The Stunning Secret Behind Traders Outpacing the Bear Market with Ease

Corona Del Mar, CA

Dear Trader,

I'm about to do something few ever will:

Show the real-money brokerage statements of my clients.

You see, I know that REAL results trump a backtest of a strategy any day of the week…

…and I want to show you what I teach works.

And boy oh boy are these folks raking in the loot.

Here’s Jay Adam’s actual brokerage statement. Notice he was up 32.6% the other month during a pretty crummy trading environment. That resulted in $47,205 in cold hard cash.

Next we have Tod’s real-money account showing a $22,000 gain:


And here we can see a smart phone screenshot of a $63,398 gain from David Grigsby:

Member Skip Miller didn't skip a beat, and had a fantastic November…

…up $135,420.

Here's what he wrote me:

“With the recent addition of new TAP data and the improvements with TAP data delivery
reliability, my most recent Multi-Strategy metrics are seeing a CAGR over 100%, MDD 15%
with winning years 100% and months at 93%. My brokerage statement shows those
improved results for the month of November. I am ready to take my investing to the
next level. I have been with you for over a decade and a user of PB from the beginning.
I am ready to continue being a productive and contributing member to this next step
to improving the team and my investing success.”

Here's a $20,114 gain from long-time member Chris Daniel:

Not everyone is focusing on big gains. We have many retirees that focus on low volatility and high consistency. Here’s a $4,395 gain from Lee:


Here’s a $15,198 gain from Gary’s Schwab account:

Allen is focusing on high gains for his Fidelity account, and was up a whopping $37,432.

Josh Jarrett runs a business by day, but I still consider him a power user. He trades over 100 strategies for big-time diversity and consistency. He had a nice $25,005 gain.

Josh might be getting into money management, and he even had his account audited by Fundseeder. That’s a fund tracking service founded by Jack Schwager. Yes, that Jack Schwager who wrote all the Market Wizards books.

Now I’m not showing you all these real-money statements to brag. It’s to prove to you that what we’re doing works with real money – not just a backtest.

Full Disclaimer: They all have different starting balances and strategies, so I'm not promising you're going to make those amounts. I'm pretty sure that's immoral and illegal.

However, I can tell you what they all have in common:

They all built strategies with The Boss SuperAi, and use a technique I call Profit Pairs.

Few know this, but every Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is mispriced on a daily basis.

These mispricings are highly predictive of just about any market: The S&P 500, bonds, gold, semiconductors, oil, real estate, biotech, natural gas, and even individual stocks like AAPL, CAT, AMZN, and hundreds more.

By combining strong machine learning with mispriced ETF data, members are designing wildly profitable trading strategies without programming a single line of code on their own.

Even better, you can easily trade these markets from a normal brokerage account.

If you can trade ETFs or stocks, you can trade Profit Pairs.

Here's what member Danny said to expect:

Here's the deal…

I'm offering you a chance to start using The Boss just like the folks that sent me their brokerage statements.

Instead of paying $25,000 for access to our flagship machine learning platform with all the bells and whistles that allowed member Sebastien to create a strategy showing:

  • 384% annual gain
  • 91% winning months…

…you can get your hands on 12 months access for $2,500 or lifetime for $5,000.

Yup, it's the same platform that allowed Richard to build a strategy with only one losing month since 2020:

It's what Josh is using to generate between $40k to $50k per month while managing a gym during the day.

Long story short, my brother in law convinced me that most traders don't need lifetime access to our supercomputer. A modern computer running Windows 10 or 11 can build a strategy in under an hour.

That allows me to significantly cut costs and pass those savings to you!

(By the way, I'm still giving you 10,000 core-hours of The Boss SuperAi time as a bonus. Plenty of time to build dozens of strategies)

Here's what you'll receive:

  • 12 months access to the Portfolio Boss trading platform and Divine Engine automated strategy builder. This allows you to have your computer to build tailor-made trading strategies from scratch using machine learning. Zero programming required. $10,000 value

  • 19 Instant Start templates. Just press the Start button to automatically build strategies in ETFs pairs like SSO/SDS (S&P 500), BOIL/KOLD (Natural gas), GLD/GLL (gold), or even on all one hundred NASDAQ 100 stocks, or all 500+ S&P 500 stocks. The sky is the limit. Included

  • 10,000 core-hours of The Boss SuperAi. Yes, you still get access to The Boss! I want to make sure you still have access to our supercomputer network so you can build strategies even faster and in parallel. 10k hours is like one CPU running (and sucking up energy) for 416 days straight. $5,000 value

  • Access to True Asset Pricing (T.A.P) data. Did you know EVERY ETF is mispriced on a daily basis? By feeding TAP data to the machine learning, it's able to discover highly predictive patterns no human could. It's how dozens of our members are creating clock-work consistent strategies with over 100% average annual gains. A feat I thought wasn't possible. $500/year value

  • Cyber Code plugin. Not only can the A.I build strategies with traditional indicators like RSI & MACD, it can also program itself in C code for up to 10x the profits and consistency. $2000 value

  • Daily price quotes. Price quotes for all U.S stocks and ETFs are included. No 3rd party quote provider necessary. That way everything runs seamlessly in the background. All your trades can be sent to you via email or text message. $360/year value

  • Video library to learn every aspect of building strategies with The Boss SuperAi in just minutes. Leave your graphing calculators and protractors in the drawer while I explain everything in detail without the complexity. Included

  • Out-of-sample testing suite. You don't want to fool yourself with a scientific backtest that looks great on paper, but blows up in the real world where you and I live. We spent months perfecting this host of tools so your strategy creation and verification is automated. Included

  • Weekly group calls where you and your fellow ‘Bosses can get your burning questions answered. Plus, you’ll get insider info on all the latest discoveries from me and my team. What I've discussed so far is only the tip of the iceberg. Included

  • 24/7 access to our private forum where we share pre-made strategies, tips, and settings to build winning strategies on a wide variety of strategies. Included

  • Kick gluteus support from my team. You can call or email, and we’ll get you up and running in no time. If it’s a more complex issue, your support ticket will be kicked up to my developers. We leave no one behind. 866-567-4257. Included

  • Automated “hands free” trading. Why trade Profit Pairs by hand when the computer can do it for you? Coming Q1 2023. $1000 value

Bonus: You also receive my coveted Country Boy NASDAQ 100 Profit Pair strategy. It's up 75% so far this year. It trades between the popular QLD/QID ETFs. QID allows you to profit as the NASDAQ 100 declines. On average, this strategy shows an 86% annual gain. The trading rules are fully revealed.  $3000 value

Last minute BONUS: $15,000 Advanced Multi-Strategy Training!

Now since the TAP strategies you create with The Boss are best traded together, I’ve decided to grant you access to my $15,000 advanced training on multi-strategy trading.

It’s called Unite. This video training suite covers:

  • Strategy Stacking so you can combine Profit Pairs in the most efficient money-making way possible.

  • Advanced order types for excellent fills on your orders. This really helps save you tens of thousands of dollars as your account grows.

  • Strategy Spigoting for even higher consistency during volatile times. I can’t even describe more here because it’s something I never talk about outside Unite.

  • Meta-Strategic Trading: A new method that allows the computer to automatically pick which Profit Pairs to trade for even more profits and consistency. I’m doing an update to this section due to machine learning being added to the process (oh man am I looking forward to THIS!)

  • How to save up to 50% on your taxes. Now that you’re making more, the tax man wants a bigger and bigger cut. Here’s how to snip that in half in this two-part video series. This alone could be worth multiples more than the one-time investment for the program.

Total value: $33,860

Now you can get your hands on 12 months access for $2,500 or lifetime for $5,000.

Hurry, this Cyber Flash deal ends TODAY, January 31st.

“Press Start” 30-day Guarantee:

I guarantee The Boss will build you a strategy within four presses of the Start button. If for some reason it doesn't, just send me a screen capture that you at least tried, and I'll give you a full refund within 30-days.

"Hi Dan,

“This is insider information made public?”

I never thought it possible to achieve such high returns with low risk. Back testing a bunch of these pairs simultaneously produced 250% [per year] returns. More importantly the losses were low.

I'm turning 55 later this year and retiring from my day job. Finally I will be able to trade in my hail damaged car, LOL.”
Profit Pair Member #7

Here's what happens when you join:

      1. You'll receive a welcome email with links on getting started (reading time: 1 minute)

      2. Download and install the software onto your Windows computer (5 minutes)

      3. Click on an Instant Start template (30 seconds)

      4. Press the Start button a few times to cue up The Boss (5 seconds)

Within 30 minutes, you will have create your first strategy!

I hope to see you next week for our weekly call.

Remember: You're only 30-minutes away…

“It's like putting a bet on at the races and having odds stacked in your favour. “

“This new data has enabled me to produce strategy's across many different markets that have very high compound annual growth rates in excess of 100% with very little draw down on average approximately 12 -15% which was very encouraging. The thing that really shocked me was that when you combined these strategy's in a mutli strategy the results dramatically improved again. producing a smoother equity curve.”
Profit Pair Member #8

Hurry, this Cyber Week deal ends TODAY, January 31st. 

If you have any questions before ordering or wish to talk with someone to place your order, please CALL or TEXT Adam Kaye at +1-516-220-8221.

Trade Smart,

Dan Murphy
CEO Portfolio Boss

See What People Are Saying About The Boss "SuperAi" Strategy Builder...

I'm Very Blessed To Be Part Of The Founding Members

Aloha Dan and team! I'm very blessed to be part of the founding members! I'm also thankful to Adam, who worked with me during an acute medical issue, to make sure I was a member. Ironically when I first learned about you, Dan/the relaxed investor, I thought you were too prideful and hesitated to buy any of your programs. But after reading through your free reports, attending seminars, and listening closely to your investing nuances and experience it became clear that we both shared similar things … one of which is PROOF! Honestly I believe it is priceless to have an evidence-based trading system that can also be updated as necessary to verify its algorithm/strategy is still working efficiently. I have purchased a different company's product years ago, and even though it is also algorithm-based and capable of backtests, it is NOT in the same league in regards to customizations, testing and real results … and that's prior to salivating over the 1/2hr data and cyber code coming soon. My desire for truth has led me to improve in many areas of my life and now has led me to you and my financial growth… and my trade account has been growing quickly. I am now cautiously optimistic. Aloha and God bless.
Isaac Kama
Portfolio Boss Founders Club Member
I Very Much Admire Your Approach and Love Your Tried and Tested Strategies

Hi Dan, My portfolio is only small and frankly i did not do very well. I more and more stepped out of the market and let the bank manage my money. Only recently, using the Portfolio Boss Devine Engine i shrugged off some of the fears and got back. Back into this crazy market we are in right now. And i am very happy that i did. My portfolio gained 9.8% in the first 6 weeks of 2021, even while i am only 60% invested. I am not the day trader type and stick to a strategy with periodically switching. I very much admire your approach and love your tried and tested strategies. Thanx for your commitment!
Wim Fleuren
Portfolio Boss Founders Club Member
It Is Amazing What You and Your Team Have Accomplished In a Short Amount Of Time

Good morning Dan. Nice job on the call yesterday. I am very excited for the cyber code deployment. It is amazing what you and your team have accomplished in such a short amount of time. You have given the small investor a chance to make money consistently and safely. Before purchasing Portfolioboss I never had a strategy. I was consistently moving from one shiny thing to another. Buying access to strategy after strategy, news letter after news letter. I had come to the realization that no matter what I did the cards were stacked against me. Then on day, I stumbled across your website “million dollar target”. For whatever reason, I started to following your posts and blogs. Always looking forward to the next. They resonated with me. They were so different from everything else that was out there at the time. I slowly started subscribing to your solutions over the years and slowly started building confidence and most importantly, making money. Oh how far you have come! As a member of Unite and Founders Club, I feel there is no limit of what we can accomplish together. The only fear I have, is there a world that you sell Portfolioboss to a hedge fund or private investor, and me and the other founders lose access? I know you have said that you would never do that, but the thought is always on my mind. 2020 has been a banner year! With the launch of founders club and the ability to let the “Boss” create the strategies for me, I have made about $80,000. Recouping my investment in the Boss and much more. From a percentage standpoint I am up about 80% for the year. Need I say more. Dan thank you for everything!
Craig Strong
Portfolio Boss Founders Club Member
So Got Back On The Horse Like Seabiscuit Closed The Year Up Over 30%

So when I purchased the initial BOSS ( before AI added) I was was very conservative – using smaller amounts traded DB transactions, Oracle , SMI (SPY) SMI Stocks – Anyway made back in the 1st year the cost of subscription. 2020 turned out to be a GREAT GREAT trading year although FEB again made me have my doubts- but had faith in the concept and models, back testing and consistence over the years of what was possible. So got back on the horse and like Seabiscuit closed the year up over 30%. Would have been even larger but did not cease trading SMI and SMI stocks which held me back since was in Bonds when the market took off . Also only invested a fixed amount rather than reinvesting winnings.. However from Dec 1 2020 through today have made $50,000 each month ( including FEB) in 3 days. A couple of reasons – DB transaction was gang busters, I for some reason started using ATLAS orders again, and I created using the Boss a couple of my own models using a created portfolio ( from another service who list 26 relative best performers each month ( If we have the 1 on 1 can give you more info.) So from using only $400,000 ( added about $200,000) towards end of 2020) have made over $250,000 in 13 months. I continue to trade 7 strategies now, some trade once per month, others every day. The key is fully trusting that in some models' there was no losing years or very few and that allows me the confidence to look at the long rule. One final thing – you asked if your folks if they were not making money – if they followed the models they should have – unless they got locked into the SMI indicator and other models that uses SMI.. I dropped using SMI and related models when you provided Boss 100 and Boss 100/500 models which I switched to. Anyway thanks to you and the team for what you do , for the training you provide and hopefully will report to you by end of year that we made FY money. Stay safe.
Bobby Dietz
Portfolio Boss Founders Club Member
I Honestly Can't Imagine Not Having Portfolio Boss In My Life

I honestly can’t imagine not having Portfolio Boss in my life—and pray it never goes away—since it has made such an impact on my trading success. I have a robust 29 strategies running that gives me the peace of mind that even in a crazy volatile market, I can count on stable returns for as long as I’m alive. I love that Portfolio Boss continues to evolve and provides the opportunity to continue creating strategies that pull money from the market!
Josh Jarrett
Portfolio Boss Founders Club Member
Hi Dan, Happy Groundhog Day From The Snowy Suburbs Of Chicago!

2020 was truly a breakout trading year for me: 72% in a Roth IRA – giving thanks to God for William Roth! Tax-free! I have also been trading an SPY/QQQ multi-strategy using micro e-minis with ever so slight leverage. I have been burned in the past using too much leverage. I'm very curious to see whether the cyber code can find some tradable SPY and/or QQQ strategies. I have started working on a framework for increased charitable giving and very excited about the possibilities. Looking forward to 2021. Thank you for the Founders Club plaque and for a truly tremendous trading tool, Dan and team! Best regards.
Chris Daniel
Portfolio Boss Founders Club Member
I Couldn't Be Happier Working With Portfolio Boss

Dear Dan, I couldn't be happier working with Portfolio Boss. I have been with your team since its inception. I go way back and I can tell you that I have had many subscriptions and many money managers throughout my trading career of over 30 years. What I learned from all of them combined pales in comparison to what I learn from you.

I love your core ideas of:

  • Relaxed Trading
  • Rigorous BackTesting
  • AI evaluation
  • Portfolio & Strategy Switching (with so many levers to tweak and experiment with.)
  • Addition of new Instruments like Crypto Currency & BitCoins
  • While continually honing in on efficient trading by minimizing draw-downs and maximizing returns.
I get far better sleep and am even pursuing my PhD in Quantum Integrated Medicine while trading with your fabulous tool and incredible observations that you continue to share with us. Thanks is too small a word – but since I can't come up with much else. So, I'll just say many thanks. Also, I've attached a copy of my picture with the founder's plaque your team sent me. Warm Regards & Best Wishes to everyone on your team and most of all to you.
Nalini Uhrig
Portfolio Boss Founders Club Member
I Certainly Owe You After All The Money You Have Helped Me Make Over The Years

Hey Dan, Here is a quick photo of me with my plaque. I also have been meaning to send you a note about my story, which I certainly owe you after all the money you have helped me make over the years. When I started trading with you a few years ago I had never bought or sold a stock on my own before. Back then you were doing swing trades on the S&P, and that got me started with some very clear signals that earned me some nice early profits. I continued following your services as you evolved over the next few years from the S&P focus to trading various indexes and stocks with programs like Crash Canary and Atlas Order and finally landed on DB Transactions, which has served me well for several years. Then you came up with Portfolio Boss and I learned how to use it to generate my signals and saw my profits get more consistent. My trading moved to the next level when I decided to join the Unite program and become a member of the Founder’s Club. That opened up the full set of PB tools and all your available programs for me. I started trying them out over time with good results and a few ups and downs with the market the last couple of years. This past July I decided to ramp up the focus on my trading by tracking my daily progress across all my strategies. The timing couldn’t have been better as the market was just taking off after the COVID crash. I experimented with a few different strategies until I landed on one that stood out above the rest and focused my efforts on it for the remainder of the year. The results were amazing. I saw my account increase by 50% between July and December. I actually made significantly more money during this time from trading than I did from my regular job, which pays quite well itself. I know it was a unique time in the market with the central banks blowing a very big bubble, but the point is that by applying The Boss I was able to turn that event into a stunning profit. I am now seriously considering the possibility of retiring soon and just focusing on trading if I continue to see results like these. I would not have thought I would be in that position yet, and it is thanks in large part to these tools that you have so generously shared. Dan, I really can’t thank you enough for the financial difference that you have made for me and my family. All the best!
Anthony (Tony) Russell
Portfolio Boss Founders Club Member
Thank You For Your Willingness To Help Others and Your Dedication To Them

Dan, I have been following you for quite a few years. I struggled along most of those years but your videos and letters gave me hope and guidance. Since the boss has come out things are a lot more consistent but I am still very cautious and limit my exposure. Too many hard lessons learned in the past I guess. I wish I was the profit machine some of your members are but… I run a business of my own so can’t dedicate as much time to your training as I would like or need but I am confident when I retire soon that a constant income will be there. Your DB Platinum is working great. I try to develop my own strategies but have now found the right set up yet. It is fun to try though. Thank you for your willingness to help others and your dedication to them.
David Light
Portfolio Boss Founders Club Member
More Than Happy With The Current Results and The Performance / Results Achieved To Date

Hi Dan, Am currently trading a couple of Systems that “THE BOSS” came up with, And am more than happy with the current results and the performance / results achieved to date. Trading as a business, and as in any having the correct tools makes all the difference. Find the type of trading that suits you, whether it’s day trading in chat rooms trading stocks like Gamestop. GME, or whether a slightly longer term approach works for you. A funny story there is a company on the ASX ( Australian Stock Exchange ) with the same stock code as Gamestop (GME.ASX) this company is not related in anyway in to Gamestop. In fact this company Mines Nickel and yet this stock almost doubled just because it had the same ticker GME as GameStop and had to be placed in a trading halt. My point I prefer to be removed from the daily NOISE of chat rooms and the like. When I came across Portfolio Boss the thing that intrigued me was that the software was different It had the ability to rank Stocks based on different criteria. The rest as they say is history. Thanks Dan, keep up the good work.
Richard Coombe
Portfolio Boss Founders Club Member
Been Doing Very Well Following The Boss

Hi Dan, Big shout out from Canada eh. Been doing very well following The Boss. I used The Boss to build a strategy that trades the Canadian Index TSX for part of my account. Its been doing very well averaging 18-20%. As we know the DB strategies, Ping Pong, and others are killing it, with returns over 40%. On a personal note, I retired in 2020, after successfully hitting my number. Thanks to Portfolio Boss. In March 2020, during that drop in the market, we had some losses in February and March, I stopped trading because I was so close to retirement. I didn’t want to suffer heavy losses. That said I missed the summer and fall rally. I deviated from a winning strategy and missed part of the most amazing rally ever. It is tough trying to ignore those pesky personal biases. Thanks The Boss Team for all you do.
Greg Shende
Portfolio Boss Founders Club Member
The Structure In Your Trading System Would Help Any Trader

Hi Dan, I have been significantly distracted because of covid from learning all the possibilities of the Boss, but what I have used and learnt helped me to have my best 7 digit year! What impresses me most is that I was able to do this while only being 2/3 invested at one anytime. I bought my first shares 43 years ago at the age of fifteen. Over those years I have found to be a successful trader it requires a disciplined approach to all the various steps in a trade. Your simplest SPY system helps me deal with my largest trading weakness and that is to stay in the trade until it’s done. The structure in your trading systems would help any trader. Thank you!
Russ Lang
Portfolio Boss Founders Club Member

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