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How a Gym Owner from Ohio Cracked the Top 5 Ranking (out of 18,000) on Fundseeder, and Now He Wants to Share 100 of His Top Performing Strategies with YOU!

From the desk of: Dan Murphy
Newport Beach, CA

Dan Murphy - Portfolio Boss

My jaw almost dropped to the floor when I heard the news…

…long-time Portfolio Boss member, Josh Jarrett, just made the Top 5 on all of Fundseeder out of an estimated 18,000 traders. 

If you didn’t know already, Fundseeder was co-founded by one of the most well-known names in the trading industry – Jack Schwager. He’s the author of the Market Wizards books. I’ve read all of them cover to cover.

Fundseeder’s purpose is to track the real-money accounts of traders, then match the top performers with investment money. So, placing at the top could give him access to millions in capital.

Not only did I convince Josh to share the secret behind his top ranking on Fundseeder, I talked him into sharing 100 of his top performing strategies with you.

And I’ll reveal his latest secret weapon that put him over the top: Cycle Reversals.

Cycle Reversals have shown up to 489% annual gains with 100% winning months. Cha-ching! Keep reading, and I’ll tell you all about this unique discovery.

Shocking Confession

After hearing the good news about being top-ranked at Fundseeder, I gave Josh a call and did an interview over the phone. Not only did he spill the beans about how he did it, he told me a shocking confession…

First, a bit of background on Josh. He’s a salt of the earth fellow from Ohio with three small children. He worked in the insurance industry, and knows his way around numbers. That’s why he’s so comfortable with scientifically proven trading strategies. 

He took that knowledge and applied it to the fitness industry where he opened two gyms in Tennessee. You might not be surprised that they specialize in scientifically proven exercise equipment. This caught my attention because I have a bad back.

Josh has been following my work since the Million Dollar Target days (2008) where I published my real-life highs and lows of getting to seven figures. More recently, he was a beta tester of The Boss and all the weird new data we’ve been feeding the Ai. More on that in a minute. Let’s talk numbers. 

Here’s Josh ranking update through February 10th 2023:

He has a $618,000 account at Interactive Brokers that’s connected to Fundseeder and automatically audited. This is not play money. This is a business. He takes a monthly draw on the account as he spends less and less time managing his gym businesses. There’s a word for that: Smart!


“You must be excited to receive all this notoriety. When are you starting your hedge fund?” I asked.

“I’m not. I have three small kids at home, and I want to spend more time with them. I don’t want to work 70 hours a week. Trading only takes me 15 minutes a day.”

I was shocked at first. Then my respect for Josh rose to a whole new level. Not that many people can walk away from money. It reminded me of when Rick Moranis retired from acting in the 90’s to raise his kids.

Josh's Secret

We’ve been in a bear market for the past year, so the fact that Josh is showing smooth profits is no small feat. Take a look at the chart below. It shows the Fundseeder average trader is well into the red over the past year. Even the top traders index is negative (-0.9%):

The "Kitchen Sink" Model

Aided by The Boss, Josh created 189 trading strategies on everything from single stocks like Tesla to long/inverse ETF pairs. Here’s a partial list:

Each strategy on its own is great…but the real synergy comes from combining all 189 strategies together. This is how trading was meant to be!

I know, I know. 189 strategies are a lot to trade. Stick with me, because there’s a solution that’s unconventional and super-easy to implement. 

410,000 Hours!

 I have to hand it to Josh. He has created way more trading strategies than I have. Did he have some help? You bet! He put The Boss through its paces. Not only did he spend several months on the project, he used up 410,000 core-hours doing it. Even at wholesale prices, that’s $53,300 in compute time. That’s like having a normal single-core desktop computer running for 46 years straight. No wonder he’s on track to hit #1 on Fundseeder in the coming months.

One of the things I appreciate about Josh is that he’s very thorough – and he listens. I’m always hammering home the fact that multi-decade testing is a huge plus for the longevity of a trading strategy.

Here you can see how 105 of the strategies had enough history to go back 23 years:

Futures Market is Now Obsolete

Over the past decade there has been a huge growth in the ETF business. Not only can you trade a wide variety of asset classes like bonds, gold, commodities, stock sectors, and volatility, you can also do so with a variety of leverage like 200% or even 300%. 

Better yet, there are more inverse funds than ever to make money when assets go down. That’s really the key to Josh’s buttery-smooth success – a portion of his trades are short or in inverse funds. 

These new ETFs have effectively made the futures market unnecessary for everyday traders like you and I. No wonder why they average tens of millions of shares traded daily.

Revealed: The Secret of Cycle Reversals

There’s something recently that put Josh over the top with his trading that few will ever know about. It’s a weird quirk that can boost the performance of any trading strategy. It’s something I’ve always held close to the vest – until now.

By using Cycle Reversals, Josh was able to trade half as many strategies and nearly DOUBLE his returns WITHOUT adding to volatility. In fact, this technique got him to 100% winning months. Who wouldn’t want to know how that happened?

Lean in close because I’m about to reveal all:

If you’ve ever built a trading strategy, you know the computer will show you statistics. I’ve been sharing stats this entire letter. But these stats are simply averages over a length of time. 

Let’s take win percentage as an example. Let’s say that the win percentage of a strategy is 50% over a 10-year period. Some months, the win percentage might be 30%. Some months, the win percentage might be 70%. The key takeaway is that the numbers aren’t stable. They bounce up and down like a yo-yo like this:

So, what you do is get into a strong strategy when it’s not doing so well in the short-run…and get out when it’s on a hot streak. Yup, even the best trading strategies have cycles. You might have experienced this before where your favorite money-maker was on a hot streak, and then gave back a chunk of the profits. Or right as you start giving up on the strategy, it miraculously shoots straight up like a rocket. Why? Cycle Reversals my friend.

Armed with this information, Josh threw all 189 of his strategies into a Meta Strategy. He let the Ai pick the top 100 strategies automatically. Like I said, he doubled his performance with far fewer trades, and it showed 100% winning months. Here’s a satellite view of how the Ai picks the best strategies to trade:

  1. Ranks all the strategies, making sure to only trade the most profitable. That way you’re never trading a dud. This answers the age-old question: “When do I stop trading a strategy?”

  2. Bad months are often followed by good months. Buy recent weakness. Even the best hitters in baseball have their slumps…then proceed to have amazing comebacks.

  3. Great months are often followed by mediocre months. Sell when the strategy has too hot of a hand. When a cycle is too hot, odds are that the numbers will fall back to average. 

Here’s what Josh said about the technique: “Wish I would've used it in January, already up 78%!”

In fact, Metas beat Multi’s 83.6% of months.

 The problem with a one size fits all approach to selecting which strategies to trade is a very serious one.

You see, if you used Josh’s rules for selecting strategies, your portfolio would get more and more volatile as you traded fewer and fewer strategies at once. For example, I showed how Josh’s backtest was a whopping 489% with only 10 strategies traded at once. For some traders, that would be great. But for others, the volatility is just too high, and they would be popping Tums like candy. 

Remember: Josh is sharing 100 of his best strategies with you. Since massive trading gains are no longer a problem, the name of the game is to dial things in to build your ideal trading business. 

The Solution: Meta AI

That’s why we came up with a solution that allows you to customize exactly what you want from your trading, and the Ai will build the ultimate Meta for you. Then you simply follow the trade signals. 

For example, you might be looking for 70% annual returns with a 5% max drawdown and 100% winning months. All you do is enter those numbers, and Meta Ai builds a strategy of strategies for you. It’s as close to a trading miracle as I’ve ever seen…but it won’t do the impossible like “5,000% gains per year with 0% drawdown.”

Josh isn’t the only one who has been finding big success with Meta Ai and the multi-strategy philosophy I’ve been spouting off about.

Here’s 100% Club member Jay Adam’s actual brokerage statement. Notice he was up 32.6% the other month during a pretty crummy trading environment. That resulted in $47,205 in cold hard cash.

Next, we have Tod’s real-money account showing a $22,000 gain:

And here we can see a smartphone screenshot of a $63,398 gain from David Grigsby:

Not to be outdone by his previous month, David made an insane $428,735 (52%) in January. I double-checked with him to verify that number. That takes him to seven figures. Clearly, he’s going’ for it. Operation Warp Speed retirement!

Member Skip Miller didn't skip a beat, and had a fantastic November…

…up $135,420.

Here's a $20,114 gain from long-time member Chris Daniel:

Not everyone is focusing on big gains. We have many retirees that focus on low volatility and high consistency. Here’s a $4,395 gain from Lee:

Here’s a $15,198 gain from Gary’s Schwab account:

Allen is focusing on high gains for his Fidelity account, and was up a whopping $37,432.

Josh 100 + Meta AI = ?

As soon as I got done interviewing Josh, I knew there was a big void that needed to be filled. He put in an incredible amount of time and we provided the (very expensive) 410,000 hours of compute time on our network. While that might seem like a lot (and it is), I can only imagine the countless hours an entire team of programmers would have slaved away to try their hand at building 189 strategies.

So I FedEx’d a next-day letter Josh with a royalty deal to provide you with 100 of his best trading strategies. After a quick conversation, he said “yes.” This may be the most extraordinary deal I’ve ever done because it instantly gives YOU the best shot at making a fortune that I’ve ever seen. It also puts us in a category of one in the trading strategy business. No one in the world is offering anything near this scale.

How do your strategies stack up to these? Here are seven categories and each strategy's annual returns.

Introducing the Josh 100 Strategies...

And to sweeten the pot, I’ve giving away – for free – our Meta Ai technology so you can create the trading business of your dreams.

Just tell the Ai what kind of numbers you’re looking for, and how many strategies you want to trade at once, and the Ai will automatically choose which of the 100 strategies are in an ideal cycle. And if you’ve already created some strategies of your own. No problem. Just pop them in there with a few clicks.

You’re also getting access to my 9-Episode Meta Ai Masterclass.

With the Meta AI Masterclass, you'll no longer feel like you're playing a
never-ending game of “whack-a-mole” with the market.

Instead of constantly chasing after the next hot strategy, you'll learn to harness
the power of artificial intelligence to create a tailor-made trading blueprint using the little-known power of Cycle Reversals.

Imagine the market as a raging river, full of twists and turns, and you're on a flimsy raft, struggling to stay afloat. The Meta AI Masterclass is like upgrading to a state-of-the-art speedboat, expertly navigating those treacherous waters with ease, and leaving your competitors in your wake.

You'll discover how to achieve consistent returns, minimize losses, and finally conquer the trading world with the unstoppable force of cutting-edge AI technology. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and stomach-churning market drops, and embrace the future of trading with the Meta AI  Masterclass.


You also receive free access to 100% Club. That’s where we pow pow together in order to achieve 100% winning months. This is where we debut the latest cutting-edge research, and new tools. See what’s working now and chat/share ideas with the cream of the crop traders like Josh on the 100% Club Forum. I also hold monthly 100% Club only Zoom meetings to discuss the latest breakthroughs.

So, what’s the investment to be a part of the “Josh 100”, Meta Ai technology, the Meta Ai virtual event, and 100% Club?

First of all, let me tell you who the Josh 100 and 100% Club are NOT for:

  •      It's NOT for dreamers looking to turn $5,000 into a million dollars overnight. I was in the same boat back in 1997, but this is NOT for you.


  •     This is NOT for those looking for beautifully drawn charts. I skipped out on throwing the $500k it would cost to add pretty charts because it’s about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.


  •     This program in NOT for someone that's looking to make 100% a month or other such foolish numbers. Large gains are possible, but I'll give you a tip: Amateurs focus on maximizing gains. Pros focus on consistency and minimizing losses.

Instant A.I Trading Business

You MUST understand the opportunity here. This is NOT in the same category as those who subscribe to a few newsletters, and invest as a hobby. What we are providing is an “Instant A.I Trading Business.” But instead of paying a $45,000 franchise fee to a company like McDonalds, an additional $2 million for startup costs, and a constant shuffle of employees…

…The Josh 100 + Meta Ai + 100% Club allow you to use proven strategies:

…WITHOUT any employees, and…

…WITHOUT spending 40 hours per week on the business.

In fact, Josh averages 15-minutes per day on his trading business. Soon to be even less once our auto-trading plugin is completed.

Normally, I would charge a minimum of $1,000 per strategy, which would bring the total just for the strategies to $100,000.

But since you're buying the strategies in bulk, this opportunity, with all the goodies, is priced at a very reasonable 75% discount: $25,000.

However, we're currently running a special to celebrate Josh's success. Just call Adam Kaye, my Director of VIP Client Relations for details.

If you would like to have access to The Boss SuperAi to create your own strategies like Josh, there’s a special package deal that Adam can set up for you.

I’m also taking on five (5) students 1-on-1 to help you with your dream trading business. If you’re interested in learning from the inventor of all this tech…who has seen it all over 26 years of trading…ask Adam for more details (The one-time investment is $100k). Update: 1-on-1 SOLD OUT

So, here’s what to do next: Call Adam Kaye to discuss which package is right for you.

Call Adam Kaye: 516-220-8221

Quick recap of what you’ve learned in this letter:

  • How Josh just became one of the highest ranked traders at Fundseeder (trading dozens of machine-designed strategies)


  • How every strategy goes through Cycle Reversals. Get into a great strategy when it has had a bad month. Get out when it has a great month – it’s likely going to be followed by a mediocre month


  • The answer to the age-old question of “when should I stop trading a strategy”


  • Use Meta Ai technology to do the selection process for you

Here’s what to do next: Call Adam Kaye to discuss which package is right for you.

Call Adam Kaye: 516-220-8221

Let’s recap what you’re getting:

  • 100 of Josh’s top performing strategies he used to get to the top of Fundseeder


  • Meta Ai tech that takes advantage of Cycle Reversals, and can custom select which strategies to use based on your needs. More like a bespoke suit instead of a one size fits all solution.


  • Meta Ai Masterclass 9-Part Series. Learn all about this new technology for adding hyper-consistency to your portfolio. Discover how to make Cycle Reversals work in your favor.


  • 100% Club membership. That’s where we put our heads together in order to achieve 100% winning months. What a great goal eh? This is where we debut the latest cutting-edge research, and new tools (like intraday trading in the near future). See what’s working now and chat/share ideas with the cream of the crop traders like Josh on the 100% Club Forum. I also hold monthly 100% Club only meetings to discuss the latest breakthroughs.

This opportunity is priced in the very reasonable low 5-figures. If you would like to have access to The Boss SuperAi to create your own strategies like Josh, there’s a special package deal that Adam Kaye, my Director of VIP Client Relations can talk with you about.

I’m also taking on five (5) students 1-on-1 to help you with your dream trading business. If you’re interested in learning from the inventor of all this tech…who has seen it all over 26 years of trading (The one-time investment is $100k). Update: 1-on-1 SOLD OUT

90-Day "If is ain't worthy, I'll replace it" Guarantee

I guarantee my team and I will do everything in our power to help you become successful. The rules of all 100 strategies are fully revealed, so I can not offer a money-back guarantee. If for some reason you believe that a strategy isn’t worthy of being on the Top 100 list, I’ll replace it in the next 90 days.

The clock is ticking, and the discounted deal will expire before you know it.

Call Adam Kaye: 516-220-8221

Imagine having 100 new money-makers in your hands. They’ve gone through all the rigors of in-sample and out-of-sample testing. Months of work. Audited real-money results by a trusted 3rd party. Hundreds of thousands of hours of compute time. The Meta Ai then tells you which strategies to follow based on your needs. Want balls to the wall gains? It can do that. Want super-stable, low volatility gains that don’t keep you up at night? Meta Ai has you covered. Josh runs his top-ranked trading business in about 15-minutes a day. All you have to do is follow the signals.

Frankly, I don’t know any company that offers this level of proof that our stuff works. (It better…I’ve spent over $4 million of my own pocket). You’ve seen Josh’s audited Fundseeder results. You’ve seen actual brokerage statements from 100% Club members. You understand that Meta Ai ranks all 100 strategies so the duds are left out. You get how Cycle Reversals occur, and how you can put the odds in your favor by trading the RIGHT strategies at the RIGHT time. At this point I have one question:

Are you in or out?

Call Adam Kaye: 516-220-8221

Trade Smart,

Dan Murphy
CEO Portfolio Boss

P.S. The clock is ticking, and the live event will be here before you know it. Make sure to call Adam Kaye about our special package deal.

P.P.S. Josh’s 100 strategies combined with Meta Ai completely revolutionizes the trading world forever. We were the first to offer supercomputing Ai tools to everyday traders. Now we’ve filled the void that has plagued many of our users: Having the time to build dozens of strategies that work together. 

P.P.P.S. I’m also taking on five (5) students 1-on-1 to help you with your dream trading business. If you’re interested in learning from the inventor of all this tech…who has seen it all over 26 years of trading…ask Adam for more details (The one-time investment is $100k). Update: 1-on-1 SOLD OUT

Call Adam Kaye: 516-220-8221

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