coming AI revenue wave.

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Or call Adam: 516-220-8221

Trade Smart,

Dan Murphy
CEO Portfolio Boss

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