Bitcoin Meme Velocity Package

Here’s what you receive:

  • Complete trading rules revealed. The 21 lines of code are 100% un-blurred. 
  • Lifetime license. No recurring fees.
  • Normally available for 5-figure investment.


Bonus #1: Portfolio Boss Trading Platform. All our lifetime licensed strategies come with a lifetime of access to the Portfolio Boss trading and backtesting platform. You receive version updates and daily quotes for free just as we’ve been doing for the past seven years.

Portfolio Boss can automatically send you email and text messages so you know exactly what to trade and when. I’m excited to announce that hands-free auto-trading is coming in a few weeks. $4000 value.

Bonus #2: Bitcoin Code-V Strategy. This is also a terrific Bitcoin (GBTC) trading strategy. It uses volatility cycles and volume to determine when to enter and exit trades. When we first started trading it, we thought something had gone horribly wrong because it stopped trading — then Bitcoin sank 60%! The average daily gain while in a position is 1.58%. That’s per day. Bank accounts don’t even pay that much in a year.

You get full access to the trading rules, and instant access to my video training available in the Member area. $2997 value.

Bonus #3: Bitcoin for Busy People. You also receive a copy of my book, Bitcoin for Busy PeopleThe paperback version is on sale on Amazon. But I want you to have a free copy. $39.99 value.

Only folks who have previously paid me 5-figures have been able to access the Bitcoin Meme Velocity strategy…

…and were happy to do so.

But you’re not going to pay anything near that.

You see, I did the math, and 24% of those who purchase a lifetime license of one of our strategies end up in our high-ticket 5-figure programs.

Why would some pay tens of thousands of dollars to upgrade?

Because the strategies more than pay for themselves — exactly as advertised.

So I’ve decided to give away Bitcoin Meme Velocity at rock bottom pricing of: $1997  $997

Make sure to use coupon code:   half2021   on the order form.

Yes, that’s half off.

Now when you make your first $10,000 with the strategy, I’d like you to consider giving Adam Kaye a call to discuss our high-end machine learning and multi-strategy programs.

He can be reached at 516-220-8221.

100% Performance Guarantee and Double Buy Back

I’m so confident that Bitcoin Meme Velocity will work for you, I’m offering a 12 month 100% performance guarantee. That means that if the strategy doesn’t make at least 100% gains 12 months after purchase, I’ll buy back your copy for what you paid for it. 

Now since I don’t know how much money you’re trading with, or if you’ll take all the trades, the 100% gain will be determined by a backtest of the strategy over the 12 month period.

You’re also getting my full 30-day “I’ll buy it back” guarantee if for some reason it doesn’t work out for you. Just let one of my friendly staff know via email or by calling 866-567-4257.

So that’s a double buy it back guarantee because I strongly believe our products are second to none.

Bitcoin Meme Velocity trades often, so don’t dilly dally and miss out.

By clicking the Order Now button and using coupon code “half2021” you can get instant access to our software platform and be up and running minutes from now.

Live training is Thursday December 9th at 11AM Pacific, so that’s when this deal expires and prices go back up. (Call will be recorded).

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Dan, Oh My Goodness.

Here are my results as of close today 1.20.21 trading
the Portfolio Boss since August 2014.
Baseline $110,868
Balance 1.20.21 $480,444
+333.3% Return.
The equity curve is certainly looking exponential.

Mark Suffron
Portfolio Boss User

You have no idea how grateful I am to you.

I am an original PB member since 2014. You have no idea how grateful I am to you. Very very grateful. So appreciative. I believe that you have invented the best trading strategy or one of the best trading strategies that has ever been created . So simple yet it genius. I was a loosing trader before I met you. Now I beat the market every year and have total confidence and I can relax and stop worrying. And the very thing best thing is that you keep giving of yourself to those us who paid a one-time fee 4 years ago. The emails that you send to us with your very accurate and insightful assessment of the Market is invaluable. Especially the SMI signal that you share with us. I, like you, love to give back to others, because humanity certainly needs help right now. You are selflessly giving to us and I will never take it for granted. I hope you will allow us to follow you for the rest of your trading days. Thank you Dan, you are very smart man and a very good person. The best to you always.

Peter S.
Portfolio Boss User

I made over 100% in the last 12 months!

I made over 100% in the last 12 months and I couldn’t have done it without PB so I wanted to say thanks for it. I’m also really looking forward to all the advances you’ve been posting about recently and for project 88. Happy Thanksgiving!

David G.
Portfolio Boss User